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ODOLWA, the Masked Jungle Warrior!

This guy can be hard for novices, but once you know his tells, he's a kitty cat (in fighting abilities, anyway.) Fight this guy as Human Link even though there is a deku flower in the middle of the room. His first attack is normally just a sword thrust in your direction. Pretty easy to dodge. Try and slash up his ankles if you're close enough since it takes him a while to recover after that attack. If you are too slow and he recovers before you attack him, he'll slash you good (but it doesn't damage for much...)

His other physical attack is much more fancy, but even easier to dodge. He croutches and spins around in a circle towards you. All you have to put up your sheild and he'll just circle around you until he runs out of steam. Again, chop at his ankles. He can jump out of the way of your swings, but whatever. If you hit him, good for you, bad for him.

He can use one of two summoning attacks. One is where he summons small spider-looking things and another one is where he summons moths. Both these kinds of creatures adore fire so pull up one of the bomb flowers that line the perimeter of the room and put it down or if you already have a bomb bag, pull out your own bomb. The insects will flock towards the fuse and leave you alone! The blast will take them out. Also, if you are able to lure Odolwa close to the bomb, it will damage him A LOT and stun him, so you can take a few free swings!

One last thing this guy can do is make chunks of the ceiling fall to the floor so watch out for the rocks' silhouettes. Word of the wise, don't stand where there is a silhouette of a boulder. ^_^ After a dozen hits or so, he is finished.

GOHT, the Masked Mechanical Monster!

Sounds like this boss is just as misunderstood as the creature from Frankenstein from the name they gave it, but it's not. He just runs around the room which is a circular track and hits you with various attacks. There are two ways to kill him. You can stay in the little alcove you start in and shoot him with fire arrows everytime he comes around (I'm unsure if this actually works, though...) but you'd need a lot of arrows to do this. This isn't any fun, though!! The actual way you should attack him would be to become goron Link, roll around enough to sprout your spikes and chase that goat down! Bash him to bits! Sometimes, since the terrain is very bumpy, it becomes hard to build up enough speed to reveal your spikes of doom, but keep rolling. You'll find a good flat spot eventually. There are an infinite number of magic jars available so I would suggest everytime you see one, run into it to replenish your magic reserves if you can. Don't want to run out during a cructial moment. Also, if you can, try to hit him in the butt while you're airbourne. This will knock him down and you can take a few free swings at him.

Now for his attacks. If you fall behing him a lot while chasing him, he will stop and face you as you come up behind him. You have to swerve from side to side to avoid the lightning attack he launches at you. As long as you swerve enough, he won't hit you. Normally, he shoots out three lightning bolts (less if he hits you with it) and then continues running.

Everytime you hit him, he sends out a homing lightning ball which again you must swerve to avoid. When you are chasing him, don't hang out directly behind him. He tends to kick up chunks of the ground which if they hit you, will cause you to lose all momentum and you'll have to roll and power up again. After you hit him about five times, parts of the ceiling fall. You can't pretict when they will come down and again, they screw up your momentum. Another five hits and he'll start dropping bombs which explode if you touch them with those spikes of yours. One last thing he can do would be if you are standing still and let him come around the whole track to where you are standing, he'll charge at you and toss you up in the air for some damage, but as long as you keep following him, that should never happen! ^_^

You can tell how damaged his is from the amount of smoke and electric discharge coming out of his body. After about twenty hits with your buff, goron body, he'll be defeated and run into a wall. Seems all those hits from your buff body damaged his brain, too.

GYORG, the Gargantuan Masked Fish!

This guy is very annoying and may cause you to use a fairy. To attack it, you must hit his body with something since his mask kind of defends him. Either stand on the platform and use arrows (not charged-up with fire or ice) OR jump into the water and attack using the electric field around the gills to stun him. If you have elected to go into the water, you may also try to sink to the bottom in a corner and when he comes at you, Z-target him and use your flying fins to stun him. Either way, you have to be in the water to fish-fu him when he's stunned. After you've administered some beatdown, get back onto the platform or at least very far away from Gyorg. I'll tell you why.

His one big attack is to eat you. He can only do it while you are in the water, though. So if you are good at jumping on ledges with zora Link, you will do fine! Another attack (which he only uses while you are on the platform) is to ram the platform to try and knock you into the water. If you are no where near the edge, you'll be fine. I believe it delivers no damage (though it sounds like you are getting hit.) He will also line up and swim at the platform, but rather than ram it, he will fly over it (like in the cutscene) and physically try to bring you into the water if you are close to the edge. I have never been hit by it, but it probably does damage and knocks you into the water. I really don't know.

