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Russ T., Toad genius extraordinaire, here. For those of you playing this game on the emulator Project 64 (for evaluation purposes only, I'm sure...*cough*), you could be smart like me and use this list, a hex editor, and a savestate to give Mario whatever stats or items you wish. Imagine how smart Mario would be if you gave him a dozen Dictionaries! Or (dare I say it) you could use this list to cheat. It's your call.

This is a list of the codes used for hacking Project 64 save states in Paper Mario. If you do not yet know how to hack save states, click here for an explanation.

* For numerical values that can take more than two hexadecimal digits (numbers over 255), to enter in a number lower than 255, use the first two spots listed. For a number between 256 and 65535 (That is, numbers that would take between 3 and 4 digits to enter), you have to put in the first two digits in the second spot, and the last two in the first.
For example, let's say you want 999 coins. That would be 3E7 in hexadecimal. There is room for 4 digits to put in the coins offset. But you must put the first two digits in the last two places, the first two digits of the hexadecimal are 03 (You must think of all these to be an even number of digits). Then put in E7 in the first two spaces. So, to get 10,000 coins you'd enter E703. It's complicated, and takes some getting used to.


10F9EC Max HP
10F9ED Current HP
10F9EE Equipped Hammer
10F9EF Equipped Boots
10F9F1 Max FP
10F9F2 Current FP
10F9F6 Level
10F9F7 BP
10F9F8 Number of Star Pieces
10F9FA-10F9FB Number of Coins
10F9FF Number of Star Points
10FA60-10FA9F Key Items
10FAA0-10FB9F Badges
10FBA0-10FBB4 Items
10FBB5-10FBF4 Items in Storage


Since there are such a large number of items in Paper Mario, each item modifier will take two offsets, rather than the usual one.
Any value not listed is dummied out, and may have adverse affects if used. Enter at your own risk.

Items and Equipment

0000 Nothing


0100 Jump
0200 Spin Jump
0300 Tornado Jump
0400 Hammer
0500 Super Hammer
0600 Ultra Hammer


0700 Lucky Star
0A00 First Degree Card
0B00 Second Degree Card
0C00 Third Degree Card
0D00 Fourth Degree Card
0E00 Diploma
0F00 Ultra Stone
1000 Fortress Key
1100 Ruins Key
1200 Pulse Stone
1300 Castle Key
1400 Palace Key
1500 Lunar Stone
1600 Pyramid Stone
1700 Diamond Stone
1800 Golden Jar
1900 Kooper's Shell
1A00 Castle Key
1C00 Weight
1D00 Boo's Portrait
1E00 Crystal Berry
1F00 Mystical Key
2000 Storeroom Key
2100 Toy Train
2200 Record
2300 Frying Pan
2400 Dictionary
2500 Mystery Note
2700 Crystal Ball
2900 Cookbook
2A00 Jade Raven
2B00 Magical Seed
2C00 Magical Seed
2D00 Magical Seed
2E00 Magical Seed
3000 Calculator
3100 Bucket
3200 Scarf
3300 Red Key
3400 Blue Key
3600 Letter
3700 Letter
3800 Letter
3900 Letter
3A00 Letter
3B00 Letter
3C00 Letter
3D00 Letter
3E00 Letter
4000 Letter
4100 Letter
4500 Letter
4600 Letter
4700 Letter
4800 Letter
4900 Letter
4A00 Letter
4B00 Letter
4C00 Letter
4E00 Letter
4F00 Letter
5000 Letter
5100 Letter
5200 Letter
5300 Letter
5400 Letter
5600 Dolly
5700 Water Stone
5800 Magical Bean
5900 Fertile Soil
5A00 Miracle Water
5B00 Volcano Vase
5C00 Tape
5D00 Sugar
5E00 Salt
5F00 Egg
6000 Cream
6100 Strawberry
6200 Butter
6300 Cleanser
6400 Water
6500 Flour
6600 Milk
6700 Lyrics
6800 Melody
6900 Mailbag
6A00 Castle Key
6B00 Odd Key
6C00 Star Stone
6D00 Sneaky Parasol
6E00 Koopa Legends
6F00 Autograph
7000 Empty Wallet
7100 Autograph
7300 Old Photo
7400 Glasses
7600 Package
7700 Red Jar
7800 Castle Key
7900 Warehouse Key
7A00 Prison Key
7B00 Silver Credit
7C00 Gold Credit
7D00 Prison Key
7E00 Prison Key
7F00 Prison Key


