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The UnderSigil, a series of beast filled tunnels below the Clerk's Ward, there's some good exp to be had down here, so you made a good choice to come and clear it. One more thing, to follow this walkthrough correctly, you should enter the tunnels from the north.
Head a little south and you'll interrupt a group of larval worms feasting on some poor fellow. Kill the worms (8000 exp each :) and loot the body for 41 copper commons and 1 heart charm.
Note: Even though you only see 1 worm body in the pic, there were like 6 or 7 of them, it's just that I lured them into the first room, and killed them there.
From this hall, take the north-west path and follow it, kill the group of worms and trelons and reach a smaller hall. Inspect the crypt and take the shackles of light.
Go west and you'll reach a much larger hall with some cabinets and coffins laying around. Kill the group of trelons hanging about and loot the cabinets/coffins for the following: 1 whispering flask, 43 copper, 1 blood charm, 1 magnifying lens and 1 crimson sphere earring.
Head south, and into a wider, larger corridor that goes all the way to the eastern entrance of the UnderSigil. Kill more trelons, and examine the coffins and cabinets scattered throughout this corridor for the following items: 1 green steel dagger, 1 gold bracelet, 1 pouch, 52 copper, 1 heart charm, 4 bandages and 1 adder's tear.
There's no more items to be found around here, save the ones you can loot from trelons. Explore the rest of the tunels and kill the remaining enemies if you like.
Note: There's a sohmien trapped in a room on the southern part of the tunels, I don't know what he's doing there, but you might want to check him out.


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