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Tattle Guide

My annoying brother is always talking about everything! And this guide proves it! It was written by JLange, and it contains about every tattle in the game. Oh, and it is used with full permission, of course!

Written by John Lange

The goal of this guide is to transcribe everything Goombario has to say about
people, places, and enemies in this game. Using the Tattle command while
walking or in battle, Goombario can make comments about each person, each
place, and each enemy (at least, those that can be accessed with Goombario in
your party.) Also, he has a few things to say about other items, but these
aren't as easy to find (and most give you the enlightening "If you see a !
over your head, check the object or the area with A." speech.)

At the time of the writing of this version, the game has been completed, so my
previous statement about not submitting ahead no longer applies. If you have
information on a Tattle that I missed, please sent it to
and I will check it out.

Note: This guide will not include any of Goombario's conversations.

Goombario's main role in this game is to provide hints and background info
about various situations. As a result, many of the comments in this guide will
spoil plotlines and puzzles for someone who reads this ahead of time. Please
read this guide at your discretion.

This guide will be divided into the following sections:

Area Items
Revision History



* According to Goombaria, this is where you landed.
Something about this clearing feels weird. I can't really say exactly what,

* I think this is Jr. Troopa's secret base.
That crazy kid! Whenever I try to explore in there, he freaks out. He needs to

* These are the woods behind my house.
Until a little while ago, Goombaria and I use to play hide-and-seek here...
But there have been a lot of evil Goombas and Paragoombas spotted in the area,
so Mom doesn't let us play anymore.

* These are the woods behind my house. Careful! There are many bad Goombas
around here.
Sorry... I'm sure that you can probably take care of yourself, huh?

* This is Goomba Village. My family lives here.
There's also a Toad House, which, as you probably know, is a good place to
take a rest.
That big tree near my house is a great place to get Goomnuts.


* There're lots of bad Goombas around these parts.

* Did you know... ...there are good Goombas and bad Goombas?
A bad Goomba will try to pick a fight with us the second it spots us.

* Look, Mario! There's a Save Block. Might be a good idea to use it, don't you

* If we go east a bit farther, we'll find a bridge.
Once we cross it, we'll be a hop, skip and a jump away from Toad Town.

* I think there was a bridge between Toad Town and Goomba Village.
If we head east, we'll get to Toad Town. If we head west, we'll come to my
house in Goomba Village.

* Ah, the outskirts of Toad Town.
To the east is Toad Town. If we go west, we'll reach my hometown, Goomba


* This is the west entrance to Toad Town. In case you couldn't tell, it's the
main gate.
The fancy gate and the star emblem on the ground are symbols of this fair
Goomba Village, where my house is, is a brief journey west from here.
You'll find a very smart Toad named Russ T. living in this town.
He knows lots of useful information for adventurers.
You'll also find shops that sell various items. Oh yeah! There's also a Dojo.

* It's your house! Cool! Nice landscaping!
I like my house, but yours is even nicer. Did you do the decorating yourself?

* This is the central area of Toad Town, a plaza in front of Princess Peach's
Pleasant Path begins to the east of here.
This used to be a bustling area before Bowser's attack. Guests at the castle
were always in and out.
And tourists came from all over to see the castle.
The wizard Merlon also lives around here. If you get stuck, his fortune
telling might just help you out!
There's also a Toad House where you can take a short rest and a post office
where you can pick up mail for your party members.
Also, over by the flower garden, there's a guy named Rowf who's opening his
own specialty shop.

* Peach's Castle... used to be here.
There's not even a trace of it now. How awful!

* Miss. Tayce T., a famous local cook, lives around here.
I'm pretty sure my mom wants to learn cooking from her. Tayce T. will cook for
you if you take ingredients to her.
Oh yeah! Forever Forest lies to the east,
so a Toad watchman stands guard there and prevents people from wandering in.

* This is the residential area of Toad Town. It's mostly homes. But there's
also a shop.
For Toad Town, this area is pretty quiet.

* This is Toad Town's port. It's home to the only restaurant in town.
I like to stand at the end of the pier and gaze at the sea.

* There's Toad Town Station.
It's a station for the Dry Dry Railroad. From there, you can take the train to
scenic Mt. Rugged.
And there's also Oink Oink Farm, where they raise Li'l-Oinks. Raising Li'l-
Oinks costs coins.
My dad said there's a Playroom here, but I don't see it...

* This is the reception area for the Playroom. You should ask what kind of
games they have, Mario.

* It's called Jump Attack. If you win the game, you'll collect lots of coins.
If you lose, you won't get a thing. Too bad!

* They said this is called Smash Attack. The idea is to whack the blocks
placed on the floor.
Let's get in there and smash all of 'em! But... Actually, it may not be a good
idea to hit them all.

* If we go east, we'll get to the entrance of Forever Forest. If we go west,
we'll hit Toad Town. Remember?

* This whale tongue is squishy. It makes it hard to walk. It's also kind of

* It's completely dark. I can't see a thing. Mario! What's up ahead?
You know, being inside a whale belly is gross... Damp... Squishy... Let's
never do this again.

* It's a room beneath the Toad Town pond. I don't think anyone's been here for
a long time.


* This place feels strange and mysterious, doesn't it?
If we go east from here, we'll eventually get to Shooting Star Summit.

* This is Shooting Star Summit. Stars are really...uh, shooting.
People say that this place, like no other, reaches up and embraces the sky.

* This is the house of an amazingly gorgeous woman, the fortune-teller
Merlow, who collects Star Pieces, also lives here.
This house pulses with psychic power. Can you feel it?
It feels...weird. It feels like I'm floating on some kind of spiritual


* To the west of here is Toad Town, and to the east is Koopa Village.
If we go even farther east, we'll eventually reach Koopa Bros. Fortress.

* It's always pleasant around here. That's why we call this place Pleasant
Path. It's nice and warm today, too.
Incidentally, lots of Koopas live around here.

* Koopas like to live around Pleasant Path because there's plenty of water for
them to lounge in.
Koopa Village is down this way.
If you want to go to Koopa Bros. Fortress, we should take the upper path and
just keep going straight.


* It's Koopa Village. Big surprise! Koopas live here.
Recently it seems like some Bob-ombs have moved here, too. They must have run
away from the fortress, huh?

* The house with the yellowish roof is the home of the famous archaeologist
and explorer, Kolorado.
Kolorado's always running from one mysterious place to another in order to do
He's really well respected in his field.

* We'd better be careful. There are supposedly lots of Fuzzies around this
Usually they stay hidden, but lately they're more aggressive.

