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Great Bay Temple

So you have entered the temple via a turtle. What next? Bust open the barrels at both sides of the turtle to get supplies like arrows, fairies and other things you may need. If you have a deku stick, great. If not, let's hope you've got magic. Bring out your fire arrows and shoot all four braziers to reveal the first stray fairy. If you have a deku stick, just light the stick with the lit brazier and run around to light the unlit ones. Enter the next room.

Wow, Tatl. You're right. That is a big waterwheel. Thanks for the helpful advice... Jump into the water as zora Link and swim out to the far right of the room. Activate the switch that is underwater by either pushing or pulling it, depending on what side of the switch you are on. Leave the one on top of the surface alone for now. Swim back to the platform you were on when you entered the room. Underneath is a stray fairy trapped in a bubble. Just walk into it to release it. For another stray fairy, hop onto the now moving platform on the right of the door when you are facing it. Hop on the stationary platform next to it and kill the single skulltula on it. Its dead carcass reveals a stray fairy.

Next, hop on the other moving platform and avoid the two skulltulas that are about. Wait until the water coming from the water spout is very low and jump on it. The water will raise you to the right height to jump to the next platform. Enter the next area and Tatl tells you some more useless stuff about the waterwheel.

There are two fairies in this room. One is in a barrel around the perimeter of the room. You can use the waterwheel to get to the other sides or just hop in the water and grab onto a side. The other one is in the center of the water, all the way at the bottom in a pot. I used to become zora Link and try to smash the bottom in the water, but I later found a much better way. Go to a platform where you can see the pot and shoot an arrow at it. This busts the pot open and now all you have to do is put on the Great Fairy mask and wait. Once these two fairies are rescued, strap on the Zora mask and swim in the swirling water. With the water going in this direction, there are only two possible doorways to get into. Swim into the top most doorway and you will be in a new area.

Hop onto the left most platform (which is the only platform you can get on, anyways) and hookshot the pots to your left to reveal a fairy, put on the Great Fairy mask to collect it, then hookshot to the chest for a dungeon map. Sink to the bottom of the water and kill the two dexihands that are blocking the way with zora Link's flying fins! Swim down the tunnel and kill the four bio deku babas for a stray fairy's chest to appear. Enter the door at the end of the hallyway when you're finished.

To your right, there is a pot in the water. Break it and a stray fairy will be released. Collect it with the Great Fairy mask and then run over to the chest, being guarded by a real bombchu. Cut the bio deku babas down and hop from lilypad to lilypad. The babas will get you if you don't cut them first. Shield yourself for impact and open that chest for the compass. Sink down into the water, kill the bio deku babas running around and crack that little chest for a small key. Go into the fast moving stream and you'll be back in the room with the waterwheel.

Go to the hallway on the bottom of the room (the only one you haven't entered) and you'll be in a room with shell blades on the floor, along with some skullfish and octoroks. You can fight them, if you want. Your main focus is the red pipe in the room. Walk up it and go into the locked room. Fill up your hearts, arrows and magic if you want to. Then enter the next room. You'll fight the most annoying miniboss (at least, I think it is) named Wart.

You'll recognize him from previous Zelda games and the strategy for killing him has not changed. This is not the way I do things, but it is effective. Hookshot each and every ball that protects his body and slice it with your sword. Once all his little balls have been severed ( >_< ) he'll be open for a few whacks. Stick him in his eye with arrows or the hookshot. After a few hits, he'll rampage on the floor. When his eye opens, shoot him some more, but that takes a lot of time, grabbing every ball is tedious so you can do what I do (but you'll get a little hurt doing it.) Become zora Link and shoot your fins straight in his eye by aiming without Z-targeting. After about five shots, the balls are released (all of them) and then it's time for some pain. Become human Link and use the spin attack (using the joystick to spin, not holding B) to kill all the little balls. Now you can shoot the rampaging eye and earn your prize. The ice arrows! Head back to the room with the red pipe.

Now you have the ice arrows. Swim to a platform that has an octorok facing it. Shoot the squishy critter with the ice arrow and it will be a temporary jumping ledge. So jump onto it and get to the switch in the middle of the room. Pull or push it and the water will flow through the pipe. Go back to the giant propeller room, go into the room with the dungeon map in it, get onto the platform with the opened chest, point your ice arrow at the water and shoot. You'll make a little ice platform. Hop onto it and progressively make your way to the door.

In this room is a water switch on a platform that is too high to reach. But wait, there is a blue chuchu in here. Shoot him with an ice arrow and grab the block that forms. Push it to the water switch and climb on top. Activate the switch and go to the room with icicles. Form an ice bridge to the icicles, chop and melt whatever is in your way with your sword and fire arrows and enter the new room. You'll be attacked by a new Gekko!

Before the battle, he will summon several yellow blobs that hurt if you hit them. He may jump to a few and throw them, but you can smack him a few times before any damage is done. He'll retreat to the ceiling and all the blobs will form one huge glob. Freeze it with an ice arrow (making sure not to be directly below it as it will fall on your head once frozen) and begin the process until he is a cute little froggie. If you are unable to freeze the blob, it will drip down and try to swallow you if you are close enough so watch the shadow of it on the floor. If you are swallowed, the Gekko does some frog-fu on your butt! If you have the Don Gero mask, slap it on and talk to the little frog. See Masks for more details about the frogs.

After you have defeated and hopefully collected the frog, go into the now open room and get the boss key. Yes, the boss key is available this early in the game. Time to go back to the room with the water wheel propellers in it.

