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Masks are fun to wear! You can pretend to be stuff you aren't with them unless you wear a mask of yourself... but that's silly. Here is a list with awesome pictures of all 24 masks you can wear... And no, you can't wear Majora's mask...

Mask How to find it How to use it
All-Night mask

This mask is for sale on the night of the final day if you saved the Bomb Shop Lady from being mugged by Sakon at midnight of the first day in North Clock Town. It sells for 500 rupees. I hope you have your wallet upgrade! When you wear it, the All-Night Mask helps you stay up through Anju's grandmother's long stories, allowing you to answer her questions when she is finished. If you answer them the way she would like you to, then she'll give you a piece of heart for each story she tells, two in all.
Blast mask

The old lady from the Bomb shop will give this mask as a reward for stopping the theif from taking her Bigger Bomb Bag as she cuts through North Clock Town. So as a reward, she gives you something that blows off your face.... While wearing this mask, hit B to create an explosion right in Link's face. You'll take damage UNLESS you hold up your shield while using it... The physics of that astounds me... Anyway, the mask takes some time to recharge ater you use it.
Bremen mask

All you have to do is listen to Guru-Guru's story about living with the animals. His characteristic angry face comes into play from Ocarina of Time. Hang out with him in the evenings of the first or second days in the Laundry Pool. For some reason, he'll give you the mask he stole. The little chicks in the back area of Romani Ranch will follow you around while you march with B while wearing this crazy mask. That's all it's good for. Oh, and you get to see Link march. ^_^
Bunny hood

If you gather all the little chicks in the back area of Romani Ranch, the chick-keeper (sounds rather erotic, eh?) will give you this sweet mask of speed! How nice! Link on sugar! The hood makes Link run faster than normal and jump over ledges at the same distance that rolling off the ledge before the jump will take you. It also increases Link's cuteness quotient by 50%! ^_^
Captain's hat

Wake up the sleeping, giant Stalchild by Dampe's house in the Ikana graveyard with the Sonata of Awakening and chase him around the spiralling path. To catch up to him, you will need the Bunny Hood and the Gilded Sword. Once you catch up to him, he'll attack. Defeat him and he will honour you with a hat. This hat lets you talk to Stalchildren in the Ikana graveyard. It will also protect you from redeads and gibdos who will dance when you wear it in front of them. They all want to party with you! One last thing it can do (though very minor) is if you wear it as you're defeating Igos du Ikana, he'll comment that you're a smaller version of the stalchild who gave it to you.
Circus Leader's mask

Time for Link to show how musically diverse he is! Play the notes that Toto asks you to in the Milk Bar after 10pm on the first and second nights as all four forms of Link and you'll warm up the normally frigid heart of Gorman. He's so touched by your playing that he gives you his face... in the form of a mask. The Circus Leader's mask isn't very useful, but is nice to have. You'll make the Gorman brothers on Milk Road very sad when you wear it around them (the looks on their faces are worth seeing!) Also while riding in the milk cart with Cremia at 6pm on the second day (if you saved Romani from the aliens the night before...) if you wear the mask, the bandits won't smash your milk, making it a much more enjoyable trip to the Milk Bar. ^_^
Couple's mask

This is by far the mask that needs the most effort to receive (next to the Fierce Deity mask, I suppose.) This mask requires you to complete the Anju/Kafei sidequest which gets a little tedious at times. The whole story is spread out over the three days so you may need to set aside a whole three day cycle for just this quest. By helping Kafei get back his Sun's mask and convincing Anju to stay behind in the town, if you wait in Anju's room as Kafei arrives, you will receive this mask. For a more in-depth explanation of what to do, see Bombers' Notebook. You only need this mask for one thing and that is to wear it for Mayor Dotour, saving him from the horrendous meeting between Mutoh and Viscen. He'll give you a piece of heart as a sign of gratitude.
Deku mask

Once you return to the dawn of the first day for the first time, head right into the clock tower and talk to the mask salesman. He'll hook you up with the Song of Healing and remove the spell the skull kid put on you, turning it into the Deku mask.
Wear it and become a deku scrub. YAY!
Don Gero's mask