* This part of the forest is the Fuzzie's main stronghold.
The woods would actually be quite beautiful if not for the Fuzzies. The
light's nice...
Do you think Koopas do the logging around here?


* If we continue along the pass, we should reach Koopa Bros. Fortress.
Many Koopas and Paratroopas live around here. If they're loyal to Bowser,
they'll definitely attack us.

* Just east of here, we can see Koopa Bros. Fortress.
Actually, we're probably already on fortress grounds.
That arch certainly looks like part of it. And there are lots of bad guys,

* Here's Koopa Bros. Fortress. This used to be ruined, but I guess the Koopa
Bros. rebuilt it.
It looks pretty huge, huh? And solid, too.
This fortress was originally built around the same time the Bob-ombs took up
residence on Pleasant Path.

* It's pretty chilly inside this fortress, isn't it? It must because there's
so much water inside.

* This fortress stays cool all the time because it's built entirely of stone.

* This seems to be the central area of the fortress. This area looks extremely
suspicious to me.
I wonder what all those gates guard, don't you, Mario?

* I heard there are many tricky parts of this castle.
I wonder who built it. It's pretty curious looking.

* It looks like they turned this large chamber into a prison cell.

* It seems strange to keep so much water in the building.
Do you think it's here to keep Bob-ombs from burning the place down? Or maybe
it's just for Koopas to bathe in.
I mean, it's nice that it keeps the place so cool, but I'm still suspicious...
Mario... Let's keep moving, huh?

* These fire bars are a menace! They're hot to the touch. They'll hurt you if
you touch 'em.
Somebody said there's a way to destroy 'em. How do you think we do that?

* This place is pretty huge. Before the Koopa Bros. came here, this place used
to be filled with Bob-ombs.
I don't think the Bob-ombs built it, but they became its caretakers.
Of course, they explode all the time, so you can see why there are so many
cracked walls.

* Boy, the air is refreshing up here, huh?
And look at the view! Isn't that Pleasant Path way down there?

* This is the room where we fought the Koopa Bros.
Those guys weren't so tough! They certainly weren't a match for us, huh,


* Ah, Toad Town Tunnels! Visit its scenic filthy streams that lead to who-
It's spectacularly disgusting! Come stay awhile! If you're not totally grossed
out the first night, you stay for free!

* You know, even though these tunnels have many sections you can always count
on one thing: filthy, stinking water.
Would it be too much to ask to get out of here before the stench knocks me
out? Seriously! I'm about to wig out!

* Ugh! I wonder where the filthy water is going? This'd better not drain into
the sea or the river!
I may have to alert the Goomba Environmental Board!

* We're in Toad Town Tunnels. Eew... I wonder what's making the water drip
from up there?
At best, I guess this place could be called "damp". Although "dank" is more
like it.

* Let's see...disgusting flows of water...dripping ceiling... Yup, it's gross
down here!
Can we leave now? I... I'm really uncomfortable.

* That's a strange platform. What do you think'll happen if we climb on board?
Are you worried about where the platform will end up? That's never stopped you

* You know, I really don't like foul water dripping on me.
Ugh! That one hit the back of my neck! Blech! Where's it dripping from?
Can we get out of here or what? I hate it here!

* This is a strange, dark place.
Who'd think that a place like this could exist beneath lovely old Toad Town?

* The cool air is certainly nice and refreshing...
but it's too dark, it smells awful and I have a bad feeling about this place.
Let's move!

* Uh... I think this is a sewer. You know...the Toad Town sewer. Under Toad
What am I saying? You know! You're a plumber, after all!

* Oh, gross! I've never seen so much sewage in my life!
Eew...floating garbage, too! Talk about disgusting!

* I'm sure that some nasty things live down here in the dark.
We should be ready to defend ourselves in case of a surprise attack.

* Oh, gross! Look, Mario! The water's filthy! And look! Garbage!
These tunnels are a total nightmare. Let's keep moving and get out fast.

* Still Toad Town Tunnels...
We've been in these tunnels so long that it's starting to feel like... I'm
becoming a mole ...haha!

* It looks like just another passage in the tunnels. I get the feeling...
that something valuable rests around here... Can't you feel it in your bones?
Do Goombas have bones?
Anyway, something big is near... I'm almost positive.

* "It smells of treasure here."
How was that? That was my Kolorado imitation. Any good? Mario? Hello?

* It just keeps getting grosser down here, huh, Mario?

* Where are we...?
Are we lost or what? We've been down here so long... You know, I didn't know
that adventuring would be this gross.

* Boy, who could live down here? What a crazy dude!

* It's a small room with a single pipe in the center. Don't quote me, but I'm
betting that the pipe goes somewhere.

* The tunnel is freezing!
I should've worn a sweater! What do you say we go someplace a bit warmer?


* This is the Mt. Rugged station on the Dry Dry Railroad line.
Not much grows around here or on the barren mountain.

* What a steep mountain!

* Watch out for the sneaky Monty Moles that are common to this area.
They're dirty fighters. They pop up from underground and chuck rocks at
people. The cowards!

* Phew! Maybe we ought to take a break! I didn't realize the road up would be
so rough!
Of course, as nice as it would be to take five on a rock, you have to watch
yourself. Enemies disguise themselves as rocks.
They're nasty and spiky, so keep your eyes open.

* Whoa! We're pretty high up! Ooog... I feel a little faint.
I never told you this before, but I have a fear of heights.

* This is the gateway between Mt. Rugged and Dry Dry Desert.
If we head due east from here, we'll eventually reach the town called Dry Dry


Since the area is an open 7*7 square, I found it useful to mark them in a
matrix style. The upper left is A1, and the upper right is A7. The lower left
is G1. And so on.

* (A1) So hot... I feel dizzy... Where are we going again? Who are you,

* (A2)! Anyone smell roasting Goomba?
Must...concentrate... Many dangers in the desert... Keep eyes open...

* (A3) We're going to get lost... This desert seems endless.

* (A4) Dry Dry Desert never ends. How big is it, anyway? I'm beat. My feet
This sand feels like it's a thousand degrees.

* (A5) You know what I just realized? I hate the desert! Yup!
Sand gets in my eyes so I can't see. I feel like I've eaten a couple pounds of
sand, and my feet itch.
I'm freaking out here!

* (A6) Ah, yes! Some more sand and some more cacti! How do you stand such a
boring landscape?
Look, when I signed on for this adventure, I was under the impression that
there would be no boredom involved.

* (A7) It's scorching, Mario! I'm turning to charcoal!

* (B1) I feel dazed... So thirsty... The cacti seem to be moving...

* (B2) You know what? Travelling in the desert is really hard.
Just moving my feet in the sand is exhausting. I feel like I'm stuck in
quicksand. Are we even getting anywhere?

