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Misty Waters of Great Bay

You've sprung Epona, right? Good. Head over to West Termina Field and jump the fence on the beach. This will take you to Great Bay Coast. Follow the narrow path to the vast ocean landscape. You COULD be enjoying it if all those stupid seagulls weren't in the way! Go over to them and shoo them away. They are over to your left over the ocean.

Wait! There's a body floating in the water. Drag that carcass to land. We must keep the seas clean after all! He's alive?!?! Get him over to land right away! Once on land, this poor zora marches a VERY PROLONGED death walk, though he eventually collaspes. Talk to him and he will introduce himself as Mikau and tell you his very sad tale... the only way he knows how... IN SONG!!!

The bottom line is heal his soul with the Song of Healing and his spirit will always be with you, just like the force, only in the form of a mask. Now you can be a kung-fu fish man! ^_^ Test out your new body if you want... the instructions are written on Mikau's fish guitar. I really like the energy shield zora Link can produce in the water. Pretty! ^_^

Now, head into the little fisherman's shop (the building that has a garden in front. The other building is the Oceanside Skulltula House and you can't really complete it, equipped as you are. Also, you can't get anything out of it unless you kill of the skulltulas before the first day is done.) In the shop is a little seahorse who desperately wanted to be sprung from his glass prison, but the fisherman in charge doesn't accept rupees. He wants a close-up picture of a Gerudo pirate. Well, you don't have one so I guess it's off to Zora Hall so go to through the tunnel on the left hand wall into the new area, but before you do, go over to the building situated in the middle of the bay. Tingle is up in the air with a new map and there is a new owl statue to beat on. Now you may enter the new area. There are new enemies (stop saying "new" Yuki!!) afoot called like likes, skullfish and leevers (see Enemies.) Zora Hall is in the water on your right when you enter this area. Just swim as zora Link in to the giant fish-building's mouth and you'll enter the cave-like entrance to the hall.

Enter the third door from the right along the line of rooms and you'll be in Evan the Bandleader's room. Talk to him as zora Link and he'll ask you how the egg hunt is going. EGG HUNT?!?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Apparently, the lead singer from your troupe laid some eggs and somehow lost her voice. The original zora, Mikau (the guy whose body you stole) was sent on a mission to recover the eggs, but got his butt whipped in the process by the Gerudo pirates. Before we head over to their fortress, go to the doorway to the right of the wall of doors and then turn left to go outside.

Here is Lulu... she is very sad. And you can't do anything to cheer her up. Look around and smack the owl statue near her and fill up on bombs, magic and other things that come out of the pots by the statue. Now we can search for her eggs!

So let's head over to the Pirates' Fortress! Hopefully, you bought a map. It makes the description on how to get there much easier to understand as it's a little hidden. If you travel to the northwest end of the map, you'll see a path on your map leading to a new area. It is sticking straight up north. Anyways, that path is behind a wooden gate underwater so swim into it with zora Link. It is the second gate from the left. Welcome to the Pirates' Fortress.

That fisherman wanted a picture of a Gerudo, a close-up one... so taking a picture of the women in the boats won't cut it... I guess we will have to look elsewhere for our photography. Run up the little path and wait until there are no Gerudo guards in their boats anywhere near you. If you bought one from Tingle, then you can see the guards on your map which is convenient when you are surfacing from underwater. If you're all clear, jump into the water and dive! If you're not all clear, a guard will see you and throw you out. If that happens, just go back to the gate you broke down to get in and try again. If you make it into the water, go to the ramp on the other side of the fortress where the goron pound switch is located. Travel underwater to avoid capture and wait until the four guards are nowhere around the bottom of the ramp area. Pound the switch as goron Link and it will turn off the power water flow coming out of some pipe. Go to said pipe underwater and enter it.

You'll be in a room with a few more feeble gates to break down and a few Majora blocks to move. Move the first one directly in front of you to get it out of the way and then head down the path with no gate blocking the way until it bends and takes you to another block. Pull that away from the wall so you can walk around it later. Go back to the first Majora block you pushed and take the outside path around until you get to the powerful stream that will raise you to another part of this room. Manuever around the underwater mines and make sure you don't get caught in the stream running over the surface of the water. That will take you back outside which is bad. Clear the mines, hop on the ledge ahead and open the door.

More mines. Manoeuver around them and climb up the ramp and stairs around the corner. If you want the piece of heart trapped in the prison cell, see Pieces of Heart. Destory the barrels by the top of the stairs and you'll see a switch across the way. Use zora Links launching fins to activate it, jump into the water and get over to the slowly closing gate as quickly as possible.

Move your way around more mines and streams to get to a ladder. Climb up and you see a switch to step on which opens a gate with another switch in it. This switch is a timed switch so be quick with the next part. Once you've stepped on it, run to the sewer grate and look for the other switch. Hit it with zora Link's fins and a geiser takes you up to another floor. Climb this ladder and look for another switch to hit with zora Link's fins. Once activated, the door leading to the outside will be open-able.