This is where everyone gets stuck in the beginning I think. (Why is it always the water temple that does this to you? You think you're moving along great and BAM! The water temple has one puzzle that is so ridiculously easy, yet so mind-bogglingly hard that you pull out your boyfriend's (or girlfriend's) teeth because you are weird that way. At least, that is what happened to me. >_> ) Do you see the waterfall that surrounds a ladder? Shoot the waterfall with the ice arrows. That is the puzzle.... The waterfall stops flowing somehow and you now have a new area to discover. I actually found this out in rage by wildly flying arrows everywhere in that room.

Up the ladder we go. In the next room, there is a tektite (kill it) and a school of skullfish, lead by a desbreko (also serve death to them if you can see them.) Make an ice bridge to the switch on the right and pull it into place. After that, head to the far left corner of the room on more ice platforms and look up. Use your hookshot on the hookshot marker on the ceiling. If you did this successfully, then you will be running around on a net-like area above the rest of the room. Open the chest for a stray fairy and go back to the room with the water wheel (not the propeller room, the actual water wheel room.)

Once in the room, go to your right and jump onto the now active water spout by hookshoting above it. Jump over to the red pumping switch and turn it off by either pushing or pulling it in a direction. This starts the water coming out of the red spout in the middle of the room. Go into the water below and switch off the yellow pump by pushing or pulling the switch. Now the water in the propeller room will go the other way! And you can get into the rooms you couldn't get into before! Back to the propeller room!

Jump in the water as a zora and swim into the tunnel closest to the surface. Watch out for the dexihands in the middle of the tunnel. I suggest putting your electric shield up so they don't grab you. If they do, just jump back into the water after they pull you out. You'll get to a room at the end of the tunnel (thanks for that great info, Yuki...) Watch out for the underwater mines and skullfish swimming about. Get onto the only platform you can (it has two barrels on it) and hop on the moving platform. Wait until you are at least half way up and shoot the waterfall with an ice arrow. Jump onto the big wheel. If you want the stray fairies (you do... this Great Fairy you are piecing together is fantasic) hookshot from the wheel to the little alcove in between the two moving platforms (the ones that move up and down.) If you can, try and jump back onto the wheel and walk over to the two platforms that stopped rotating when you stopped the wheel. Go to the left and jump onto the platform, go left and jump onto the other platform that was moving up and down. You may have to get the water wheel moving again if it is too high to jump to so use your fire then ice arrows on the area where the waterfall is until the platform stops at a place you can jump to. Once you have reached the platform, look for the chest and the brazier in the alcove that is tucked away in the corner. Hookshot the brazier and get the other stray fairy. Jump into the water and go back to the platform with the barrels. Use a fire arrow on the ice on the ceiling and hop back on the platform that comes down. Use your ice arrow, hop on the wheel and go right this time and into the next room.

Run down the little tunnel and hop down to the floor. There is a little hole filled with water right in front of you that you can go into. Become zora Link and smash the barrel open. You'll get a stray fairy. Surface and head over to the balance-like platform you can walk onto that is not closest to you. Unfreeze the ice above it with the fire arrows and you'll be raised. Jump onto the other platform that you can now reach and do the same as before. Hop over to the water switch and turn it. If you want another fairy, walk along the green pipe to the wall (watch out for the real bombchu) and become zora Link. He'll grab onto the pipe above him. Walk along that pipe and fall down when you get to an encased platform. Hookshot the chest across the way and grab the fairy. Go over to the only balance-platform thing you can walk onto and unfreeze the ice on the ceiling again to get to the last platform and out the door.

This room is familiar. Hop into the water as zora Link and swim into the tunnel that is right there (not the one guarded by dexihands.) This takes you right to the propeller room so go down to the bottom and swim into the tunnel you can swim down. There is a stray fairy to the left of where you come in. Sink to the bottom and run along the wall until you see an alcove with a fairy trapped in a bubble. Pop it with your flying fins and surface (you can get it later.) Go to the green pipe and walk along it. Either pop the bubble of the other fairy who is located in the center of the room under the water switch with your fins or arrows and strap on the Great Fairy's mask. Wait for the two fairies to approach you and you should have all fifteen. Use the Song of Soaring and go to the Great Fairy's cave (see Great Fairy caves for the location.) The Great Fairy of Courage will bless you with double health! Awesome!

Now back to the boss room. Walk along the green pipe and activate the final water switch. Jump onto the now active water spout and jump to the boss! You'll encounter....

GYORG, the Gargantuan Masked Fish

This guy is very annoying and may cause you to use a fairy. To attack it, you must hit his body with something since his mask kind of defends him. Either stand on the platform and use arrows (not charged-up with fire or ice) OR jump into the water and attack using the electric field around the gills to stun him. If you have elected to go into the water, you may also try to sink to the bottom in a corner and when he comes at you, Z-target him and use your flying fins to stun him. Either way, you have to be in the water to fish-fu him when he's stunned. After you've administered some beatdown, get back onto the platform or at least very far away from Gyorg. I'll tell you why.

His one big attack is to eat you. He can only do it while you are in the water, though. So if you are good at jumping on ledges with zora Link, you will do fine! Another attack (which he only uses while you are on the platform) is to ram the platform to try and knock you into the water. If you are no where near the edge, you'll be fine. I believe it delivers no damage (though it sounds like you are getting hit.) He will also line up and swim at the platform, but rather than ram it, he will fly over it (like in the cutscene) and physically try to bring you into the water if you are close to the edge. I have never been hit by it, but it probably does damage and knocks you into the water. I really don't know.

After a few hits, he'll release some small fish out of his mouth to annoy you. Just keep doing what you're doing and if the fish really get in the way, electrify them.

A few more hits should put him away. Go to the center of the room and collect the heart container and take the portal to another cutscene of delicious plot-ness. You can now do a few things including collecting pieces of heart you've missed and helping the Indigo-Gos perform a song in Zora Hall, all of which are completely optional.

When you're ready head out on Epona to West Termina and ...

Ikana Canyon

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