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Stone Tower Temple

This temple is the most fun temple in my opinion! It gets so crazy midway through (and you'll see why!) In the first room are some familiar enemies, a real bombchu and two dragonflies. Kill them or not, shoot the yellow eye switch to reveal a chest. What's inside?? Treasure?? No... just a stray fairy. But look at the colour! This Great Fairy is going to be blonde! Your next destination is the left room. Some more real bombchus are running on the floor and walls so beware. There is a bombable wall directly across the entrance to this room. And there is a chest on the ceiling... odd... >_> Anyways, destroy one of the big blocks with a bomb or by rolling into it. Behind it will be a few smaller boxes, but don't destroy them. Instead pick them up at put them on two of the blue switches to hold them down. There are two more switches that must be weighed down so become either zora or goron Link (goron Link must be on the big switch) stand on the switches and play the Elegy of Emptiness. Once all four are weighed down, the next area will be open.

Another dragonfly and some guay later, you'll see a door that is locked and another that is not, but don't attempt to enter either of them. Instead blow up a chunk of the floor that seems different from the rest of the floor and hop into the now-existing hole. Use your shield to make the sun block disappear. (Heh heh, sun block... I made a funny.) Become goron Link and destroy all the new enemies, the armos (see Enemies.) There are four of them in here and by destroying them all, you will get a small key. Also, at the end of the lava is a chest with the dungeon map in it. Before leaving with your plunder, you can hookshop up above the docile armos statues and get a stray fairy. Now back up the stairs and through the locked door to which you have the key!

I hope you learned how to swim as zora Link cuz you will need some skill when you return here if you so choose. For now, though, hop in as zora Link and swim under the bridge. Get caught by the dexihand and retrieve the small key on the ledge it tosses you to. Jump back into the water and kill the dexihand. Enter the tunnel the dexihand was guarding and sink to the bottom of the new room. There is a switch you must step on and some old enemies to dispose of, but it doesn't do much for you now since the chest that appears is upside down. Surface and get those fire arrows out. Melt and activate the yellow eye switch and another upside down chest appears. You will also notice that there is a beam of light that strikes the floor. You can redirect that onto the mirror-like object with your mirror shield and the mirror will absorb it. Once you stop shining the light from your shield, the mirror will start reflecting it, giving you time to run over and reflect this new light. You can shine the light onto the sun block, but don't go through the door you reveal. It takes you to the beginning room. Instead, pick up the compass from the alcove in the wall and head through the locked door.

This room is a pain if you don't have the Stone mask. Remember that crazy absorbing mirror from the other room. Well, now you have to use two of them to destroy two sunblocks. First, put on the goron mask and punch the pillar until there are no parts of it left. Then slip on the Stone mask since those black boes will constantly run into you if you don't. First, redirect the light into the right most mirror for a good ten or fifteen seconds to give you enough time to run over and redirct the next beam of light to the sunblock on the very right. Once that block is gone, watch out for a nejiron that is guarding the chest containing a stray fairy. You won't have to worry about him popping out of the ground if you are wearing the Stone mask, though. After you have retrieved the fairy, go back to the beam of light coming from the ceiling and reflect the light onto the left most sun's face on the righthand wall. Another treasure chest will be revealed containing another stray fairy. Finally, reflect the light onto the left mirror for a very long time, run over to the beam it creates and reflect that light onto the mirror on the right wall until the beam disappears. Run over to the next new beam and reflect it onto the sunblock at the back of the room and follow me to the next room!

Become goron Link and fall into the lava. You'll see a switch you must pound on to activate. Once activated, do your goron roll around the wall (you'll make a U-shape) and get to the other switch. The switch you pounded got rid of the fire around the next switch, but only for a little bit, so hurry! Activating the second switch made a chest appear on the ledge on the other side of the wall. Go back to where you come into this room, up the ladder and become deku Link. Glide from the flower to the pinkish air stream (this air stream gives deku Link a lift!) and go to the left. There are rupees and a chest with a stray fairy in it. Jump into the air stream and you'll automatically be gliding again. Get either the iron bars or the next air stream and glide to the ledge where the chest appeared before, using one last air stream before getting there.

Entering the next room spawns a miniboss, the garo master (see Enemies.) After defeating him by checking out my sweet bio on him in the Enemies section, he will tell you something about a red emblem and then blow himself up... o_O Riiight. Anywho, open the chest to receive the light arrows! Now your skills is complete. Leave through the door you didn't enter the room in.