After a few hits, he'll release some small fish out of his mouth to annoy you. Just keep doing what you're doing and if the fish really get in the way, electrocute them. A few more hits should put him away.

TWINMOLD, the Giant Masked Insect!

A return appearance of Twinmold, the worms that never go away from game to game, console to console. Not much of a strategy to killing them... you must use the Giant's mask to become big enough to compete with them, but the mask uses magic power to wear so make sure you have a full magic meter OR drink some Chateau Romani milk which gives you infinite magic for the whole three day cycle! Now that you are large and in charge, smack the hell out of the face and/or tail of the worms. After a few smacks, each worm's body will disintegrate and the face will fall in the sand.

These worms have no attack really. They fly around in the air for a bit then dive into the sand for safety, only to pop up and fly around again. They damage you when they touch you while flying around. That's it. They have one use, though. If you run out of magic, there are many chunks of rock sitting around the desert (but don't stray too far away from the center... you will get lost and have to begin the boss battle all over again....) If you are close to a rock and out of magic, there is a chance that the worms will run into the rocks and destroy them, yielding magic.

So the strategy... smack, smack, smack, done.

Majora's Mask!

Pretty wussy for a final boss... or is he (she?)? Yes, he/she is. (No gender assumption in that!) If you are using the Fierce Deity's mask, then shame on you. Just z-target and press B until it is defeated. If you're not a CHEATER, then the vunerable part of Majora's mask is the back, where all the tenticles are hanging out. First, wait until you have a clear shot of the back and hit it with an arrow (best to do this when it is spinning around the room since it won't be able to turn and block the arrow.) You can also use zora Link's flying fins if you run out of arrows. Once you peg it, it will fall to the ground and you get a few free smacks at it with your sword. After a few hits, Majora's mask summons its mask friends. Arrow or zora fin them to get them out of the way and concentrate on Majora's mask again. It will have a new ability, a fiery laser so reflect it back with your shield. To hit Majora's mask, it is better to aim the shield while NOT z-targeted.

Majora's mask attacks are easy to avoid. When it is floating in the air, spinning around like a frisbee of death, arrow it or sidejump to saftey. When it summons the boss masks, kill them. It'll eventually shoot lasers at you which are reflectable by your mirror shield. Keep using this strategy and it will die... or will it?

Majora's Incarnation!

A final boss with a second, presumably more powerful form? How original... But alas, this one is less powerful than the original mask. Though it now has a body, its body is weak. Weak like a baby! A baby with ridiculous running speed and the ability to shoot shining, hurty lights. If you are still using the Fierce Deity's mask, z-target and press B. Really, though... is there any other strategy if you are using that mask... The REAL strategy to fighting this guy is simple, hit it with arrows, fins or your sword to trip him up and smack him when it's down. It'll stand up, hold its head and stay still for a bit for some reason, so sword its legs again to make him fall on his face. Lather, rinse, repeat if desired and you should desire since it will make you win! ^_^ You can also do what Tatl suggests and throw your buff, spiky goron body at it, but it's too small a room to do that, I think.

Its attacks are terrible... It'll run around the room and run over you... Sometimes, it stops and shoots white lights at you which you can sidejump away from. That is all... Smack it for being weak and stupid and it will die... or will it?

Majora's Wrath!

Sooooo... Majora's Incarnation was hooked up to a bicycle pump and now it has WRATH!!!! RRRAAAWWWRRR! This is the EASIEST of the three forms! >_< For the Fierce Deity's mask users, z-target and press B (cheaters ;_; make baby Mario cry.) For those manly men and (insert feminine equivalent to manly here) women, put up your shield, z-target if you want and walk on over to Majora's Wrath. Slash, slash, stab and stab.

Majora's Wrath has very fancy whip attacks. These can easily be blocked with your shield. After the first few hits, Majora's Wrath becomes more evasive, so you will have to be quick when approaching. It may also kick you or use a rapid whipping attack. After a few more hits (say six or so) it will unleach a new attack. Two tentacles... what can tentacles do...? What do tentacles always do...? They grab you and throw you. It is hard to predict this attack and blocking with your shield does nothing so take it like the Hero of Time! The last attack it does is not really an attack... More like summons giant Beyblades (I'm not kidding, sadly...) and directs them with its tentacles. After a few more smacks with your sword and it will die... or will it? ...Yes, yes it will. Finally.

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