8000 Fire Flower
8100 Snowman Doll
8200 Thunder Rage
8300 Shooting Star
8400 Thunder Bold
8500 Pebble
8600 Dusty Hammer
8800 Stone Cap
8900 Tasty Tonic
8A00 Mushroom
8B00 Volt Shroom
8C00 Super Shroom
8D00 Dried Shroom
8E00 Ultra Shroom
8F00 Sleepy Sheep
9000 POW Block
9200 Stop Watch
9300 Whacka's Bump
9400 Apple
9500 Life Shroom
9600 Mystery?
9700 Repel Gel
9800 Fright Jar
9A00 Dizzy Dial
9B00 Super Soda
9C00 Lemon
9D00 Lime
9E00 Blue Berry
9F00 Red Berry
A000 Yellow Berry
A100 Bubble Berry
A200 Jammin' Jelly
A300 Maple Syrup
A400 Honey Syrup
A500 Goomnut
A600 Koopa Leaf
A700 Dried Pasta
A800 Dried Fruit
A900 Strange Leaf
AA00 Cake Mix
AB00 Egg
AC00 Coconut
AD00 Melon
AE00 Stinky Herb
AF00 Iced Potato
B000 Spicy Soup
B100 Apple Pie
B200 Honey Ultra
B300 Maple Ultra
B400 Jelly Ultra
B500 Koopasta
B600 Fried Shroom
B700 Shroom Cake
B800 Shroom Steak
B900 Hot Shroom
BA00 Sweet Shroom
BB00 Yummy Meal
BC00 Healthy Juice
BD00 Bland Meal
BE00 Deluxe Feast
BF00 Special Shake
C000 Big Cookie
C100 Cake
C200 Mistake
C300 Koopa Tea
C400 Honey Super
C500 Maple Super
C600 Jelly Super
C700 Spaghetti
C800 Egg Missile
C900 Fried Egg
CA00 Honey Shroom
CB00 Honey Candy
CC00 Electro Pop
CD00 Fire Pop
CE00 Lime Candy
CF00 Coco Pop
D000 Lemon Candy
D100 Jelly Pop
D200 Strange Cake
D300 Kooky Cookie
D400 Frozen Fries
D500 Potato Salad
D600 Nutty Cake
D700 Maple Shroom
D800 Boiled Egg
D900 Yoshi Cookie
DA00 Jelly Shroom
DB00 Jelly Shroom
DC00 Jelly Shroom
DD00 Jelly Shroom
DE00 Jelly Shroom
DF00 Jelly Shroom


E000 Spin Smash
E100 Multibounce
E200 Power Plus
E300 Dodge Master
E400 Power Bounce
E500 Spike Shield
E600 First Attack
E700 HP Plus
E800 Quake Hammer
E900 Double Dip
EB00 Sleep Stomp
EC00 Fire Shield
ED00 Quick Change
EE00 D-Down Pound
EF00 Dizzy Stomp
F100 Pretty Lucky
F200 Feeling Fine
F300 Attack FX A
F400 All or Nothing
F500 HP Drain
F700 Slow Go
F800 FP Plus
F900 Mega Rush
FA00 Ice Power
FB00 Defend Plus
FC00 Pay Off
FD00 Money Money
FE00 Chill Out
FF00 Happy Heart
0001 Zap Tap
0201 Right On!
0301 Runaway Pay
0401 Refund
0501 Flower Saver
0601 Triple Dip
0701 Hammer Throw
0801 Mega Quake
0901 Smash Charge
0A01 Jump Charge
0B01 S. Smash Chg.
0C01 S. Jump Chg.
0D01 Power Rush
1101 Last Stand
1201 Close Call
1301 P-Up, D-Down
1401 Lucky Day
1601 P-Down, D-Up
1701 Power Quake
1A01 Heart Finder
1B01 Flower Fiender
1C01 Spin Attack
1D01 Dizzy Attack
1E01 I Spy
1F01 Speedy Spin
2001 Bump Attack
2101 Power Jump
2301 Mega Jump
2401 Power Smash
2601 Mega Smash
2701 Power Smash
2801 Power Smash
2901 Deep Focus
2B01 Shrink Smash
2E01 D-Down Jump
2F01 Shrink Stomp
3001 Damage Dodge
3201 Deep Focus
3301 Deep Focus
3401 HP Plus
3501 FP Plus
3601 Happy Heart
3701 Happy Heart
3801 Flower Saver
3901 Flower Saver
3A01 Damage Dodge
3B01 Damage Dodge
3C01 Power Plus
3D01 Power Plus
3E01 Defend Plus
3F01 Defend Plus
4001 Happy Flower
4101 Happy Flower
4201 Happy Flower
4301 Group Focus
4401 Peekaboo
4501 Attack FX D
4601 Attack FX B
4701 Attack FX E
4801 Attack FX C
4901 Attack FX F
4A01 HP Plus
4B01 HP Plus
4C01 HP Plus
4D01 FP Plus
4E01 FP Plus
4F01 FP Plus
5101 Attack FX F
5201 Attack FX F
5301 Attack FX F

5C01 Star Piece

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