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Mini Games

What is an RPG without mini games? Weak, that's what! Here are my strategies for winning the mini games in no particular order. (Or is there an order? ...I'm so tricky... >.>)

Honey and Darling's Love Shack
Open 6am - 10pm in East Clock Town

Day One is a day of bombchu bowling! Unlike the bombchu bowling of Ocarina of Time, you have unlimited bombchus and a time limit. The best way to win is to walk over to the very edge of the platform (but not off since you will lose if you do so) and let those bombchus go when you are in line with a target on the wall. Since the platform rotates and it seems a little warped, you will notice that you aren't just moving around, but you are moving up and down, too! It is best to let the bombchu go when you closest to the floor. The platform eventually picks up speed, so you will have to let the bombchus go earlier as you progress through the targets since it will be rare when you are both in line with a target and close to the floor.

Day Two could only mean one thing... bomb basketball. To avoid running off the edge of the platform, make sure you are not wearing the Bunny hood! It will be easier to control Link that way. Take your time and line up each shot. Generally, if you can hit the backboard of the basket, you will sink the shot. Rarely have I ever seen a shot that hit a part of the basket that didn't go in.

Day Three is the day you dust off your quiver and aim. The only thing that makes this hard is the constant earthquakes that come with Day Three. My strategy is stand in between Honey and Darling's podium and the edge of the platform, right at the midpoint. Aim at the targets on the wall and move from right to left. Don't shoot Honey and Darling too much. I'm not sure if anything happens if you shoot them too much, but it is probably not a good idea to do it repeatedly. ^_^;;

Super Treasure Maze Fun Game
Open 6am - 10pm in East Clock Town

The only way to get the piece of heart with this game is to pay the girl as goron Link so have 30 rupees before you start, but the trick is you don't have to play as goron Link. So as soon as you pay her, switch back to human Link and put on the Bunny hood. Start from either the left, center or right side of the room and work your way through. There isn't much of a strategy other than remember the way you have come already and the pattern the walls rise up in. It is really a trial and error game, so you may have to do this one over if you are unlucky and choose deadend paths.

Clock Town's Famous Archery Game
Open 6am - 10pm in East Clock Town

Why are all the archery guys in Hyrule and Termina freaky, scary men? To win this game, alls you gots to do is shoot all the red octoroks that jump out of the water while avoiding the blues. Hitting the blues lessens your time, so be careful. My two suggestions for winning this game are memorize the order and formation that the octoroks appear (meaning you may have to play this more than once) and once you've picked off a wave of octoroks, aim at where the back octoroks are before the next wave comes up, cuz chances are there will be a red octorok coming up there (they seem to like the back.)

A word of advice, though. The high score before you start playing is 39. The first time you play, only kill 40. You'll get the quiver at least. The next time you play on the same cycle of days, you will have to get all fifty to win the piece of heart, but leaving a low high score will be easier to break if you don't end up getting perfect. This way, you can get more rupees if you don't kill all fifty!

Swampy Not-So-Famous Archery Game
Open 6am - 10pm in area between Southern Swamp and Termina Field

I find this game much easier than the Clock Town archery game. You must kill all the enemies that appear. There are four sets of fives deku scrubs that appear in front of you, a new wave of them will appear once the first wave is shot down. There are also two deku scrubs to the left and right of you on ledges. There are four sets of three guays that at certain times will fly. The first and third set come from the right and the second and last set come from the left. Finally, at other times, wolfos run across the front where the deku scrubs are so kill them before they are off screen. You will win the next biggest quiver the first time you get perfect and a piece of heart the next time you kill all living things! Muah ha ha ha ha ha!!

The Don't Shoot Koume Game
Available after defeating Odolwa

Do what the name says. Don't hit her! Instead hit the target she is carrying dangerously close to her body. Maybe she has a death wish... Who knows? I do know, however that you must hit her a lot, at least five times to get her to stop the game (I've never actually hit her enough to know what her limit is.) You've just got to hit the target 20 times. She'll swoop back and forth and behind you, beside you and in front of you, just about anywhere, BUT she does follow a set path, so if you can memorize her movements, you'll be set. Sometimes, it will seem like she disappeared so look everywhere, she's probably just behind you. For winning this game I so wisely named, you will get a piece of heart.

The Butler Grand Prix
Available after saving the Deku Princess

You may want to try this race with the Bunny hood (see Masks.) This part is doable without it, just a little harder. You're kind of timed in this race. There's no timer, but doors will close, one by one. Once a door closes in front of you, you have to do the race again. Here is a quick runthrough of the maze...

Follow him to the first fork, then turn left. After that turn. there is a sharp left you must take. There are a few narrow ledges you have to walk (though they are surrounded by water so you can get back on the ledges.) The next turn is to the left, then right. After that, you'll have to cross some water, then turn left. You'll be in a room full of platforms you'll have to jump (as human Link.) It is faster to jump across the right set of platforms, but those ones require a rolling jump and they are smaller than the platforms that circle around the left side of the room, so assess your jumping skills and make a decision on which set of platforms you'll jump.

After the platforms, once you get to another fork, turn to the right, then the left. This will take you to a river-like area with moving platforms you can jump to (or skip across the water as deku Link.) After that you'll go through a hallway that leads to three other hallways. Pick the very left hallway and continue on through the maze. Follow the butler to the end of this hallway and it will take you to a hall of pillars. These pillars are special that some of them (when you approach them) will create a wall of fire connected to another pillar. Here is how you navigate through this area. Turn right, then left, go straight past one firewall, then left, straight past another firewall, turn right, go straight as far as you can go to the actual wall (the non fire wall), then left to the hallway. Up the ramp and use the rough path for traction. Turn right and watch out for any giant boulders rolling by. Turn left onto another ramp with a traction area you must walk on.