The braziers in the throne room of the Goron shrine will light up once you have coaxed the Elder's son to sleep. Light a deku stick conveniently found in jars next to the wall in the throne room and light the braziers outside the throne room. There are a few by the railing close to the chandelier, several down the ramp leading to the lower level and three more on the bottom floor of the shrine. Lighting all the braziers will get that chandelier moving! Do your goron roll over the ramp leading up to the chandelier and crash through one of the decorations on the chandelier. One of them contains a piece of rock sirloin! Pick it up and carry it all the way to the Mountain Village and throw it up to the goron who seems to be stuck on the ledge. He is wearing Don Gero's mask and will gladly give it to you for saving his life! What a nice guy. Talk to the four frogs scattered around Termina while wearing this mask, defeat Goht in Snowhead and finally, when the frogs can sit on their lilypads in the Mountain Village, they'll sing you a song and give you a piece of heart for listening. The frogs reside in the Laundry Pool in Clock Town, the swamp by the big octorok blocking the way to the Deku palace, in the Boss Key room of Woodfall Temple and finally in the Boss Key room of Great Bay Temple. To get the two in the Boss Key rooms, defeat the gekko and it will transform into the little frog.
Fierce Deity mask

It is the ultimate mask and is given to you as a reward for collecting all 20 non-transforming masks and sharing them with the kids who frolic around the tree in the moon. NOT THE KID WITH MAJORA'S MASK ON!! Each kid will invite you to play a game of hide-and-seek with them (what is with this game and hide-and-seek...?) If you win the game with all four kids, talk to the kid with Majora's mask and he will give you the Fierce Deity mask, then lure you into the final battle. Though powerful, the Fierce Deity mask has limited use. It can only be worn during Boss battles. >_< But what a mask it is. It can make very quite work of any boss! All you need to do is Z-target the sucker and press B to send aerial saws at it!! These saws do a ridiculous amount of damage (though, each saw takes magic power to send out.) Sweet!
Garo's mask

Show those Gorman brothers who's the boss! It's Tony Danza! (Bad joke >_<) Once you have saved Epona from the evil grips of Romani Ranch, trot her on over to the Gorman racetrack and challenge the brothers to a duel! If you win, Garo's mask will be your spoils of victory! Tips on how to win are in the minigames section. The cliffkeeper in Ikana will let you pass once you collect this mask and wear it in front of him. As you walk along certain parts of Ikana, if Tatl informs you she senses bloodlust of some sorts, wear this mask and a garo will challenge you. Defeat him (her?) and they will give you some advice, then detonate themselves. Also the redeads and gibdos will want to party with you while you wear this one!
Giant's mask

You get this mask added to your inventory when you defeat eyegore in Stone Tower temple. If you are stuck on how to get to the eyegore or how to defeat him, check out the Stone Tower temple walkthrough. You only have to whip this mask out once in the game and that is to defeat Twinmold in Stone Tower temple. "Watch your magic meter," says the Great Fairy and she is right with this mask. It sucks your magic power up like a vacuum on caffiene! I would suggest a swig of Chateau Romani before entering this battle.
Gibdo mask

There is something wrong with the music house in Ikana Canyon. Once you have cured Sharp, one of the composer brothers of his evil, the musicbox house will start playing its rocking song! GUITAR!! YEOW!!!! *ahem* Anyway, once Pamela (the little girl who lives in the house) steps out for a smoke or something (o_O) head into the house and go downstairs. Open the dresser in the basement and play the Song of Healing for the poor, bandaged man. You'll lift his curse and gain a mask for it! It is a mask needed for one of the most annoying parts in the game, the bottom of the well in Ikana. It allows you to approach the gibdos guarding each door and talk to them. This is the part of the game I dread. >_<
Goron mask

Poor Darmani. He fell down Snowhead and died. Then some Hylian punk comes along and plays him the Song of Healing on his ocarina, turning you into a mask that he used repeatedly, without a word of thanks. Crappy deal. This mask makes your dream come true. Wear this mask and you can become something Zelda fans since now could have only dreamed about. A big, fat rock guy! YYYYEESSSSS!
Great Fairy mask

The Great Fairy of Magic has a gift for you once you restore her broken body to its original "magnificience." She gives you the Great Fairy mask and disappears as quickly as she came. The stray fairies in the four temples will fall in love with you and fly over to you as soon as you put this mask on...though the idea of the Great Fairy's face on Link's body... it scares me.... Also, if there is a fairy in the room you are in, the hair will sparkle up a storm.
Kafei's mask