* (B3) Hey, Mario! Did you know that...
cacti save water inside? That's the only way they can survive out here.

* (B4) Does it ever rain in a desert like this? I seriously doubt it.

* (B5) If there's too little rain, the cacti will dry up. Did you know that?

* (B6) So blue...the desert sky... They ought to call it... "Big Ol' Super
Blue Sky"!
I think I'm delirious. It's so hot out here, I can't think straight.

* (B7) This looks almost exactly the same as everywhere else.
Fine, so there're a few trees growing here. Big deal! I still hate this place!

* (C1) It's hot. The desert is hot.
I can't imagine that people would actually choose to live in a place like
Don't they get hot? I guess some like it hot...

* (C2) I'm spent, Mario. No shade, no water, no nothing. I hate this place.

* (C3) All this blowing sand would cover up most paths. I don't even know
which direction we're moving.
If we find that big path again, let's stick to it so we don't get lost again.

* (C4) Is there nothing here but sand, rocks and cacti?
I guess we should be happy that we're not in a sandstorm. I did see a
whirlwind, though.

* (C5) Mario... I'm so tired... If we find a shady tree, let's take a rest for
a while...

* (C6) How do trees grow here? When we find a big one, let's take a rest for a
You wouldn't think that anything could grow around here. These must be a hardy
kind of tree, huh?

* (C7) We should be near Dry Dry Outpost.
Boy, after the endless sands of this desert, it'll be nice to put our feet up
in a town for a while.

* (D1) Kolorado is searching out mysteries, as usual. He seems to be looking
for ruins here.

* (D1') Here... I remember this spot. It's where that explorer, Kolorado, used
to have his base camp set up.
Do you think he found what he was looking for?

* (D2) As long as we stick to the path, it's easy to go from Mt. Rugged to Dry
Dry Outpost without getting lost.
Since so many people use this path, the desert sands can't cover it up.

* (D3) Traveling through places like this desert really makes you appreciate
I'm pretty thirsty right now. Aren't you, Mario?

* (D4) In an area like this, it's tough to find things that can serve as
But that rock in the shape of a cactus is a pretty good one.

* (D5) Just putting one foot in front of another is hard here. Whenever I take
a break, I feel like I don't want to move again.

* (D6) Ah, a couple of trees are growing here. It might just be my
imagination, but the air feels a bit cooler right here.

* (D7) Just east of here is the desert town, Dry Dry Outpost.
We'd better remember how to get back here.

* (E1) The desert is filled with bandits who love to steal coins from

* (E2) More rocks and sand! It'd be really easy to get lost around here.

* (E3) Wow! There's a whole lot of nothing around here. Any idea which
direction we should take, Mario?

* (E4) You know, it's smart to take a nap when it gets too hot.
That reminds me of something my mom used to say: "Take a nap, will you!"

* (E5) Look, it's unbearably hot out. I'm getting pretty fed up with it, if
you want to know the truth...
Isn't there somewhere we can stop for a rest?

* (E6) Look at that rocky plateau. It looks like it's too high to climb, but I
can almost see something good up there...

* (E7) Look! Look, Mario! There's actually some grass growing around here!

* (F1) You know, there sure are a lot of rocks in the desert.
Before I came here, I thought there was just sand. But there are rocks, too.

* (F2) Cacti also have flowers, did you know that? I haven't seen any,
Do people eat cacti?

* (F3) The desert wind constantly builds up and tears down the sand dunes.
They say it constantly changes, but it pretty much looks the same to me all
the time.

* (F4) There are big cacti around here.

* (F5) Hey, Mario? Are you thirsty at all? I'm parched. Really thirsty.
Totally dried up.
Wait a minute... My mouth is really dry! Maybe that's why they call it Dry Dry

* (F6) Look! Look, Mario! There's actually some grass growing around here!

* (F7) Oh...thank heavens! At last, we've found an oasis! It's not a mirage,
is it?
The trees are so green! The water, so blue! Hurray!

* (G1) So very, very hot... This desert trip... I can't take it
Hey, Mario, let's find some shade and relax for a while, huh?

* (G2) If we get lost in the desert, we'll dry up and turn into mummies.
How about it? Let's rest by that small rock. Maybe there's something unusual
about that rock...

* (G3) Mario, aren't you hungry? How about thirsty? Tired? I'm all of those

* (G4) W... Water... Must have water... 
I'm so thirsty I could bite a cactus...

* (G5) Do you think there are any other mysteries in this desert besides the
It'd be nice if we stumbled upon some treasure or something.

* (G6) No matter where we go, all I see is sand. That's what this is like. A
sea of sand.

* (G7) We're lucky we have hats on. We'd probably have come down with
sunstroke by now if we hadn't had our hats.


* It's Dry Dry Outpost. Lots of Dryites and Nomadimice live here.
I'm so happy to find civilization after crossing that desert.
Despite the climate, lots of travelers seem to come here. Still, they can't
get that many tourists. It's too hot!

* I heard that this town was originally founded by thieves from the desert.
It's a pretty mysterious town, don't you think?
There are all kinds of stories and legends about this place. The residents
around here love all those old tales.


* It's Dry Dry Ruins. Weren't you totally blown away when it rose out of the
That was awesome! I wish we could make it happen again!

* That's the entrance to Dry Dry Ruins. It's called the illusion ruin.
Nobody could find this place for ages. But we did!

* Legend has it that there are many traps and puzzles in these ruins.
When this was a great palace, the keepers set all the traps up to keep looters
from stealing their treasures.

* Compared to the desert, it's cool in here.

* There's a great view of the desert from the upstairs floor.
The farther down we go, the cooler it'll get. It'll get darker, too, though.
Should we go down there?

* It's a bit sandy, huh? Well, when you're buried in the desert, you pick up
some sand.

* Now that I've helped you find Dry Dry Ruins, will I become famous, too?
You don't care. You're already a household name.
Hmmph. Hey, a picture of some Chomps.
Maybe there are Chomps guarding these ruins.

* It's amazing that these ruins still have moving parts. Haven't they been
buried here for ages and ages?
And yet, when we push switches, stuff moves... Amazing craftsmanship. You've
gotta applaud the designers.

* My mouth is so dry... I feel like I ate dust.
I feel like my skin is cracking off and my eyes are turning into sandpaper.
D'you have any moisturizer?

* Look at these stairways! How do they make 'em revolve?
Whoever built this place must have been brilliant.

* Look at the Chomp statues! Even though I know they're just statues, they
still scare me.
This seems to be the very center of the ruins.
In case I haven't mentioned it before, the architects of this place were
Moustafa's ancestors must have been amazing people.