Swing around the corner and into the next door. If you have the Stone mask, this part will be easy. You are in a coutyard full of Gerudos. Put on the Stone mask if you want and run right into the middle of the yard, climb the ladder, cross the bridge and open the door behind the big stone on the other side of the bridge. If you don't have it or want a challenge, you're going to have to Metal Gear Solid your way through. Get out your arrows and snipe any Gerudos who may get in your way (namely, the one by the base of the ladder.) They wake up after about ten seconds of being shot with an arrow (they are tough young women!) so run for that ladder. Watch your map once you get close to the top to make sure the Gerudo patrolling the bridge isn't anywhere near you. Daze her with an arrow and run to the door behind the stone slab on the other side of the bridge. If you are feeling risky, you can attempt to photograph the unconscious Gerudo. (Sickos!)

Run into this room and you'll notice a bee flying through the barred window. After investigating the window more closely, you end up eavesdropping on the head Gerudo and her officer and find out some very useful information. The Gerudo have four eggs out of seven and they are in the fortress. Also, you can see a big chest and a tank of water with an egg in it!! But there are a lot of guards in this room... how to empty it... Remember the bee? Shoot down the hive through the bars and the Gerudos, the tough terrors of the sea, flee the room while shrieking like banshees on the way out. They will never come back... the big babies. So head out the door you came in from and jump down to the platform on your right, There is a door you can enter which takes you to the chamber you were just looking at. Open up that chest and you get the hookshot!!!! It's had a makeover since the last time Link had his hands on one of my personal favourites! Hookshot one of the wooden rafters over the tank of water and say hello to an enemy named shell blade (see Enemies.) Ignore it for now and bottle that egg. Make sure you don't bottle a fish. I did that once and wasn't paying attention so I had to go all the way back to get it.

Now if you have four bottles, you can do the fortress in one sweep, so I will continue on explain the fortress. If you have less than four, just go to the research lab (it's the building right by the owl statue on Great Bay Coast) and drop them into the tank. Then go back to the fortress and collect the remaining few.

The next egg is much easier to get now that you have the hookshot. Head out the door and go over to where you enter the courtyard the first time. See the hookshot posts on the higher ledges? Hookshot from the lowest one to the next one and enter that door. There is a single guard patrolling this room. Wait for her to head to the right and run for the door on the left. In the next room, you will have to fight a Gerudo. To defeat her, dodge her attacks and after she tries to hit you, she takes a few seconds to recover. Hack her good! A few good whacks and she'll retreat, opening the next door. Get the zora egg from the tank and that's another egg! Watch out for the desbreko in the tank. Kill the big one and they all fall.

To get the third egg, go just outside the entrance of where you got the second egg and look around for another hookshot post. Run up the bridge (watch out of the Gerudo thief) and enter the door. If you have the Stone mask, put it on and walk to the next door. If not, hookshot to the wooden posts that line the ceiling and get to the door. Take on another Gerudo guard and enter the new room. Get that egg and scram!

The final egg in the Pirates' Fortress is over at the other end of the courtyard. Walk past the ladder and hookshot onto one of the posts. If you are at the right one, there should be a higher post you can hookshot to. Enter the doorway that is closest to you.

You must again sneak past a Gerudo guard. Wait until she is no longer facing the door or your path to the door and run for it. Enter the next room and fight your last Gerudo warrior. Get the egg and head out of the fortress. Before leaving, make sure you have a close-up picture of a Gerudo. Shooting one and taking a picture of her sleepy face is always a good way to go. I approve! Now you may leave. Getting caught is the fastest way out so I'd suggest doing that. Head over to the laboratory and drop off the eggs in the giant tank.

Swim to shore and enter the fisherman's hut. Talk to the seahorse and the fisherman will interrupt your conversation (jerk!) and ask if you want the horse of the sea. He'll ask you for a picture of a Gerudo guard in exchange for the seahorse so agree to it and give him the picture. He'll have to leave the room for a few minutes with picture in hand (just kidding.) He'll give you the seahorse.

Do you see the two tall rocks, sticking out of the water?? That's Pinnacle Rock! Head over there with your new friend and sink to the bottom. You can release the seahorse there and for your courtesy, he'll show you the way to the other three eggs! These ones are pretty easy to get. Kill the snakes that pop out of the holes in Pinnacle Rock. Some of them are guarding the eggs. If you kill each and every snake, you'll reunite the seahorse with his other seahorse friend. Talk to them and they'll give you a piece of heart!

Put the remaining eggs in the laboratory's giant tank and something incredible will happen! The zora eggs will hatch into little... tadpoles... (Yes... tadpoles... right.) But the incredible thing is they can teach you how to play the guitar! Jump to the front of the tank and pull out the guitar. The little tadpoles have just taught you to play the New Wave Bossa Nova.

Take the lab techician's advice and play it for the mother, Lulu. Song of Soaring it over to the Zora Cape and play it for her. You will awaken a giant turtle with a hookshotable palm tree on it (O_o) Hop on his back and he'll take you to...


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