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Ikana Canyon Raises Hell

So you have taken on the swamp creatures, the cold creatures and the fishies, but can you handle the dead? Of course you can! You're Link! There isn't much to do on the first day so skip over to the first night. When you hop over all the fences with Epona, hang a left and dismount. Climb up the little ledge while watching for blue bubbles (see Enemies) and you'll enter the Ikana graveyard. There are many stalchildren guarding a grave of some sort. Leave them alone for now and follow the path to a giant stalchild who seems to be sleeping. Well, we know what to do about that! Play the Sonata of Awakening! He will awaken and rampage!

Here is a quick strategy on how to take him down. He will gain a bit of distance in the beginning during the cutscene and will make it past a marker. Once you approach this marker, a firewall pops up and two stalchildren rise from the ground. I hope you have your Bunny hood and Gilded sword! The stalchildren are close enough together to kill them in one swing! Run up to the next firewall and the next until you catch up with the giant! Slash his feet and he will stop running from you and attack. His first attack is easy to dodge. He just swats at you, but you can attack him well before he does any damage. After a while, he will jump into the air and stomp on you. You see the shadow of where he is going to stomp so you can move out of the way and go back in for some slashing!

After Skull Keeta tells his story, he'll collapse on the ground and give you something in a chest. Hookshot over to the chest and open it to receive the Captain's hat. You now have control of the stalchild army out in the graveyard. Put it on and talk to the stalchild (and try not to kill him (her?)) Tell them to open the grave and they will smash it to bits. Hop right in.

Hop from platform to platform until you get to a room full of keese! Kill them all for a purple rupee then light all the braziers to open the door. Inside you'll find an iron knuckle (see Enemies.) Beat the hell out of him and you'll activate the red curtain behind you. Flat (you should remember him from the Kakariko graveyard in Ocarina of Time!) will tell his story of terrible heartache and the loss of his soul and he asks that you set things straight in Ikana by saving his brother, Sharp. After he stops his complaining, walk up to the stage and z-target the tablet. You'll learn (well, actually you'll remember) the Song of Storms (see Songs.)

Run out of the graveyard and go to the cliff with the ghost sitting on it. After he's finished talking to you, put on Garo's mask and he'll summon a big root that you can hookshot to. Do so and walk along the path with boulders. In the day time, it will have nejiron that come out of the ground if you step near their resting place while at night, blue bubbles take over. Once you enter the next area, you may notice two octoroks jumping in and out of the river. Freeze them with arrows and jump across to the other side. Hookshot up to the platform across the river using the big root sticking out of the ground and then hookshot the next one and then the next one until you reach the owl statue. Smack it with your sword and continue through to the far end of the canyon, behind the music box house. There is a cave there so be adventurous and enter it! You can pop Tingle's balloon and buy the map for the area if you want to... just saying...

OH NO! Sharp is here and he's trying to beat the crap out of you with a conductor's wand! Do as Flat says and play the Song of Storms (did Flat say specifically to play it or was it a riddle?) Anyways, Sharp has a psychotic episode and because of that, the water can flow ever victorious down the canyon. Now you can listen to the funk-box house play its funky jams all day and all night until the moon falls from the sky. ^_^;; The gibdos surrounding the house don't enjoy your style in music and promptly leave, never to return until you restart the cycle.

After the gibdos' departure, a little girl name Pamela will leave the house and stare at the water. If you approach her, she run into the house. You can either wait until she leaves again in the next two hours or you can place a bomb at her door to make her leave. (Yes, even though it is obviously dangerous out with people leaving bombs everywhere, she will still venture on.) Hide on the side of the house that does not have the river flowing beside it and wait. After she is a good distance from the front door (I'd say once she's starting up the ramp on the right, make your move for the door. Go downstairs and get close to the dresser. It will open and a hideous man-beast will come out. Don't attack it, though or Pamela comes back and kicks you out nor should you let him attack you (same thing will happen.) Play the Song of Healing and heal him. His curse turns into the Gibdo mask and you wil witness a touching scene. Awwww. ^_^

For the next part, you will need a blue potion, a powder keg, five magic beans, ten bombs and ten deku nuts. See Items for how to get them. This part is a pain. I don't like it. Follow the ramp up, take the wooden path around then turn left until you get to an empty well. Make sure you have the blue potion and five magic beans. Descend into the darkness of the well and enter the hole at the bottom in the wall.

First, put on the gibdo mask and talk to the gibdo across from the entrance. He wants the blue potion. Once he has it, he will let you through the door he was blocking. In the next room, go to the left and bottle the fish and some water. Run under the moving spikes and directly across, give that gibdo water. The room he guards has an alcove to the left that you need to burn cobwebs away to get to. Bottle two bugs and head over to the gibdos. Give them the bugs and you will reveal a fairy fountain (the only one in the game!) and a room with an invisible chest containing a purple rupee.

Head out of this room and back to where the gibdo wanted water. The other gibdo in this room wants the fish and that will open up a hot spring, guarded by a dexihand. Remember where this is because you will need it later. Grab another fish and a bug and head back to the room at the entrance. Give the remaining gibdo the five magic beans and be on your way. Watch out for the ice keese that air bombs you when you enter the next room and fill up on some deku sticks in the room on your left. Go to one of the gibdos and give him ten deku nuts. In the next room, the one gibdo wants hot spring water and the other one wants 10 bombs. Give him ten bombs and enter that door. Kill the big poe and bottle it. You'll need it.