* I'm pretty beat.
Phew... Well, heroes don't take rests, I guess.

* It's pretty dark around here. We'd better be careful not to get lost or

* I'm sure that ruins like these are full of hidden rooms.
We should keep our eyes open for anything suspicious.

* I knew this place would have lots of hidden areas.
Ancient palaces always do! It's like a law of ancient architecture, I think.
And by the way, there's always supposed to be treasure, too. I wouldn't mind
finding something nice...

* I feel hungry for some reason. Did you hear that? My belly is making sounds
like a Chomp!
Boy, a cold drink and a hot sandwich would taste good.

* We'd better get ready for a fight!

* It's Tutankoopa's old lair. That guy wasn't so tough. You're much tougher,
I can't believe Tutankoopa was the master here.
This kingdom was originally built by Nomadimice, many generations ago.
I'll tell you, Tutankoopa didn't look much like a Nomadimouse.


* Boy... The forest is really dark and spooky.
People say that if you don't choose exactly the right path, you'll get totally
I can believe it. This looks like the type of place where you get lost and
then monsters come out of the grass and...
Hey! Did you notice that grass over there rustling? I swear I saw it move!

* Mario... Don't look now, but I think I saw an eye shining deep inside the
hole in that tree.

* The flowers in this forest are unusual, huh? They're strangely colored, and
they look creepy when they move.
I think I saw some that were a slightly different color over there. Did you
see 'em?

* The trees in this forest are weird, aren't they? I've heard sometimes they
smile wickedly...
I'll tell you, if I see a tree smiling, I'm gonna run in the opposite

* Is it just my imagination or is it getting darker? Are we going the right
way? I'm getting a little worried.
There seem to be a lot of strange glowing mushrooms around these tree trunks.
Boy! They're everywhere! Must be an infestation...
It kind of looks like one mushroom patch is slightly different from the
My mind may just be playing tricks on me, though.

* Look, I'm sick of this forest, all right? Let's get out of here.
I don't care how many important things are hidden in this forest. I can't
stand another instant in the freaky place!
Look, I know I saw a beehive. Let's make the beehive a landmark, OK?

* What kind of evil flowers would grow in a place like this? When we approach,
some seem to shrink, while others just grin...
But...but I'm not scared. I mean it, Mario! I told you that they don't scare
me! All right?

* Where are we?
After making so many turns on different paths, I'm getting confused as to
which way is up. Aren't there any signs?

* This all looks the same to me. Gloomy trees that seem to go on forever.
Seems like they found the perfect name for this place.
By the way, did you hear something in that bush?


* It's Boo's Mansion.
Great name for a haunted mansion, don't you think?

* What a magnificent mansion! Being haunted must hurt the real estate value,
I like the old-fashioned yet eerie style.
The chandelier and the display case look like they're valuable antiques.
Even the sofa in the foyer looks like it's pricey, even though it's a bit 
I love antiques. I wouldn't mind taking a good look at those things.

* This room does have a lot of space, but it's still a shame to use it for
That pot and those wooden boxes look suspicious...
There's also a weakened spot on the floor. Look...under the chandelier.
Hey, check it out! A real old rocking chair! These things rule!
It rocks back and forth when you sit on it. I love napping in these.

* Hey, that strange contraption at the back of the room is a phonograph.
You know, a machine for listening to records.
Have you seen any records around here?
I wouldn't mind doing a little adventuring to the timeless classic, "Mario's

* Wow! What a gorgeous chandelier! If they actually cleaned it, it would
brighten this place up.

* The blue light is spooky in here, but can tell that this room is really
It feels like something is watching us.
It feels like that everywhere. It's almost as if this haunted mansion is...

* A storage room... isn't it? You'd think those candles would provide a bit
more light.

* Another storage room, I guess. Not a whole lot here, as far as I can tell.
Hey, incidentally, what happened to the door...?

* There certainly seem to be a lot of books. I didn't know Boos liked books.

* This is the highest room in the mansion.
I'm guessing it's Bow's room. She seems like the type to live in a huge room.
When you look at this room, it's pretty obvious that Bow was raised by a
really wealthy family of Boos.

* This is the back gate to Boo's Mansion.
As far as I can tell, this is the edge of Gusty Gulch. Tubba Blubba's castle
is up on the hill.
It's amazing how the scenery changes from forest to gulch so quickly.


* There's a windmill.
Those vanes are turning really slowly. The sound of it turning is sort of

* Somebody told me that if a house is dilapidated, it means it's crumbly and
deserted. That sounds like this place.
Goompa said Boos love this sort of place.

* The way that house leans is bizarre, isn't it?
Why do Boos like homes like these?

* It's Gusty Gulch. Watch your step on the rocky slopes.
You also have to beware of strange creatures. My dad would say that going
through here builds character...

* It's Gusty Gulch. It looks like there's a gap over there that won't be easy
to cross. You'll need some help.
Let's be quick but careful. I don't like the looks of the creatures around

* We've reached the top of Gusty Gulch. That building is Tubba Blubba's
Castle, isn't it?
The land here is totally barren. Was it always like this?


* What a huge hall! Looks like it's crumbling, though.
Boy, if this main hall collapses, the entire castle will follow. This whole
place looks like it's falling apart.

* It's a corridor.
I'm sure it was really magnificent before Tubba Blubba let it get filthy.
You can barely see the beauty beneath the dirt.

* Filthy as it is, this castle has surprisingly little dust.

* Ooh! The dining room set here is fantastic!
If they got curtains that weren't so old, they could really bring the room

* Wow! This room is huge! I guess Tubba Blubba's pretty big, though, so it's
probably just the right size.
High ceilings really make a room feel luxurious.

* There're the stairs. Ugh! A cobweb!
I just can't stand creatures that don't tidy up...

* This is a basement, isn't it? Yup...and a big one, too. This makes a great
hiding place.
I don't think Clubbas patrol down here, so it's probably safe to rest for a

* There're the stairs. Even the staircases are big. This place is monstrous.

* This castle's too big... I'm so tired. All we ever do is walk...

* You know, even the huge cracks in the walls don't bother me that much.
But spiderwebs? C'mon, a little housecleaning, people!

* You think Tubba Blubba likes this castle?
If he did, you'd think he could spend a little time fixing it up. I mean, an
occasional cleaning...
What a waste.

* Whoa! Spikes in the floor! Don't try to jump over 'em! There are too many!
How can we get through without being hurt by the spikes?

* Oh, here we go! A chair tipped over, a drawer left open... Doesn't anyone
ever clean around here?
While we're here, though, let's take a closer look at that drawer.

