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Area Seven Maps - Nockmaar Castle

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Nockmaar Caves
A  From Secret Cave Entrance (Southeast of Tir Asleen Castle)
  Cave Transition
C  Cave Transition
D  Fury Shield
E  Cave Transition (Dead End)
F  Transition
G  To Mountain Maze (North of Thunder Lady)
The Blue Mountains
A  To Nockmaar Caves
B  To Thunder Lady's Home
C  Transition
D  Transition
E  Nockmaar Castle
Nockmaar Castle (First Floor)
A  To the Blue Mountains
B  Cave Transition (Dead End)
C  Cave Transition (Dead End)
D  To Second Floor
E  Pitfall Back to First Floor
F  Pitfall Back to First Floor
1  Abang of the Eagle Clan
Nockmaar Castle (Second and Third Floors and Tower)
G  To Third Floor
H  Pitfall Back to Second Floor
J  Pitfall Back to Second Floor
K  Madmartigan and Sorsha
L  To Kael's Chambers
M  General Kael (Boss Fight)
N  To Bavmorda's Tower
O  Room Transition
P  To Fifth Floor Tower
Q  To Sixth Floor Tower
R  Up
S  To Bavmorda's Chambers
T  Queen Bavmorda (Final Battle)

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