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Lower Ward

When you first enter the Lower Ward a couple of wererats will appear and kidnap Morte! They'll disapear when you try to chase them, so don't even bother.
Note: Don't forget to pick up Morte's stuff.
Note: You can now travel using the world map!
There should be a man named Korur near you, speak to him if you need some warrior training.
A bit to the north, there's a harmonium officer named Vorten. He'll tell you about his pal, Ebb Creakknees.
Note: There's 21 coins and a pouch in the barrels south of Korur.
Go to the Giltspur's Auction next, it's a bit to the east next to the marketplace building. Buy a piece of poisoned cheese from Glitspur and head out after Morte.
Note: Glitspur as a series of small jobs for you, delivering letters and stuff like that. They're all pretty straightforward but if you have trouble with any of them, look it up in the Quests section.
Continue east and enter the wrecked house, go down the stairs and you'll find yourself in a room full of skulls. Morte will call you from one of the shelves and Lothar will arrive, talk to him and agree to fetch him a skull of greater value than Morte. He'll tell you to look in the Drowned Nations tomb, but since you went there already, tell him it's empty (30000 exp).
Do not give Lothar any other skull yet, instead, go to the lower level of his house and see Mantuok.
Tell Mantuok Lothar sent you on a mission, and then offer him the poisoned cheese. He'll die and his wererat pals won't be too happy about it, dispose of them and take the Grimoire of Pestilential Thought from Mantuok's body.
Return to Lothar and give him Soego's skull (15000 exp). Mantuok, Acaste, Stale Mary, Hargrimm and the Silent King also have skulls you could give to Lothar (in case you lost Soego's). Don't forget to question Lothar about your immortality and all that.
Note: Check the Secrets section for more information on the Grimoire.
You might want to talk with the other skulls in Lothar's shelves before leaving. One of them (the sensate skull) will tell you one of Ravel's riddles (2000 exp).
Pick up Morte at the wrecked house entrance and go to the Pawn Shop west of it. Get Miccah and Brokah to argue in front of Morte a couple of times and he'll get new taunts.
Note: Morte's made some friends during his stay at Lothar's, he'll be able to summon them through his new ability: Skull Mob.
Now go see Sebastion, near the Lower Ward entrance. Talk to him about the Lower Ward area first (500 exp), then, ask him if he can do anything to help you with your scars, he'll say he can, but wants you to take care of Grosuk first. Agree to do so.
Grosuk's in the north-east section of the Lower Ward. Details.
Not far from Sebastion is a woman named Xanthia. Talk to her and learn about the thokola who ruined her dress and the fight with the abishai. Go see Thorp now, the leader of the thokola. Talk to him about the fight with the abishai and warn him about the abishai only being hurt by magical weapons (6000 exp and 600 coins). Return to Xanthia and tell her the whole thing (2000 exp).
Note: Take 9 copper, 1 clot charm and 3 bandages from the barrels near the thokola.
Enter the Marketplace building now. Buy/Sell/Steal everything you might need from the local stores and speak with Lazlo. Talk to him about Lower Ward and portals and you'll eventually learn how to enter the Siege Tower, be sure to talk to him about Sigil and the Lady of Pain as well (500 exp). After, talk with Karina and tell her you don't think she's a bad person (2000 exp), then, go speak with Corvus and encourage him to talk to Karina (2000 exp).
Note: There's a clipped copper charm, some cleaning rags and a charm of infinite recall inside one the crates here.
Exit the market and head north-west to the Godsmen Foundry gate. Talk with the Githzerai there, here name's An'azi and she's dying. Let Dak'kon put her out of her misery, mercifully (4000 exp).
Note: There's 25 copper commons in the barrel on the other side of the street, east of An'azi.
Now, move Dak'kon to near Korur or someting, and go speak with the Githyanki Yi'minn, he's walking around in the north-west portion of the Lower Ward. Talk to him and he'll offer to recover some of your memories for you, but needs to be alone with you to do so. Go with him and you'll end up in an ambush, let them kill you and hear their plans to raid a Githzerai fortress.
After they leave, get up and tell their plans to the Githzerai Kii'na, she should be more to the south, walking around near Korur (8000 exp).
Head north to the slave auction, speak with Trist, one of the slaves on sale. Listen to her story and agree to help her find the missing documents. Details.
Head south and talk to Byron Pikit, start by asking about the Lower Ward and why he is there, keep following that line of dialogue and ask him about thief training (2000 exp). Talk to him about Trist's case as well, and how someone could have destroyed Trist's documents (1000 exp).
Go meet Lenny now, he's a little east of the Marketplace. Tell him Byron sent you the retrieve Trist's papers, he'll deny it and try to run, grab his hand (1000 exp) and tell him you aren't really working for Byron, he'll then tell you how to get Trist's documents and some evidence against Pikit from the warehouse (4000 exp).
Before leaving ask Lenny to train you as a thief, this lands you 2500 exp, some great bonuses to your thief skills and the awesome punch daggers of zar'anun. Go Lenny!
Now head to the coffin shop, south of Lenny. Talk to Dimtree and offer to release him of his state (just talk Sebastion into teaching you how to undo the magics animating Dimtree). Details.
Talk to Hamrys as well, ask about his late father and recover a memory (500 exp), keep asking him about his father and the tomb he was building until Hamrys tells you the tomb plans are in the warehouse and you can go pick them up. Details.
Note: To talk about Hamrys' father you need to have learned about him from Sere in the Gathering Dust Bar.
Note: There's 27 coins, 4 bandages and 1 silver bracelet scattered among Hamrys' coffins.
Exit the shop and head north to the local warehouse. Speak with the warehouse clerk ("the big stupid rock head", as it calls himself :P) and claim Hamrys' tomb plans, Trist's documents and the evidence against Pikit. With a high INT/WIS, you can also claim a bag of 1123 coins.
After, exit the warehouse and deliver the plans to Hamrys (2000 exp), Trist's documents to Delan (4000 exp + 4000 exp and 1000 copper from Trist) and the evidence to Corvus (2000 exp).
Time to go to the Siege Tower. The Entrance is near where Grosuk was standing, go there and talk to the giant golem who lives inside. Talk to it about weapons and stuff. You can talk him into making a weapon that can kill you (10000 exp plus blade of the immortal).
He has some weapons for sale, you might want to check them as well.
Go to the Godsmen Foundry next, the entrance is in the west side of the Ward. You can use Glitspur's second job as a pretext to enter the foundry.
Note: I usually pick up Ignus before heading into the foundry though, check the Ignus section of the walkthrough if you want to know how to get him.

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