* Ugh...more stairs... Up and down, up and down... Will it never end?
It's just a little tiring, that's all.

* We've been in here a while.
I wouldn't mind having a house this huge. Of course, it's kind of a pain to
have to walk so far between rooms.
We could get an excellent game of hide and seek going in here, but I guess
kids might get lost pretty easily.
Well... I wouldn't get lost, of course.

* What is this, a Clubba nap room? If we don't disturb 'em, maybe they won't
wake up.
But sshh... We must go slow and be quiet...

* This is only a corridor but it's as big as an ordinary room. Is that
This area alone might be bigger than my entire house. That makes me mad for
some reason.

* Hey look! A table, a bed, a chest and a drawer.
This is the only tasteful room in the place! Everything is so elegantly


* I haven't been in many windmills, but this one seems weird. Isn't this a
well sitting in the middle of it?

* I guess the well's dry. Lucky for us.

* You can tell from the dampness that there used to be water in this well.
The rocks are also moist to the touch.

* You wouldn't expect there to be such a nice walkway in a place like this.
It's so neat. It doesn't look like it's a natural path. Someone must take care
of it...

* Something important has just got to be back here. Nobody would dig such a
long tunnel for nothing.
What do you think it could possibly be, Mario?

* This is the very end of the tunnel in the well. It seems to be a big dead
This really is the perfect spot for hiding something really valuable.


* Say...are we actually inside the Toy Box right now?
How could all this be inside that little box? Best not to think about it too
Looks like this is Blue Station. It's a train station.
I think if we use that jump pad we can get back to Toad Town whenever we want.

* I wonder who made this Toy Box. I assume Shy Guys made it.
They have such cool toys... I wish I could befriend 'em, but I guess they're
too mischievous.

* This seems to be a playroom for Shy Guys.
They don't have to answer to anybody down here. I envy these guys...

* Look at all the doodles on the walls! Did Shy Guys draw all these?
They're kind of cute. I didn't know that Shy Guys had a cute side.

* Pink Station! Pink Station! There's the switch to change the tracks.
I have to admit, this Toy Box is a pretty cool place.
If I told Goombaria about this, I'm sure she would be so jealous.

* Over, around, up and back... It's like a maze in here. Still, since we're
inside a Toy Box, I'm enjoying myself.

* The walls here are so fancy and fun to look at. What a cool place!

* Look! There are moving panels on the walls and even a railroad crossing.
What a fun room!
I wish I could play here!

* Hey, it's Green Station! This train takes us to all the stations.
Boy, if we could go anywhere by just pushing a button, traveling would be a
dream, don't you think?

* Somebody told me... Bow can easily avoid all kinds of enemy attacks.
What a cool skill! I wish I had that kind of useful talent.

* It's Red Station. First Blue, then Pink, then Green and finally Red.
It's a pretty cute touch, naming stations after colors.
By the looks of this place, I'd say that Shy Guys like cuteness. They even
look like cute kids!

* The walls here are made of gigantic colored blocks. Luckily, there also seem
to be several elevators.
What do you think we'll see if we ride them? I say we find out.

* Uh... I do believe it's dark. Isn't there a light switch in this place? I
can't see anything at all.

* Wow! Just like a real toy box. Look! There are building blocks lying around

* It's really dark in here. I can't see a thing.
I feel like somebody could be right next to me and I wouldn't even know it.

* This is quite an open space. It kind of resembles a toy arena, don't you
Remember those Shy Guys we fought here? They were tough.
Of course, they weren't as tough as us.


* This is where the whale comes and goes! Riding the whale sure was fun!
This is where all travelers first set foot on the beach of Lavalava Island.
Beautiful water... Deep, lush jungles... A huge volcano... There's something
for everyone!

* These beaches seem to go on forever, don't they?
I've never seen some of these flowers. They're sure pretty! I should look for
some shells if we have time later.
I'm going to take flowers and shells back to Goombaria. She'll be happy...and
she'll also be jealous. Ha ha ha!

* Yoshis seem to love the beach. Just looking at those guys basking in the sun
makes me feel very relaxed.
And yet, even though I'd love to just sleep on the beach, I'm excited to move
Nothing compares to adventure, that's for sure!

* There's a real tropical resort atmosphere here, isn't there?
There's a nice Toad House with beach access, and you can go to the volcano or
Jade Jungle.

* The entrance to the volcano is very near here.
A green jungle, a massive volcano and red-hot, flowing lava. What a view!
It probably wouldn't look so good if the lava were coming toward us.

* I thought jungles were supposed to be all trees, but this one's full of
water. Are all jungles like this?
It looks like we can't reach the other shores from here. We'll have to find
another way.

* Sometimes crossing bridges is the only way to reach certain islands.
It seems like a pain, but what are you gonna do?

* This is where we saved Sushie when she was caught up in that tree.
Waa ha ha ha...
I just can't help laughing when I remember that! Please don't tell her I
laughed about it, Mario!

* I can't imagine what those Yoshi kids were thinking... ...playing in a place
like this... I'm not surprised, though.
Kids! Always up to something! Besides, it's natural to want to go on an

* We're in Jade Jungle. Quite a lot of water, huh?
Since there's no bridge, we'll have to find another way to get around.

* That rotating flower down by that ledge? Locals call it a Spinning Flower.
If you spin around on top of that flower, I hear that you can float upward.

* For a jungle, there sure aren't many trees around.
It gets brutally hot here whenever the sun shines directly on me.

* I bet only jungle explorers know about this hidden underground chamber.
It's so dark in here I can't see a thing.

* There's a big Raven's statue.
You gotta figure... A big statue this deep in the jungle... I bet it's

* My, it's bright here! This must be on the outskirts of the jungle, huh?
Incidentally, I have no idea how those Yoshi kids could come this deep into
the jungle.

* Ooh... it's darker in here. The trees are much thicker and that bizarre ivy
seems to be growing everywhere.

* What cool little fountains! Must be an underground spring.
If we push these blocks over the holes to seal 'em, what'll happen to the
Do you think it'll come out from another hole?

* Looks like some of the ivy is hanging off the trees here. I wonder what
would happen if you pulled on it?

* What part of Jade Jungle are we in? I'm thinking we're deep in the inner
I think I hear something. From just ahead, I can almost hear mysterious

* What a huge tree! This definitely must be the biggest tree in Jade Jungle.
How old must it be?

* It's so spacious in here! I can't believe we're inside a tree right now.

* Whoa! We're way up high! The jungle floor looks so tiny from here!
Gulp! Have I mentioned before that I hate heights?

* I can't get over how huge the inside of this tree is! It's enormous! It's
And another thing, it's giant!