Over back where the ice keese was, give the other gibdo a fish. In the next room, one gibdo want a bug and the other wants a big poe. Give the bug to one of them and you will enter a room with three invisible skulltulas and four unlit braziers. Light them to reveal a purple rupee. Now, go all the way back to the hot spring and bottle some water. Remember which gibdo wants it? After you've raced through the well and given it to him, play Epona's song for the cow. She'll give you milk and comment on your moooosic. Now go to the gibdo that wanted the big poe, give it to him and then give that last gibdo the milk. You've done it! You've navigated through the well!

Light all four torches to reveal the hidden treasure of the well. The Mirror shield! o_O;; Looked a lot prettier in Ocarina of Time... Anyways, reflect the light from the giant sunbeam onto the sunblock and the sunswitch on the wall. Climb up the now-evident ladder through the now-unobstructed tunnel and up another ladder into the Ancient Castle of Ikana!

Swing around the corner and enter the castle. Inside is a quartet of redeads (see Enemies.) If you wear the Captain's hat, the Gibdo mask or the Garo's mask, they won't attack you. They'll dance! Four easy kills for rupees! Look around for two switches covered in ice. Melt and activate them to reveal two doors. Go into the room on the left from the entrance. Here you'll have to be a deku scrub. Activate the crystal switch and run for the fourth deku flower in the middle of the room. Let the ceiling fall on you when you're in the flower, launch out to get the ceiling back up, fall to the floor and back in the flower and glide to the switch on the tall platform beside the flower. Step on it as human Link and jump to the next room.

Turn to the left and you can see a switch that is unreachable... until you turn on the lens of truth. Jump onto the invisible platform and activate that switch to open the next door. Kill the two skulltulas hanging from the ceiling and jump from platform to platform until you get to the now-opened door. Put up your shield right away since there are two blue bubbles right at the door. The stone mask is also acceptable. Kill them if you wish... then run up the stairs and through the door. You're outside! ^_^

Walk around until you get to a deku flower and glide to the other deku flower and the switch. Activate it to move a boulder that was blocking a hole and jump for your life (or get the piece of heart in flames (see Pieces of Heart.) Enter the castle again, but go through the right door. Now there is a light beam on the ground! Reflect it onto the giant block and make it disappear. Watch out for the floormaster master hanging around. On the other side of the block is another quartet of redeads. Make them dance if you so please!

In the next room is an old friend, Wizrobe! Use the same strategy as in Snowhead, but use your ice arrows. Paris Hilton, please explain why. "That's hot." Thank you. Yes, he uses fire, not ice. So ice him and continue on. Four more redeads, stairs and door. You're outside again! See the cracked portion of roof? Put your powder keg on it (you did listen to me and come with one before entering the well, right?) Once you have decimated the roof, jump in the hole and you're back at the first room with dancing redeads if you have the right attire. Dissolve the last sunblock and walk through the next few rooms, hopefully while wearing the Captain's hat. You will encountered a mini boss now! First, the lackeys.

I have named them fat lackey and slim lackey. All they do it hack and slash. But.... they don't die... no problem! Shoot the curtains that were closing during the cutscene and some light will shine through. Hit a lackey a few times and reflect the light onto the bones that fall to the floor. He'll disappear. Do the same with the other one and the King of the dead army, Igos du Ikana will attack.

He's a bit harder... but must be killed the same way. His attacks are hack and slash, a poisonous gas that he exhales and he'll take off his head which tracks you. If the head catches you, you will be free game for the king. Hit him when he is open (obviously) and shine some light on the situation. (hahahahaha...)

The two lackeys have a little spaz about feebleness and swords, then Igos comes in and everyone learns a valuable lesson. And YOU learn a valuable song! The Elegy of Emptiness (see Songs.) Now you can head up to the temple. The entrance to the temple is close to where you played the Song of Storms. The entrance looks like a face where the door is the mouth. Enter this new area and jump from platform to platform until you reach the ledge. There is a switch that doesn't stay down once you walk off of it. Play the Elegy of Emptiness while you are standing on the switch as human, goron or zora and now the switch stays down. ^_^

Hookshot up to the next platform and put a statue on the switch. Hookshot to the next platform and yet another statue must be put on a switch. Make sure you are using the form you haven't used yet or else the statue you used first will disappear to make the new one. Cross the now crossable gap and continue hookshoting and creating statues on switches until you arrive to the owl statue. Watch out for beamos (see Enemies) as they are annoying, but very familiar in the Zelda series! Also, if there are three switches lined up in a row, leave those alone. They aren't useful at all! They just mess you up by changing the positons of platforms you have already moved... I guess they are used for going back down the tower, but I always just jump for it if I have to leave for whatever reason.

Once you get to the owl statue, smack it and face the building across the large gap. That is the temple. You will see three switches arranged in a triangle and they must be triggered at specific times. First, the one on the left, then the right then finally the center. Hop across the platforms and enter...

Stone Tower temple

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