When you get to a room with five hallways, make a sharp left down to get to the correct hallway. Turn right at the next fork and you'll come to a room with a crystal in the middle. Peg it with an arrow and the fire over the platforms to the right will disappear temporarily. Jump from platform to platform and at the last fork, turn left. Follow the butler and claim the Mask of Scents (see Masks) as your prize. The only cool thing about this mask is that Link kind of bends over and snorts like a pig when he wears it! ^_^;; Weird.

Goron 500
Available after defeating Goht and completing Biggoron's powder keg quest

This game is fun to play! Do your goron roll through the track and avoid any obstacles like bombs, walls and trees! To get a bit of a head start, move right up to the starting line and start rolling a little before it says go. It is pretty easy until you cross the bridge (don't fall off or you'll have to start again.) Once you cross that bridge, the competitors get serious and start passing you! Smash into them with your body to slow them down and take the inside track. Cross the finish line first and you'll get a new bottle and some gold dust!

Defending your Pony's Honour
Available during the first and second day after learning Epona's song from Romani

These troublesome brothers are always stirring up trouble. They will insult Epona if you talk to them while you are all saddled up on her. Show them that young blood is best and beat them in a race. The advice I'll give is stay on the inside of the track unless there is a tree in the way and to always have three carrots in your power reserves until the end. Waste them all when you approach the finish line! Avoid all trees and bushes because they will slow you down. When you reach the straight-a-way around the first bend, jump over the fences. You'll gain a few yards on the brothers. But around the next bend are more fences. These ones are much more difficult to jump over. You can go around if you want. I normally do, but if you are feeling risky, try jumping. The first time you win, you will receive Garo's mask. Anytime after that, you get watered down milk. Mmm, eau de lait.

Protecting the Milk
Available at 6pm after learning Epona's Song from Romani and saving the ranch from the invading aliens

Cremia needs your help as you take this tour through ugly country. Beat the Gorman brothers off with your bow by rapid firing arrows at the brother who raises his arm up and yells before he charges the cart. The brothers actually take turns charging so you can also shoot one brother and aim at the other one before he charges and fire at him until he does. If you are feeling lazy and have the Circus Leader's mask, wear it and the brothers won't even try to attack the cart, making for an easy getaway.

Beaver Falls Race of DEATH!
Available when you get the hookshot

The hardest part of this game is finding it! You have to hookshot from palm tree to palm to get to it. Once you enter Zora cape (the area beside the first part of Great Bay) turn left past the jar destroying game (I don't count the jar game as a mini game, you only win rupees and it's not very hard...) Once you find the ledges and palm trees, work your way up to the Beaver falls!

Once there, you should talk to the beaver as zora Link and race him. Swim through all 20 rings before the time runs out and his big brother shows up and challenges you to another race, but this time you must pass through 25 rings! If you complete this challenge, you'll receive an empty bottle. If you do the whole thing over again on the same cycle of days, you'll have to do the races in ten seconds less, but it is worth it! You'll get a piece of heart.

Torchbearer's Game of Fire and Jumping
Available after Gyorg has been defeated

Did you see the boat by itself off to the side of the laboratory? If you did, great! If not, look for it. Once you have defeated Gyorg, you can use it to get to the island with the palm tree in the middle. Hookshot it and talk to the man there. He will play a game with you! You have to jump onto one of the four islands with torches on it. Obviously, you want to aim for the one that is lit. Take off the Bunny hood for this one. You may overshoot the island with it on. Once you have 20 points, I would suggest stopping. If you fall off, then the game is over and you lose. Your reward for being the most awesome jumper that ever jumped is a piece of heart!

The Cruelty to Poes Game
Available in Ikana Canyon

Behind the musicbox house is a little house in the rock. Inside is the guy who let you up the ledge outside the caynon. He'll ask for 30 rupees if you want to play the game, BUT if you play the Song of Healing for him, he will lower it to 10 rupees! The game is just to defeat the four poes in two minutes. For strategies on how to defeat Amy, Beth, Jo and Meg, see Enemies. The prize is yet another piece of heart! Was it worth beating the crap out of your old adversaries from Ocarina of Time? I hope so!

Sakon's Booby Trap
Available after meeting Kafei, 7pm in Ikana Canyon

Once you have entered Sakon's hideout, there will be a short cutscene of Kafei accidently triggering the alarm, giving you precious little time to recover the Sun's mask for Kafei. First, step on the switch as Link. You'll then take control of Kafei. Push any of the Majora blocks into the center of the room, activating the blue switch. You can take control of Link again! Run into the room that has just opened up and kill the deku baba inside. Back over to Kafei, go into the room that the death of the deku baba opened up and push ONLY the blue switch. The red switches will speed up the belt the Sun's mask is on so pushing those is no! Back to Link, kill the two deku babas and it's back over to Kafei. Push the leftmost Majora block, step on the yellow switch and pull the block from the middle over the yellow switch. The yellow switch makes the belt moves slower and with the block over it, it will always stay activated. Now run over to where the middle block used to be and push the block above the blue switch over the switch. Take control of Link and kill the wolfos that appears in the top-right corner. Run into the next room as Kafei by pushing the Majora block that is in front of the door down and stand on the blue switch. Do the same with Link and you've solved the puzzle! Wahoo!

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