* This appears to be the nest of Raphael the Raven. He's the guardian of Jade
This nest is really sturdy. It won't budge, even if Raphael jumps up and down
on the branch.


* This is definitely the entrance to the volcano. What do you say we explore
deeper inside?
The scenery around here is unlike anything I've ever seen. I wish we had time
to inspect it!

* Now a lot of lava. Did you know it'd be this hot? And we have to
cross here, don't we? I knew it.

* This is a big cavern. I've heard that some volcanoes have caverns that go
down for miles and miles!

* These Fire Bars are a huge pain, aren't they, Mario? We can get by 'em.
Don't worry.

* This is a steep slope. We have to press on, but I'm getting a little tired
going over over [sic] such rough road.

* You know, if it weren't for that lava, it'd be dark in here.

* Boy, this lava is everywhere! How are we gonna cross it?

* Boy, we're real spelunkers, aren't we? My Goompa told me that means cave-
explorer. Kind of like Kolorado!
I wonder how he manages, exploring all by himself? At least we have each

* This is a pit if I ever saw one. It's a big one, too. If we're not careful,
we could get lost.

* This is a really steep slope. If we dropped something here, gravity would
make it roll down.

* It's like a sea filled with lava.
Welcome to the Lava Sea!
Wanna swim? I'm just joking, Mario.

* We need to go east from here. It's a good thing that it's just light enough
to see.

* This cavern is lit by the lava below, so the upper level is slightly darker.

* It's hot, hot, scorching hot!
It's like being slowly cooked from the bottom up! In hot grease! On a hot day!
I can't take it anymore!

* This place is shaking itself to pieces! This is not good!

* The lava's overflowing... We're never gonna make it! What are we gonna do?


* This is the portal between the flower garden in Toad Town and Flower Fields.
The Wise Wisterwood, who's the elder of this fair land, watches over the area.
Talk about a big tree!

* There's another platform up there, but I don't think we can get up there.
I hate these flower patches! They totally cover me!
Those three trees seem to be important to me. If we hit them right, something
might drop.

* Petunia makes her home here.
But I didn't know that Monty Moles did, as well.

* A tree's been cut down here. And there's a well. Do you think we can get
water from there?
You never know, something might be living in there... What if something weird
jumps out at us? Well, it could!

* Since it's called Flower Fields, you know there have to be lots of flowers
around here. But there are also a few trees.

* What crystal clear water! Just looking at it refreshes me! I feel like a new

* I guess they couldn't call it Flower Fields without flowers. Me, I'd rather
have some tasty fruit than pretty flowers.
As short as I am, when we walk through flowers, I can't see a thing! And I
have allergies! It's not a whole lot of fun.

* Boy, if you like flowers, this is the place to be. Look at all the foliage!
Hey, by the way, blue trees produce Bubble Berries.

* It looks like there hasn't been water here in a while.
And there's just one flower. How very sad.

* Look at all the flowers. Even the flowers blooming along the road are
beautiful here in Flower Fields.

* It's a hedge maze.
I hope we don't get lost. I'm not very good at mazes. Still, I know you'll get
us through all right. You're Mario!

* Oh, I love rose gardens! Roses are just the best. Although they do have
thorns, don't they?
All of the most beautiful flowers have thorns. At least that's what they say.

* Lily looks happy in her replenishing spring, huh? It's so much more
beautiful here when there's water flowing.
Do you think this water flows to all parts of Flower Fields?
I've heard that this water is absolutely bursting with healthy nutrients.

* Look, a flower blowing lots of bubbles! Will wonders never cease?

* This area is full of flowers. Red flowers, blue flowers, yellow flowers...
even orange flowers are blooming.
It looks like there are a lot of Lakitus in bloom, too.

* It's the Sun Tower.
This is where the sun comes to rest. Do you think it's waiting here or being
forced to stay?

* Green, purple and red... the platforms are all different colors.
If you jump on them hard, they'll move up and down. We need to figure out the
right order to move them in.

* There are flower patches bordering this path.
It looks peaceful, but there are lots of briar patches and enemies around, so
be careful.

* What happened to the wall here? It looks like it collapsed. This place seems
very different from the rest of Flower Fields.


* Wow! We're in the clouds! We're floating! It feels comfy, but I just don't
quite trust it. Mario,
am I sinking? Am I?

* We're way up in the air. Since we're on a cloud, we must be close to Star
Do you think the Star Spirits are OK?


* This is Shiver City. It's usually completely covered with snow and ice.
It's perfect for penguins. It's a bit cold for me. You seem to be fine,
though. How do you do it, Mario?

* It looks like we could go skating on that frozen pond.
Skating is tons of fun! I don't know, though... Do you think that ice might
Oh, you might also notice that gate over there. It leads out into the
The path from that gate leads all the way to Starborn Valley.

* It's too bad we broke the ice in that pond, huh? Now we can't go skating!
What a pity!
That gate is the way between the village and the cold hills beyond. A guard is
always stationed there.
If you follow the path from that gate, eventually you'll come to Starborn

* I heard from Goompa that Shiver City is covered with snow all year round.


* This path is pretty clear of snow, don't you think?
Do you think people clear it off, or does the snow just melt? Bit of a
mystery, eh, Mario?
I wonder if the good citizens of Shiver City have an answer for it...

* Look at all those snowmen standing in a line.
I wonder who made them... And why. They kind of look like they're watching the
They look pretty cold, too...but I guess snowmen like cold.

* I think we're still on the path, but it feels more wild here.
If we travel east from here, we'll hit Starborn Valley. Shiver City is way off
to the west.


* This is Starborn Valley. Merle makes his home here, along with Ninjis and
They look after Star Kids until they go up to the sky. It must be a hard work.


* This is Shiver Mountain.
This is a very cold, dangerous climb. Be careful. OK, Mario?

* I feel like we're on the edge of the world up here.
Seriously! This is a really remote place to go adventuring!

* Boy, climbing this mountain is really hard!
You'd think the path to a palace dedicated to the Stars would be a lot less
trying on the legs.

* Walk carefully up here or else you may slip, Mario.
That would be a long, long way down, huh?

* What a strange place this is! It's bright even in the cave...
This must be the small cave that Merle told us about.
There's something strange about this place... Even the walls seem suspicious
to me for some reason.

* This is the door to the Crystal Palace. We can get in from here.
It must've been tough to get building materials up here!
Don't you think it would've been more convenient if they had built it at a
lower elevation?


* So spacious! You gotta love the high ceilings, huh, Mario?
You could set up a basketball court in here! The rich really know how to live!

* This room is pretty cramped. I wonder what it was used for. Servants
quarters, maybe?