The next room has a hiploop with a mask on. Hookshot the mask off its face and it will be the same as the hiploops in the swamp. Kill it and move to the next room and the next challenge. In this hallway is another new enemy, an eyegore (see Enemies.) The only way to get to the next room is to defeat him since he is blocking the whole hallway. Maybe if he'd lose weight, you could squeeze by, but he looooooves Krispy Kreme. Kill him and a chest appears with another stray fairy. Exit the room and you'll find yourself in the room you started in. But now you have the light arrows! Shoot the sun's face at the end of the narrow ledge and another one of those pesky upside down chests appear. So many chests... I wonder if we will ever need them for some reason. Before leaving through the front entrance, if you want to get a stray fairy you couldn't before, read on. If not, then skip the next paragraph.

Go back to the room with the dexihand. Get thrown onto the ledge again and shoot the sun block with a light arrow now that you have one. You will have to swim and jump from the water as zora Link and it may take a few tries, but once you land in the alcove where the sunblock was, hit the switch in the corner behind the beamos and this makes another chest appear. Back into the water and jump to the ledge where the chest appeared. Shoot another light arrow at the sun block and watch the magic happen. Again. Open the chest for that stray fairy.

What did that suicide ninja say? Something about... a Fire Emblem.... the red emblem! You must shoot it with light, connected to an arrow. Isn't it lucky that we just recently found the light arrows? ^_^ Make it so the middle block is moved away from the side of the temple by created a statue on the right switch just as you are coming out of the temple (or on the left if you are facing the temple.) Shoot the emblem with the arrow of light and watch as Link's world is turned upside down. (Lame joke...) You'll gain control of Link on the other side of the canyon, but luckily you do not have to create statues to get across. The blocks are lined up for you. Enter the temple.

Holy crap! It's upside down! *shock!* This temple is especially awesome at night. I suggest checking it out. Run along the path to the chest you revealed before, though it was upside down then. Head to the right, chop the blocks if you are low on hearts and enter the door. Shoot the giant sun block of annoyance and path blockage with a light arrow and you'll be in the room which when right side up had water in it. Now it has air jets for deku Link to fly with. Fly to the right side of the room first, catching some air to give Link the extra height. There is a ledge with a switch that must be held down by a non-deku Link statue to get rid of a ring of fire surrounding a chest. From here, you should be able to see a sun switch just below where the fire went out when you pressed down the statue switch. Light arrow it to reveal an upside down chest (guess we'll have to turn the temple right side up to get it... but not yet.) Glide with deku Link directly across the room to the other air jet (you will lose your momentum and your flower propellers, but regain them once you fall into the jet.) Lean toward the ledge where you just got rid of the ring of fire and open the chest for a stray fairy. Fall down and fight the masked hiploop if you want. Run into the tunnel and activate the switch. Run back and open the chest you just revealed for a small key. If you want to get the last stray fairy, you have to become deku Link and glide from the highest air jet (the one you fell into to get the other stray fairy) near the tunnel. Wait until you have lowered enough and you'll see an alcove below the platform the hiploop was on. Glide into the alcove and get the fairy. After that, jump back into the air jet and glide to the locked door in the corner of the room.

Gah! Lava on the roof! And another red emblem. Shoot the emblem with the power to smite evil (the light arrows...) and goron Link it across the lava. Once you have made it across, shoot the emblem again to right the room. Enter the next room for more upside down horror! This puzzle is indeed a noggin scratcher. But if you follow my instructions, you'll be alright.

Just make sure you are not standing on the Majora block any time you flip the room... this causes Link to die. If you run out of arrows or magic, there is a green chuchu and a yellow chuchu to accommadate your every magic and arrow need. All my directions will be while Link is facing the red emblem. Just so you know ahead of time. Push the block forward as far as it will go. Flip the room. Push it twice away from the emblem then once to the left. Flip the room. Push the block off the little platform it's on and line it up with the Majora space on the floor. Flip the room. Move the block once toward the emblem, flip the room one last time and push the block home in the space on the floor. Yay! Now you may climb on the block, jump onto the ledge and exit the flippy room of monsterous horrors!

