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Intermission (4-5)

Again, you'll have the opportunity to control Peach.
Exit out of Peach's room in the usual manner. Cross the lobby and enter this door on the right side.
You'll find Gourmet Guy in this room. He tells you he'll keep your escape a secret if you bake him something. ^^
There's a kitchen in the floor below you, so Gourmet Guy gives you a key that allows you to reach the first floor.
Back in the lobby, use the key on this door to reach the first floor.
On the right side of the first floor, you can find this room where a Toad is hiding in the closet. More importantly, the Last Stand Badge is in here.
Make a quick return trip to the mysterious treasure chest on the second floor, and drop off the Last Stand Badge.
Go back down to the first floor and enter the kitchen through this door.
Twink will find a recipe book, and suggest you bake a Special Strawberry Cake. The baking is pretty easy, just get the ingredients Twink tells you to get by searching the shelf. When you are asked to mix the batter, hit the A button as fast as you can. And when you bake the cake, make sure it's in the oven for exactly 30 seconds. A stop watch is useful for this. After it's baked, put on cream and strawberries, in that order, and return it to Gourmet Guy.
If you made a mistake while baking the cake, Gourmet Guy will spit it out, and you'll have to remake it. If not, he'll spaz out in happiness again. He'll tell you some information on the next Star Spirit, and Peach will be captured, and the game will cut back to Mario.
Muskular will increase Mario's Star Energy and give him Chill Out, a new Star Power.
Twink will then appear, and give Mario the information on where the next Star Spirit is located. It seems it can be found on Lavalava Island.
First thing's first, head to Merluvlee's and grab the Last Stand Badge from the treasure chest.
Now head to the port and do a Spin Jump on the whale's back. He'll complain of a stomach-ache, and ask Mario to go inside him to see what's wrong. o_O
Make Watt your partner, and use her ability inside the whale. You'll see a Fuzzipede inside. When it sees you, it'll start hopping around. Keep on holding Watt, and touch Fuzzipede to fight him. This is an easy fight, but you can only have Watt as your partner. No matter, you'll win in no time.
After defeating Fuzzipede, the whale will feel much better.
He offers to take you and Kolorado to Lavalava Island, so hop on his back and sail away to Chapter 5.

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