* I never trust polished floors because they're often slippery. I really don't
want to fall and bump my head.

* Even though we're indoors, it's still freezing in here! I mean, seriously,
the floor's frozen... I hate it.

* It looks like your basic passage. Since we're in a palace, I'll call it a
palatial passage.

* Strange... The reflected room looks slightly different... Funny, huh...

* Ah-ha! It's a cave, isn't it?
It's nice to get a breath of fresh air, but I must say that it's even colder
out here than in there. Unbelievable!

* Is this like a waiting room? I don't know how people could deal with so many
rooms. It's totally confusing.

* My reflection is weird. Seeing myself in the floor is starting to freak me

* Boy, these rooms all seem to look alike, huh?
It seems symmetrical. You know, the left side is a mirror image of the right
It'll be really easy to get lost in here. Continue with care. OK, Mario?

* This is a long corridor, huh? Hey! That's our reflection in the floor! It's
like a mirror!
This place almost makes me miss the desert. I'm freezing! How can you stand

* Talk about cold! My knees are knocking! My teeth are chattering!
Don't you have any problems at all, Mario? Let's keep moving so I don't freeze
into a Goombsicle.
I've had all I can stand... ...must leave this fridge...

* This is a long corridor, huh?
Even the wallpaper around here looks frozen. Although I do very much like the
star pattern.

* Mario, have you noticed our reflection on the floor?
I don't trust a floor this shiny. I bet it's slippery.

* The architecture of this place is really bizarre.
We pass back and forth through these glass walls. Not knowing what's a mirror
and what's not really bugs me.

* An indoor bridge? Now I've seen everything!

* I thought you already knew that you could activate switches by giving them
some sort of shock.
You can use Kooper or Bombette to do it, you know. Don't forget!

* All the rooms look alike around here. Did they design this area to
intentionally confuse us?

* The official line on this palace is that it's temporarily closed because of
the snow and ice.
Do you think Kolorado would research this place?
I wonder if he's already planning a trip here... Maybe he's never heard of the
palace at all.
Or maybe he just has no clue how to get up here.

* It's easy to believe that this place was originally built as a palace to
honor the Stars of the sky.
Merle said that, didn't he? It's terrible that people have forgotten it and
don't come here anymore. What a waste.
Maybe after we clear it, the tourist trade will start anew.

* That's one big stone statue. Even you couldn't budge a statue that massive,
If it were just a bit smaller, we could probably push it.

* Hey, Mario! You can reach far-off objects by jumping and kicking Kooper's
shell, isn't that right?
So he can activate switches that are across wide gaps or even in reflections,
right? I wish I could do that, too.

* Well, I've determined that there's nothing here but cold, and I don't like
it at all!!!

* There's a mysterious stone statue.
This palace seems to have cornered the market on mysterious stone statues,
Brrr... It's so cold. This cold is gonna give me a cold...

* I think my body temperature has dropped about ten degrees since we've been
I should've kept that scarf we gave to the snowman.
Mario, you don't look cold. Is it just because I'm a Goomba or because you're
a fine-tuned adventuring machine?

* I wonder how far we've gone. I really can't say enough good things about the
star decorations here.
I mean it. It's such a pity that people don't visit here.

* The blue decorating scheme makes this place feel so cold.
Some warm tones would help. ...So...very...cold...

* Those Albino Dinos... They seem to turn and face us when we talk to 'em.

* It looks like we can take a break here, doesn't it? If only we had some hot
cocoa, we could take a real rest.

* Hmm...a back door. You think it's going to be a dead end up ahead?
Hey, by the way... What do you think the Star Spirits are up to right now?
I was just thinking of 'em.


* This must be... Yes! This is the legendary Star Way!
It's a path formed out of actual stars. It's absolutely beautiful!


* It's Star Haven. This place is so peaceful!

* This building... No, not building... This palace is incredible! Look at this
architecture, Mario!

* Everything seems to be shining and glittering in here. I feel like I should
shield my eyes or something.


* It's Bowser's Castle. This appears to be the hangar for Bowser's vehicles.

* Boy! Bowser's Castle. Talk about your basic eerie atmosphere, huh?
Oh... I'm nervous and excited at the same time. We're headed for the final
fight at last!

* Are we still outside the castle or what? Let's hurry through here. OK,

* I've gotta hand it to him, Bowser's Castle is amazing! Such creative use of
lava flows! It's just like that volcano!

* It's a covered hallway in Bowser's Castle.
It doesn't look like anything's amiss in here. Let's press on, Mario.

* Look at the size of that stone Bowser face! He's pretty scary looking.
That face gives me the creeps, Mario.

* It's an underground prison cell, Mario.
Are you sure you can find the way back to where we were before?

* I wonder where all this lava comes from. Don't you think it's odd?

* Lava, lava, lava! There's such a thing as too much lava, that's for sure.
Mario, are you all right in this heat?
Boy, it's hot! This adventure has just been one extreme or the other.

* The only way to cross the lava is to have somebody carry us.
If we could find a way to cool the lava off, we could probably walk on it,
And if we have to pass through lava flows, we can have Bow hide us from

* Here's the source of the lava. It's miserably hot when it's flowing.
It's not so bad when it's cooled off, though.

* Now we're cooking! I mean, now we're not cooking! It's still hot, but not,
you know, burning hot.

* You know, walking on newly hardened lava is not exactly something that your
average Goomba gets to experience.

* The lava seems to have hardened as it cooled off.

* There's a treasure chest. Things are looking up. The lava has even cooled.

* It seems to be a cave. Are we below the castle? It's so dark.
They must have had problems setting up lights down here. What a pain for us.

* It seems to be a cave. Are we below the castle? It's so dark.
How long can this darkness possibly last?

* Ah! We're back inside Bowser's Castle.
There's a stone pedestal with Bowser's face carved on it.
What poor taste! What an egomaniac! If we push that thing, what do you think
will happen?

* It's a hall in Bowser's Castle.
I wonder where it leads. We have to hurry! And yet, we should also be careful.

* These stairs aren't lighted very well, are they? I wonder how deep below
ground they go.
Bowser should really look into some ambient lighting.

* This is a prison cell where Toads are being held.
You know... There are Toads here...and beds... It's kind of like a Toad House!
Do you think that I'm just an incurable optimist? Well, what's wrong with

* Here's the storage room for Bowser's Castle. It looks like one of his
subjects is selling his stuff. Ha ha!

* It's a covered hallway. I can sum up the decorating in two words: pure
Such dark colors and drab lighting! What terrible taste!

* I'm sure Bowser's going to be surprised. I'm sure he'd never believe that we
could make it this far.
I can't wait to see the expression on his face.