Walk into the Mayor's house after 10am (since any earlier is impossible.) Stupid slow Gorman and his door blocking ways. Anyway, go into the room to the right of the receptionists desk and talk to Madame Aroma. She'll mistake you for a professional investigator she hired to find her son and give you Kafei's mask. While wearing the mask of the seemingly star-crossed lover, some people will tell you what they know about the missing lad when you wear this mask around them. It is involved with getting the second most annoying mask in the game. >_<
Kamaro's mask

Every night after midnight until morning, dear, devoted Kamaro the ghost will dance his dance outside North Clock Town (a little left of the North entrance to Termina field.) You find him on a giant rock platform. All you have to do is jump to his platform and heal his tortured soul with the Song of Healing. Dance Link's sexy dance of seduction while wearing the mask in front of the Rosa sisters and they'll give you a piece of heart and a place in their hearts. ^_^
Keaton mask

By doing the Anju/Kafei sidequest (see Bomber's Notebook) you can pick up this mask when you go to the Laundry pool back entrance to the Curiousity Shop at 1pm until 10pm on the final day. If you have completed the Anju/Kafei sidequest up until this point, the man from the Curiousity shop will give you a few things, including the Keaton mask. Wear it before you cut the dancing grass in either North Clock Town, on Milk Road or the Mountain Village when spring has sprung and when Keaton pops up, answer the questions he poses correctly. He'll give you a piece of heart if you answer all of them correctly. For a list of the questions and their answers, see Keaton's Quiz.
Mask of Scents

After freeing the Deku princess from her trunk prison, putting her in a new, glass prison and freeing her from her new prison in front of her father, the butler will be waiting for you in the maze by the Deku Palace. Just leave the King's chamber once the princess has been saved, go past where the guards used to be and head to the right to the chamber across the lilypads. Run through the maze, make it to the end and the butler will give you this AWESOME mask! (See Mini Games for a thorough runthrough of the maze!) Smell stuff in the Woods of Mystery, in the bathroom and in the last bedroom in the Stove Pot Inn and bottle that smell for Kotake's potions ... that's all it does... -__- ((Thank you, Shadow Cat for telling me about the smell in the bedrooom... I don't know what you were doing smelling Gorman''s underwear... but whatever! My shrine is more complete with your underwear-smelling help!))
Mask of Truth

This mask sounds easy to get, but it's kind of tedious. Destroy all the gold skulltulas in the Swamp's Skulltula house and the man inside the foyer of the house (who was kind of... ugly before) will be cured of his curse and gives you the Mask of Truth. Read the minds of animals when you pick them up while wearing this mask or talk to the Gossip stones for some sound, financial advice.
Postman's hat

You have to do part of the Anju/Kafei sidequest to get this hat. Once you receive the priority mail from the man behind the Curiousity Shop on the final day, give it to the mailman (who is cowaring in his house by now) and wait for him to leave the Milk Bar after he's delivered the mail. He'll quit his job, give Link his hat and dance his liberating dance of joblessness! You now have the authority to look inside the postboxes. The first time you look inside, you get a piece of heart. Any other time, you get one rupee.
Romani mask

After saving lil' Romani from the threatening alien invasion on the first night, you have to help Cremia from the threatening horsemen invasion on the second night! If you are able to get to Termina Field with some milk intact for the Milk Bar by warding the Gorman brothers off with your arrows, Cremia will think you are an adult and give you the Romani mask. This mask gets you inside the Milk Bar after 10pm... Yup...
Stone mask

Save poor Shiro, the invisible soldier from his horrid doom of invisibility. Spot him in the beginning of Ikana Canyon after jumping the three fences with Epona in the circle of stones near the last fence. Give him what he wants, a red or blue potion and he'll give you the reason he was invisible, the Stone mask. Most enemies can't see you when you wear this mask. Very handy when you're in trouble or need a few seconds of not getting attacked. A nice mask to have, indeed.
Zora mask

In Great Bay, swim out to the flock of seagulls to the left of the entrance to the area. You find Mikau floating around. Drag his keister to shore and heal his soul with the Song of Healing. His body will disintegrate and yield the Zora mask. Turn into the karate fish man thing! w00t!

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