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Outlands & Baator

You'll appear in a desert, make your way through the beasts and head for the giant skeleton's head, it's the entrance to Fhjull's house.
Talk to Fhjull and ask him about your mortality, he'll tell you of the Fortress of Regrets, and advises you to go see the Pillar of Skulls for information on how to reach it (350000 exp). Ask him how you can reach Baator, and then about how you can leave once you finish your business there (100000 exp). Ask Fhjull about Trias as well, and learn that he (Fhjull) is under an obligation to charity, ask him for help, and he'll be forced to give you any items you ask, be sure to take all you can from him. >:)
Note: Fhjull will let you rest here if you ask.
Leave Fhjull's house and make for the Baator portal, it's near the giant skeleton's left hand.
Baator, the most straightforward area in the intire game, all you need to do here is, go all the way to the south-east and advance to the next section.
There's some abishai's walking around this area, it might be a good idea to kill them before leaving, they are worth good exp.
There's a damsel in distress around here, follow her and you'll end up being ambushed by abishais and lemures. Funny stuff.
When you're done fooling around, follow the south-eastern road and advance to the next section.
This is the infamous Pillar of Skulls, talk to it and ask your questions. For each question you will need to pay a price, so, ask only about the Fortress of Regrets, it's the only question you have to ask in order to advance in the game. Tell the pillar about Fhjull's location as payment, lie if possible (18 CHR).
If you ask about yourself while Vhailor is near the pillar he'll remember your treachery and attacks.
If you surrender Annah or Grace to the pillar you won't see them again, but, if you surrender Morte to the pillar you can get him back if you are double-specialized in the same profession (costs you 5 HP).
When you're done go back to the previous area and make for the rocky formation on the south-west corner, follow Fhjull's instructions and return to the Outlands.
Note: If you didn't get Fhjull to tell you how to leave Baator, you have to ask the pillar about it.
Talk to Fhjull again and ask him how to leave the crater, he'll mention a portal back to Curst under the skeleton's "arse" bone. Rest up and head for the portal.

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