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Godsmen Foundry

Head north through the corridor and turn right. Enter the second room and meet Nadilin, the head of the clerk's office. You can steal a receipt from him and then give it back to him for a great club: "The Justifier".
Note: You can talk with the justifier, and ask it's opinions on several matters.
Now, leave the room and take the east door. Go through the small hall and speak to Keldor in the auditorium.
You should ask him to join the Godsmen. You'll need to perform a series of tasks before joining, and of course, renounce any faction you were it.
Since this is an area dedicated to the Godsmen foundry, I'll detail Keldor's quests below.
The first task will be to create a weapon in the foundry. Go to the foundry area and speak to Alissa, ask her about using the forge. Then go pick the necessary stuff from Nadilin and Thildon, and proceed to making your weapon in one of the empty forges. Take the created weapon back to Keldor for 8000 exp and the next task.
Your next task will be to solve the murder of Avildon the smith. This quest's a major pain. Basically, what you'll have to do is, talk with Thildon and Saros several times until Saros confesses he saw Thildon kill the man and that he planted the awl there just to make sure Thildon got busted (10000 exp and the next task when you tell Keldor your decision).
Check the Details in the Quests section if you have any doubts.
Sandoz, one of the Godsmen Factols, has been threatning to kill himself. Your next task will be to stop Sandoz from commiting suicide. He's up on the second floor, through the corridor east of Keldor. Talk to him (without being overly patronizing) and convince him that death is not the answer. You'll get 12000 exp and an offer to join the Godsmen faction (8000 exp).
Go talk to Saros again (assuming you didn't finger him) and ask him about himself. Then, about his sister's talent.
Now, talk with Sarossa and ask her to use her special talent on you for a +1 premanent bonus to your wisdom (you'll need to say you belive in the Godsmen philosophy).
Note: You can also talk with Saros about an Anarchist's true behavior for 200 exp.
Remember seeing a man near the 2nd floor's stairs? His name's Nihl Xander, go talk to him and learn that one of your past incarnations comissioned a "Dreambuilder" from one of Nihl's ancestors, offer to help Nihl complete the machine. You'll have to fetch several items in order to complete the Dreambuilder. First, a vial of skin and blood (get it from the Clerk's Ward Apothecary). Then, a birdcage (get it from Coaxmetal in the Siege Tower). And finally, a coffin pillow (get it from Hamrys in the coffin shop). Afterwards he'll give you the dream key and 16000 exp.
If you're looking to do some evil/chaotic activities, you can always join the Anarchists (not advisable). Talk to Bedai-Lihn on the upper level of the great hall and tell her you're not happy with being a Godsman because it's just an empty title, she'll then ask you to destroy the Godsmen secret project, get a token from Keldor, head to the foundry armoury, talk with the githzerai in charge and destroy the weapon (8000 exp). Details.
Note: There's 1 rags, 1 forge hammer and 1 tongs inside one of the secret weapon room crates.
After destroying the weapon, Bedai will ask you to kill Sandoz, go up to his room and do so (8000 exp). Details.
After you kill Sandoz Bedai will ask you to find a Godsman disguise for her to escape the foundry, buy one from Nadilin in the clerk's office. Details.
You'll end up outside the Lower Ward Warehouse, finish talking with Bedai and head to Scofflaw Penn's print shop. Tell him the phrase Bedai told you, "The city will burn". Agree with the Anarchists philosophy and with the murder of Qui-Sai.
You can find Qui-Sai in the Civic Festhall (Clerk's Ward), kill him. Details.
After leaving the Godsmen Foundry go to the Clerk's Ward. Take the east exit out of the Lower Ward.

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