Another miniboss?!?! Wizrobe is back from the dead. Only this time, he is of the fire element. So get out our ice arrows and show him that being Link means that Wizrobes never prosper. There is a twist, though. Half the ceiling is made of lava. Watch out for falling... well, lava chunks and watch your map for the red dot. That is the real wizrobe. Once dead, wizrobe's spirit will summon a chest... I guess... Hookshot the chest, open it for a stray fairy and go down the stairs. This is the first time I think you encounter a poe (see Enemies.) You can ignore them, though. Slap the deku mask on and glide across the room to the other ledge. Don't go through the door yet, though. There is an alcove in the right wall you can glide to. And some new monsters, the death armos (see Enemies.) You have to find a switch in the maze so head right then left and it's in an alcove. Step on it and get a statue on it to reveal a chest. Inside that chest is a small key. Looks promising. Go back to the door. You may now enter the next room.

Deku Link needs to glide to where the mines are... but the mines are in the way. Shoot one of them with an arrow and it will collide with another mine, blowing up and giving deku Link some security. Fly over there, hop in the flower and glide to the other door. You'll enter a tunnel with blue bubbles in it. One good money making secret is to shoot these guys with light arrows. They drop fifty rupees each! Walk across the tunnel and into the next room once you've collected your rupees. ^_^ If you get touched by them, you get cursed. To remove the curse, you can wait a minute or play the Song of Storms. You don't want to be cursed in the next room!

MINIBOSS TIME, KIDDOS! Meet Count Chocula, I mean Gomess. He is a vampire like dude who is defending the Boss Key. This fight is pretty easy. Shoot his shroud of keese off with a light arrow, dodge his attempt to hurt you with a side jump (or two) and slice him up once he is finished taking his swing with his scythe. He has an attack if you stay away from him for too long where he launches a wave of keese at you, but nothing too painful. Defeat him good and get the boss key which is in the next room. Go back to the room with the hanging mines and float across the the opposite ledge. Instead of going through the door we used to get in this room, head to the left and go through that door instead. Kill the death armos and step on the switch. Another upside down chest! Hookshot up there and enter the mysterious new door.

Another eyegore. Do what you did before and shoot when you are right in front of him and his eyes goes yellow. His corpse will be a testament to how great you are at this game. It also summons a chest with the giant's mask in it. But you can't use it yet... strange... Go through the door. Hit the crystal switch and another upside down chest will appear on the ceiling. If you want to get all the stray fairies, go back to the beginning by playing the Song of Soaring and read on. If not, skip the next paragraph.

Flip the temple right side up. First, go straight into the alcove in the ground in the first room of the temple and open that chest for a stray fairy. Then head to the room with the mirror and the water to the right of the first room. Become zora Link and sink down to one of the ledges. There is a chest with the 14th stray fairy. The last one is in the room with the masked hiploop and lots of blue rupees. Just fall to the ground and open the last chest. If you want, you can turn in your fairies for the ultimate prize! The Great Fairy's sword. Not very useful in the upcoming boss fight (I actually never use it ever... though, I am told I should.) Once you get the sword which resides outside the temple by the music box house, flip the temple over and head back to the boss door room. Head into the swirling portal and voila, the fourth and final temple boss...

TWINMOLD, the Giant Masked Insect!

A return appearance of Twinmold, the worms that never go away from game to game, console to console. Not much of a strategy to killing him... you must use the Giant's mask to become big enough to compete with them, but the mask uses magic power to wear so make sure you have a full magic meter OR drink some Chateau Romani milk which gives you infinite magic for the whole three day cycle! Now that you are large and in charge, smack the hell out of the face and/or tail of the worms. After a few smacks, each worm's body will disintegrate and the face will fall in the sand.

These worms have no attack really. They fly around in the air for a bit then dive into the sand for safety, only to pop up and fly around again. They damage you when they touch you while flying around. That's it. They have one use, though. If you run out of magic, there are many chunks of rock sitting around the desert (but don't stray too far away from the center... you will get lost and have to begin the boss battle all over again....) If you are close to a rock and out of magic, there is a chance that the worms will run into the rocks and destroy them, yielding magic.

So the strategy... smack, smack, smack, done. Don't forget the heart container. I did the first time I played...

After cutscene goodness, head back to Clock Town! Wait until midnight of the final day and now that you have the power of all four guardians, you can finally put a stop to the skull kid! Once you regain control of Link after a very familiar conversation, play the Oath to Order and rejoice! The guardians stop the moon and you've beaten the game! But... OH NO!!!

Majora's Mask is free and runs into the moon. The very hungry moon! Chase after him and you will find yourself in ...

The Moon

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