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You'll need the decanter of endless water and it's command word in order to free Ignus. Find the decanter in the Drowned Nations, take it to Glyve in the Weeping Stone Catacombs, and then to Nemelle (bar on the west side of the Clerk's Ward).
Once you have both the decanter and the command word, head to the Smoldering Corpse Bar (SouthEast Hive).
Use the decanter of endless water with the command word on Ignus to release him, he joins you immediately after (5000 exp).
Not only is Ignus a great mage, he is also immune to fire attacks/spells. He can even teach you some of his unique spells.
Even if you decide not to keep Ignus in your party, you should at least explore his lines of dialogue (for exp's sake).
Note: Careful of what you say to Ignus, he might attack you if you piss him off.
If you listened to Reekwind's story about Ignus, start by asking Ignus who taught him the art (6000 exp), keep following that line of dialogue and recover a memory (10000 exp).
After talking with Ignus for a while he'll get mad and does not want to speak anymore. Just tell him you wish only to talk about fire and burning and he'll calm down (1500 exp).
Sometimes, when you try to end a conversation with Ignus, he'll go crazy and starts asking you to talk about flames and such. You can shut him up by asking him if he ever felt a building a-flame with the fire consuming the wood and peeling the building paint, etc... (1500 exp).
If you're a mage, you can also ask Ignus to teach you of the art. But remember, power has it's price... and in this case, the price will be taken from your HP.
The first lesson costs you 1 HP and lands you 6000 exp, ignus' charm and +3 fire resistence.
The second lesson costs you 3 HP and lands you 12000 exp, ignus' hand and +5 fire resistence.
The Thrid lesson costs you 2 HP and lands you 12000 exp, ignus' eye and +3 fire resistence.
For the Fourth lesson you need to have the intestines removed by Marta (in the Buried Village). It lands you 24000 exp and ignus' innards.
I almost never use Ignus, since I'm usually a mage myself and I already have Dak'kon for spell support, I don't think it's necessary to bring a third mage along. This time, however, I decided to bring Iggy along just for the hell of it.
Note: You might want to talk to Drusilla and let her know that Ignus has been released :-).


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