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Equipment How to find it How to use it
Kokiri sword

Link begins with the Kokiri sword so you don't have to do much to find it. ^_^ Press the B button to swing the sword. The direction you're holding the joystick and Z-targeting will change how the sword is swung. Also, holding B or rotating the joystick then pressing B will make Link execute the spin attack.
Razor sword

Once the hearth in the smithy's cabin has been thawed, he will reforge the Kokiri sword for 100 rupees. It takes from when you give him the sword until the dawn of the next day to reforge and can't be taken back through time. Another drawback is that it will break after being used 100 times. -__- It is used the same as the Kokiri sword, only hits for more damage and sweeps out a larger area.
Gilded sword

If you already have the Razor sword and it's the second day, you can give it to the smithy once more and he'll reforge it if you have gold dust. To get gold dust, you have to win the big goron races. See Mini Games for some strategies. This sword can be wielded as though it were the Kokiri sword or the Razor sword, but it hits for even more damage, sweeps out an even larger area and looks pretty stylish. It can even be brought back through time! It won't break, even after the millionth hit you deal out. Sweet!
Hero's shield

This is another default item. I was hoping that Link would start with the Deku shield or the Hylian shield, but what can you do?? Hold the R button to pull out the shield and aim while standing still or use Z-targeting and move around while holding out the shield.
Mirror shield

Link receives this creepy shield after completing the maze in the well in Ikana Canyon. I much prefer the old Mirror Shield to this one. It looks like the poor shield is in agony... It is used very much the same as the Hero's shield, but with one incredible difference. Since it is a polished mirror, it reflects light!
Bombers' Notebook

Though some will argue, I believe that this is considered equipment rather than an item. To me, an item is something you activate with the press of a C-button, but that's just me. Anyways, To obtain this coveted notebook, either play a deadly game of hide-and-seek with the Bombers or just tell the guard the password you got from being a deku scrub before and enter and exit the observatory (both ways must be as human Link) and you'll get it from Jim! See Bombers' Notebook for a more detailed run-through. Highlight it in your Quest Status Subscreen and press A. Now you can see the pictures and schedules of anyone you've talked to who belongs in the notebook. You'll have to find out what is in their schedules on your own, though which is quite a pain at times. >_<
Bomb bag

You can pick this baby up at the Bomb shop in West Clock Town at any time of the day or night! Talk about service! This holds your bombs with a maximum capacity of 20.
Bigger Bomb bag

There are two places to get this bomb bag upgrade. Either save the old lady from getting mugged at midnight on the first day (see Bomber's Notebook) and the Bomb shop will carry it for 90 rupees OR if you don't save her, you can go to the Curiosity shop after 10pm on the final night, but for a steeper price. A whole 100 rupees. Again, only good for carrying more bombs, 30 being the maximum.
Biggest Bomb bag

This is the hardest bomb bag to get, though still very easy. Talk to the business scrub by the entrance of the Goron Shrine in Goron City as goron Link (how many more times can I say "goron"? Only once more, I guess....) You must already have the Bigger Bomb bag and at least the first wallet upgrade, meaning you'll need 200 rupees. If you meet all these requirements, the scrub gives you the ultimate bomb bag! Now Link can hold a whopping 40 bombs! Blow stuff up and be merry!

You receive this as your default quiver when you pick up the Hero's bow in Woodfall temple after defeating a dinofols. This handy little carrying case makes it so Link doesn't have to carry arrows one at a time. He can hold 30! ^_^
Bigger quiver

There is some flexibility on how you get this quiver. You can either play the swamp shooting gallery game and get a perfect score of 2120 or higher OR you can play the East Clock Town octorok shooting gallery game and beat the high score of 39. Ah, the flexibility, indeed. See Mini Games for winning tips! This guy holds 40 arrows. You'd need two people to count out that many arrows on just fingers and toes alone!
Biggest quiver

Again with the choices! Whichever shootiing gallery, whether it be the Swamp or East Clock Town gallery, you got the Bigger quiver from, you must go and beat the high score at the other gallery! And again, see my Mini Games section for hints on how to win! This is the ultimate quiver, holding upwards of 50 arrows at once. If you had a rupee for every arrow you could hold, you could run around yelling, "I have 50 rupees! WAHOO!"

Link starts off with this pathetic bag of money holding-ness. Jeez... Link can't even buy a bigger bomb bag with this money sack. So you'd better do all you can to get his upgrade! This is you default wallet. It holds 99 rupees. That's more than enough if you had a rupee for every arrow you had in your biggest quiver.
Adult wallet

Save up those rupees and put them in the bank in West Clock Town. Once you have deposited 200 rupees to the crazy, dancing bank teller, he will give you the upgrade! You can finally purchase that bigger bomb bag, what you always wanted! Being able to carry 200 freaking rupees, what could be better? 500 perhaps? But how can you get a wallet that holds 500 rupees...?
Giant wallet

In Great Bay, there is a house. A spider house, to be exact. Defeat all 30 spiders before the first day is over and a man will want to buy the house from you. Apparently, if you kill all the bugs in a house, you own it. In payment for the house, he'll give you the Giant wallet, but only if you wiped out the skulltulas on the first day. If you didn't, he won't have the wallet anymore. You are now able to carry 500 rupees. You can buy anything you want! ANYTHING! That dog over there... purchased! That guy's pants... purchased! A bribe for the moon to not crash into Termina... okay you can't buy everything after all. >_<

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