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Mary had a little lamb... nevermind. Here is your one-stop song shop for all things musical in Majora's Mask. By reading this part, you can find out how to learn and play the songs as well as when to use them! ^_^

How to play How to learn Where to play

Song of Time

Deku Link learns the Song of Time on top of the Clock tower on the final day after midnight when he pegs the skull kid with a snot bubble and recalls a memory of Princess Zelda teaching him a song. The only use for this song is to turn back time to the dawn of the first day. Do this when you are finished with your current three day cycle and wish to save and begin on the first day.
Inverted Song of Time

You don't actually have to learn this song like you do most songs. Once you play the Song of Time and use it to return to the dawn of the first day, you can play this song, too. Though, if you want to be formal about it, you can go to one of the two scarecrows in Clock Town (one is in the Items shop in West Clock Town and the other one is in the observatory.) Talk to them and they will ask you if you want to learn the song. You can use this song whenever you wish. It slows down time for you by half so it would be wise to use it everytime you start back on the dawn of the first day. Though, if you are doing a quest and would like time to move at its normal pace, play it again to speed things up.
Song of Double Time

Like the Inverted Song of Time, this song can also be played without formally learning it, but if you want to be old school (for some reason, I've decided to make that old school...probably because I rarely get to say old school anymore...) you can talk to the scarecrows in either West Clock Town's Item shop or the observatory. Again, like its partner in crime, the Inverted Song of Time, you can play this guy anytime of the day. It will make time go ahead to the next interval of time. For example, if you play this song on the night of the first day, it will take you to the dawn of the second day. As you can see, you have one restriction. You can't play this song on the night of the final day. If you could then Link would wake up to a moon-smushed town. o_O;; Some Hero of Time he would be!
Song of Healing

Once you have learned the Song of Time and you have returned to the dawn of the first day, go talk to the mask salesman in the clock tower. He'll keep his end of the bargain and teach you the song, though you didn't live up to your end.... There are many things you can do with this song. If you play it for a Gossip Stone, the stone will surrender a fairy you can bottle. Also, by playing it when you first learn it, you will transform back into human Link and create the Deku mask.
You can also play it for Darmani the goron, Mikau the zora, Kamaro the dancing ghost and the father in Ikana Canyon to give you the Goron mask, the Zora mask, Kamaro's mask and the Gibdo mask, respectively.
Finally, by playing it to the ledgekeeper in Ikana Canyon in his house, he will lower the price of his minigame! ^_^
Epona's Song

To learn this song, Link has to finish Romani's archery game in under two minutes before the night of the first day at Romani Ranch. You'd think that Link would remember this song from his days back in Hyrule.... Seems to be a very important tune, if you ask me. Play this song anywhere in Termina Field, Romani Ranch, Milk Road or the entrances to the swamp, bay and canyon. Anywhere else, Epona cannot reach you.
Another possibility for a use of this song is to play it for Gossip Stone since it will release a bottle-able fairy upon hearing it.
Song of Soaring

Beside the waterfall entrance to Woodfall temple sits Kaepora Gaebora, the all-knowing, all-annoying owl from Hyrule. He sits on a tablet that has a song inscribed on it. Check it out and you will learn the Song of Soaring. One of the more useful songs in the game, the Song of Soaring will teleport you to any owl statue you have thwarted with your sword. This saves some time by eliminating the journey you'd normally have to take (though Link may need the exercise...) You must have hit an owl statue with your sword or else the statue will remain inactive, leaving you unable to warp. This is very similar to the warping songs from Ocarina of Time.
Song of Storms

On the night of the first day, enter the Ikana graveyard, talk to one of the stalchildren circling a grave while wearing the Captain's Hat and tell them to open the grave. Jump on it and walk through the imaginary wall to get to a room with an iron knuckle in it. Defeat it and you will meet Flat and see what is behind the curtain. It's the Song of Storms! As you enter the mysterious cave by the musicbox house in Ikana Canyon, you will have to play the Song of Storms to save Flat's tormented brother, Sharp's soul. This makes the river flow and turns the waterwheel on the musicbox house, letting the good music ring out once more.
If you get hit by a blue bubble, playing this song will lift the curse it casts on you after contact.
Sonata of Awakening

