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Curst Underground

As soon as you enter the underground a couple of trelons will attack, get rid of them. There are quite a lot of trelons around here, they're not that though, but be careful anyway.
Go north from where you came in and you'll reach a fallen cart shortly after. Take 1 traveler's ring and 333 coins from it.
Keep going north until you reach the greater baatezu, Tek'elach, you can talk to him about several interesting things. If you are a Godsmen, you can even get him to confess about the weapon they ordered from your faction, seems like the Baatezu are planning to use it in the Blood War.
You should kill the two black abishai's walking around here, they are worth good exp points.
Go all the way to the south and you'll reach Voorsha's hideout. Talk to Voorsha and ask what he is doing down here, he'll get all nervous and after a while you can get him to confess he is actually a bootlegger, he'll offer you partnership if you kill the gehreleth that's been after him. The gehreleth is in some tunnels to the north-west, kill him and return to Voorsha, he'll get greedy and ends up attacking you. After doing away with Voorsha don't forget to go through his stuff for the following items: 1 scroll of pain mirror, 1 scroll of hold undead, 1 scroll of remove curse, 1 whispering flask, 3 blood charms, 1 blood fly charm and 1 silver ring.
Note: There's traps around here, careful!
Go up through the tunnels to the north-west and you'll reach a hermit. He can provide you with priest services and can also guard you while you rest, so, don't attack him!
Go down and take the ring of fallen stars from the container at the end of the tunnel. Head for the prison after, through the west passage.

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