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Great Fairy Caves

Can't find a certain Great Fairy? Here are the locations of all five in the continent of Termina! With pictures! ^_^

The Great Fairy of Magic resides in Clock Town. She will grant you magic power if you find her single missing stray fairy. Once you find it, head over to North Clock Town.
Here lives the Great Fairy of Power and she is going to bestow you a fairly useless gift. A larger spin attack... yay... Anyways, do what you'd do with any Great Fairy and collect her stray fairies. Her cave is located on the back wall in the area where Woodfall temple slumbers.
Now here is a useful Great fairy! The Great Fairy of Wisdom rocks! Double my maximum magic capacity, please! ^_^ She is not hard to get to, either. Once all fifteen stray fairies have been collected from Snowhead temple, exit the temple and run along the base of the mountain of Snowhead. You'll see the opening eventually!
This is the other useful Great Fairy's cave! Say hello to a completed Great Fairy of Courage and you'll receive double defence! Now the enemies hit you for half damage. Sweet deal! All you need is one bomb and the hookshot. Did you notice the string of little islands by the front (well, more to the left...) of Zora Hall? Hookshot the palm tree in the middle of each island that has one and jump across the smaller rocks once you get to that point. You'll get to a ledge that has a huge boulder enbedded in the rock so blow it up! You have revealed the Great Fairy of Courage's cave!
Although, the Great Fairy of Kindness is a newbie to the Great Fairy clique, she isn't really helpful... Well, I can't say that, really. I just never actually used the gift she gives you. For flip-flopping Stone Tower temple rightside-up and upside-down, you get the Great Fairy's sword, a C-button item. I never think to use it, but I'll bet it's pretty powerful! This Great Fairy resides in what looks like a little shack outside of the entrance to Stone Tower. It is on the cliff across from the Music Box house.

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