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Curst Prison

A pack of trelons will attack your party when you enter the prison area, kill them.
Head north along the tunnels and take 1 heart charm and 1 scroll of call lightning from the barrels you find along the way.
The area ahead is filled with prison guards, while not very though individually, in large groups, they can prove to be quite the challenge. Advance with caution and try not to get overwhelmed.
Keep heading north and you'll reach a door, this will be your exit out of the prison (once you learn how to open it). Now, inspect the container west of the door and take: 3 heart charms, 2 clot charms and 1 cheese.
Go back to the intersection you passed before going to the door and go west, then take the first path to the south, you should be in a corridor parallel to the one where you came in.
Go down the corridor and you'll reach Trias' dais. Talk to Trias, ask him what you want and after a while offer to help him. He'll ask you to get his sword back.
Note: Take 1 silver ring, 1 gold bracelet and 90 copper from on of the barrels outside Trias' cell.
Exit Trias' cell and go north, turn west at the first intersection and take 1 cockroach charm, 1 charcoal charm and 1 cheese from the box near the northen machinery.
Keep going west and take 500 copper, 1 adder's tear and 1 scroll of greater embalming from one of the barrels near the west wall.
Go through the door south of the barrels and you'll reach the cells area, make your way through the outer and middle rings until you reach the inner ring. There's a trap in one of the inner ring's circles that is worth 87500 exp when disarmed, don't miss it. There is also a crate a bit to the south of the trap I mentioned, examine it for 1 dread bond, 1 blood charm and 1 clot charm.
Head north along the inner ring and enter the sword chamber. Talk to Cassius, the fat *thing* in front of the sword. Tell him you want the sword and he'll tell you to choose between strength, wits and speed, choose strength and kick is fat ass up to kingdom come (10000 exp). A jail break will ocur after you take the sword, get ready to fight your way back to Trias.
Return to Trias and free him (306250 exp), after, ask for info on your mortality and he'll mention a fiend in the Outlands might give you the information you need. Well, lucky for us there is a portal to the Outlands right here in the prison, head to the north-east corner of the prison and open the (once locked) door, a portal will form. Don't go through the portal yet, instead, go into the room behind it and meet Vhailor (my favorite Ps:T character).
Examine Vhailor. If you are smart enough you can immediatly remember his name and recover a memory (60000 exp), awake Vhailor and talk to him for a bit. Learn of his ability to look into the souls of others and ask him to look into you, recover a memory of how you imprisioned Vhailor down here so long ago (90000 exp). You can now get Vhailor to join the team by telling him you seek justice as well (90000 exp), however, if you already have a full party and don't want him along, there are a couple of ways of convincing him to kill himself instead (90000 exp).
If you take Vhailor along, you can ask him to teach you how to use your axe better (must be a figher), he'll give you a bonus to your STR dependent on how lawful you are, I got the best possible bonus from this: 150000 exp, +3 STR and +3 Damage.
Vhailor is a friggin tank, he can cut pretty much anything with his axe, and plus, his stats are all h4xed up, gotta love it.
Anyway, after taking care of things head for the portal and leave, you won't be returning here, so, if you left someone behind, it's goodbye for good.

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