Termina monkeys are much more intelligent than their crap-flinging Earthling counterparts! They can talk and teach you songs. Like what Mr. Monkey is going to do for you. All you have to do is find the jail the monkey is in (Termina even has criminal monkeys) talk to him as human Link, attempt to cut his ropes, transform into deku Link and pull out your ocarina which apparently were really pipes all along. O_o In Woodfall, right outside the temple is a little shrine thing with an owl statue, a pink deku flower and a wooden disk with a deku painted on it. Hop on the disk and play your little heart out as deku Link. As though controlled by magic or possibly vampires, the temple will be lifted from its watery bed, open to the public!
Also, in the swamp's Gold Skulltula House, there is a deku in the room to the right of where you come in who is asleep. Play the song to get his lazy butt out of bed... or flower, rather. The Stalchildren's captain in Ikana graveyard also needs to be roused, so wake him up and chase him around!
One last thing with this song. There are four holes in the ground in Termina field that have three normal sized Gossip Stones and one mammoth one. By playing this song as deku Link to the giant Gossip stone, it will spin around and turn green. Play it to all four giant stones and you'll receive a piece of heart.
Lullabye Intro

After talking to the Elder's son as goron Link in the Goron shrine, save the Elder. You can do this by finding the snowy boulder that contains his temporary home and smashing it, then pulling out some hot spring water and melting away his icy encasement. The Elder's position changes each day. On the first day, he is close to the entrance to Goron Village in the same area that Tingle is in. On day two, he has moved to the snowy ramp by the entrance to the Mountain Village. Again, in the area Tingle resides. On the final day, he has moved close to the owl statue in the Mountain Village. Once unthawed, talk to him as goron Link and the Elder will teach you only the intro to the lullabye since his memory escapes him. There is only one use for this song. When you play it to the Elder's son, he will teach you the rest of the song. Since the intro does not go on your Quest Statue Subscreen, you will forget this song when you go back in time to save. Make sure that you play it for the Elder's son on the same three day cycle you learn it on. There will be dire consequences if you don't!
Goron Lullabye

Poor Elder. He only missed teaching you the whole song and saving his dignity by two notes, but alas he just couldn't remember and lost face in front of you. This song is learned by playing the Lullabye Intro to the Elder's son. That's all it's good for, so I suggest that's all you use it for. You now possess the awesome power to put gorons to sleep at will! What are you going to do with this awesome power? Play it for the most invisible, best air-blowing, biggest freaking goron in the game who guards outside Snowhead Temple and watch the poor guy drift into sleep and off the edge of the cliff... you big meanie...
Another thing that can be done with this song is to sing it to all four giant Gossip stones that reside in holes in Termina Field with three other regular-sized stones. Playing for all four stones while as goron Link yields a piece of heart.
New Wave Bossa Nova

This little number is learned from the little zora tadpoles that hatch in the Great Bay laboratory once you have collected all seven zora eggs. You can find the locations of the eggs in the Great Bay walkthrough. As soon as they hatch, the tadpoles will contort their back to make the shape of an eighth note so run to the front of the aquarium as zora Link and pull out your guitar. You've learned a new song at the cost of seven tadpoles' spines. Lulu's voice will return to her if you play this song for her. The science of birth astounds me. She can be found moping at Zora's Cape. Play the New Wave Bossa Nova for her as zora Link and she will sing along with you. Once she has finished singing, she will have summoned a giant turtle with a palm tree growing on his shell... o_O;;
Also, by playing the song as zora Link to the four giant Gossip stones in holes in Termina Field, you'll receive a piece of heart.
Elegy of Emptiness

Learning this song is your reward for infiltrating the Ancient Castle of Ikana and killing Igos du Ikana... again.... That's really all there is to it. It's the journey to the battle that is the hard part, so see the Ikana Canyon walkthrough if you get stuck on it. This song is pretty neat. When you play it as human Link, a life-sized statue of a Kokiri will appear where you were standing when you played the song (but it is a very creepy looking statue....) If you're wearing the Deku, Goron or Zora mask, though, you will create a statue of either a deku guard, Darmani or Mikau. All these statues have one thing in common, creepiness. To use these statues effectively, create them while standing on a switch that won't stay down on it's own. Since deku Link can't hold down a switch, neither can the statue. So just use the human, goron and zora version. They're all you'll need.
Oath to Order

By releasing the spirit from the evil clutches of Odolwa's mask, the spirit (One of the four giants, the things Tael was trying to tell you about) will teach you this song. Alls ya gotta do is defeat Odolwa in Woodfall temple and you've got this hip, new song in your inventory. You only have to play this song once. That is when you have freed all four spirits from their masky prisons and are on top of the clock tower after midnight on the final day. Play it after the cutscene with the skull kid and "the four who are there" will come to you and stop the moon from falling. ^_^

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