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Tenement of Thugs & Alley of Lingering Sighs

The Starved Dogs Barking thugs have made this tenement their home. Bummer...
Start by taking the 5 copper of one of the barrels near the entrance, then, head through the south-east corridor and take the 220 copper from the barrel at the end. Through the upper door there's some painted thugs fighting. Take care of them if you like and then go back and take the lower door.
Keep going until you reach a corridor with two doors, one to the north and one to the south. In the northen room there's a man named Tiresias, he'll only be of help if you're part of the Xaositect faction.
Note: There's 1 rags and 2 bandages in the barrel outside of Tiresias' room.
In the southern room there's a young woman named Sybil. Talk to her and learn about the thug meeting in the adjacent room. Listen to her plan, and offer to get the key from the thugs in the upper rooms. I always end up killing the thugs anyway, but for now, let's get the key.
Go back and through the corridor into a room full of crates. Search the container to the north for a silver bracelet, and the container to the south for 147 copper.
There's a locked door, in one of the east exits of the room, bash through it and take 121 copper from one of the crates there.
Now, make for the other east exit, take the iron prybar from the fallen cart and go up the stairs.
The 2nd floor is very simple. Pick up some stuff from the barrel in the upper room (1 rags, 75 gold and 1 bone dagger), then head along the corridor, kill the thugs, and go up the stairs.
Note: Hold on to the iron prybar, you'll need it in a little while.
This floor is a wee bit more difficult than the last one, mainly because of the thug mage, if you use Morte to taunt him and you should be fine though. Take the tenement key from the mage's body, and 4 clot charms and 95 coins from one of the barrels.
Head back to the crate filled room on the 1st floor, and go through the south (south-west) door. Kill the two thugs and go through the door to the south, enter the east room and kill yet another thug. Take the blood fly charm from the room's sink (I think it's a sink).
Now, go to the previous room and use the key to open the door. There's like, a dozen thugs in here, so, you'd best take Annah (invisible) and sneak your way to the exit.
What I do, however, is, open the door, then get Morte to taunt the thugs one by one. This way, I can lure the thugs individually, making them a much more easy kill.
Note: There's 46 gold, 1 tarnished silver bracelet, 1 gold ring and 1 knot charm inside the barrel at the thugs room.
Once you exit the tenement, Sybil will appear and present you with an adder's tear (wow...) and 1000 exp.
Head down the street and enter the open house. Take the hammer, and examine the dabus corpse. Try to figure out what killed the dabus, keep focusing on the dabus experience and you'll eventually find out what killed him (1000 exp).
Note: Hold on to the hammer, you'll need it in a little while.
Exit the house, head east and leave the area.
You'll arrive at the spot were Annah found your body. Shortly after, the alley itself will take form and speak to you. Talk to it and remember how shadows attacked you and Annah found your body. Then, agree to get rid of the dabus repairing the alley.
Just go up to him and tell him of the dead dabus you found inside one of the houses, he'll go investigate and ends up being shut inside as well (11500 exp).
Return to the "Alley" and it'll ask you to undo the dabus' repairs. There are two areas that you need to fix, one a little to the west and the other a little to the east of the shut house (16250 exp).
The "Alley" will now begin to the divide, and the way to the Lower Ward will be open!
Note: You can now ask Annah why she was looking for your body in the pregnant alley. Find out that she was "compelled" to search there for 2500 exp.

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