* If Bombette were about three times bigger, we could just blow all these
walls up.
It would certainly let us move through these areas a lot faster.
But that's probably not a good idea. It would be far too dangerous.

* We're somewhere inside Bowser's Castle. This hall is quite large.
It also looks quite fortified. I wonder if there's anything good around here?
An attack item, maybe?

* Look at all these carvings of Bowser's ugly mug. It's really shameless! I
guess he thinks he's cool.
Hey, incidentally, about those stone pedestals... Some move and some don't, so
check 'em all out.

* Whoa! This corridor has much lower ceilings, huh? I guess I had gotten used
to really high ceilings.

* In case you don't know by now, some of these Bowser pedestals can be pushed
and others can't.
In many cases, you can push them from either the right or left side. I wonder
where I heard that?

* This is a hidden passage. It's a bit dark, huh? That's all right. I can
sense that something good's in here.

* Some of these Bowser pedestals can be pushed and others can't.
In many cases, you can push them from either the right or left sides.
If they move, you can be sure they're covering a hidden passage.

* See! A hidden passage. This one doesn't seem to be hiding anything

* ...Nothing. This room's just a dead end. How worthless.
Let's go back to the room where the pedestals are and check 'em out!

* This hidden passage looks promising, doesn't it? It must lead somewhere...
You know, I hope we're going in the right direction. I feel kind of

* We've certainly seen many kinds of treasure on our adventures, haven't we,
There's one that I would value above all others, though.
I would keep it in the safest place I know... Mario, please give me your

* Again with the Bowser faces! I'm sick of looking at his ugly mug!
Let's find the real Bowser and show him who's boss!
And then I can meet Princess Peach!

* It's the outside of Bowser's Castle. Even the outside feels gross and
Maybe he wasn't so bad until he moved here. Living in such a dank place isn't
good for the soul.

* How many halls have we been through? I wonder what this one leads to...
To Bowser's room? Maybe?

* Know what this reminds me of? A ghost story! This would make the perfect
setting for a freaky ghost story!
We could have Bow and her friends play the scary parts. Remind me to do that
some time back at Toad Town!

* It's a prison cell within Bowser's Castle. A lot of Toads are here.
It's a bit strange... Why would Bowser ever need this many prison cells?
Do you think there are that many prisoners?

* I think we've already come really far. But we're not at Bowser's room yet.
Where could he be?
This place is so complicated! That Bowser... I really don't like him!

* "I smell treasure!" Isn't that a good Kolorado imitation? Mario? Wasn't that
right on?
I wonder what Kolorado's doing?

* It's a covered hallway in Bowser's Castle. There's no place to hide around
here, that's for sure.
Not that we need one, Mario! Who'd hide? Not me!

* Do you think those windows open to outside or to the inner part of the
I'm getting totally turned around in here. This castle really is huge.

* It's a room without a window. It also has a chandelier with no lights in it.
I'm getting the feeling that Bowser is really going for the dark, gothic look
in here.
Maybe he hates bright lights.

* All the torches hanging over there... Doesn't their pattern strike you as
sort of suspicious?
It's almost as if there's a hidden meaning there. What do you say we try to
remember it?

* I think we keep passing through the same room. Do you think, perhaps, that
somebody's messing with us?
Well, it's a waste of time to just keep running around with no clue about what
we're doing.
It's kind of like what happened in Forever Forest. Say...those torches might
hold a clue for us.

* This is a corridor of sorts. I guess it's more like an elevated skyway,
If a guy were afraid of heights, his legs would probably tremble and he'd
probably freak out. Gulp!

* You know, if I were designing a castle, I wouldn't put in so many corridors.
Well, whatever. You can't expect Bowser to have good taste.

* This room is one big ego massage for Bowser. I wish we could crush all these
statues to dust.

* Stairs again! Do you think Princess Peach's Castle is at the top of 'em?
We're almost there, Mario! I can feel it! Onward! The princess awaits!


* This is Peach's Castle. But we just came out of Bowser's Castle! I've got a
funny feeling about this...
I wonder where Princess Peach is being held captive. I think we should brace
ourselves, Mario.

* This is the first floor hall of Princess Peach's Castle.
There are so many doors, though. Where on earth can Princess Peach be?

* Boy, what happened here? This is even messier than my room back home!
It looks like nobody ever puts anything away in here.

* That's a pretty huge drawer over there. I bet a person could fit inside! If
they wanted to, that is...
Hey, there's a bed, too! This must be a guest room.

* It's a kitchen. I'm just guessing, but I bet this is where they make the
The castle's head chef probably cooks all the meals, don't you think?
I wonder what kinds of savory dishes he knows how to make. Hey, Mario, have
you ever eaten here?

* This is the second floor hall of Princess Peach's Castle.
There are so many doors, though. Where on earth can Princess Peach be?

* This is just an ordinary room.
Do you smell something, though? What a strange odor...

* Wow! So many books.
If we weren't in the middle of such an adventure, I'd love to read some of

* It's a dining room.
It looks like somebody has eaten here recently. Probably not the Princess--
they're probably starving her!
People always say that the meals served here are delectable. I'd love to eat
here sometime.

* This looks like a storeroom.
...! Hey! Check out that box! Let's see what's in it.

* Wow! This is Princess Peach's room, isn't it? It smells great in here!
It's such a cheerful room, just like Princess Peach.
I can't believe she was locked up in here for so long, all by herself. She
must've been so lonely...
We've got to rescue her, right now!!

* This balcony has a great view. I'm betting that this is one of the
princess's favorite places.

* It's a covered hallway in Peach's Castle, Mario. Let's find Bowser and save
Princess Peach!

* We have to help Princess Peach!! Mario! Hurry up! Let's move!

* Bowser's gone upstairs. C'mon, we have to follow him! Mario, let's roll!

* We have to save the princess! Hurry up! Mario! There's no time to waste!

* It's a castle tower. These long spiral stairs go up and up and around and
around. Oog...I feel dizzy.

* Huh? Where in the world did Bowser just disappear to?



* She's my mom, Goomama.
She sometimes gets on my nerves when she worries too much about me, but I
still love her lots.
Don't tell her what I just said! Seriously, Mario! Promise me!

* She's my sister, Goombaria.
She's a spoiled girl, but still, everyone's always nice to her. Why?

* He's my dad, Goompapa. He's willing to do anything for us. We can always
count on him.
He doesn't really look like it, though. But did you see him fixing stuff after
that earthquake?
That's when I knew he was cool.

* He's a regular Toad. He was sent here from Princess Peach's Castle.
He's the manager of this Toad House.

* She's my grandma, Gooma. I hope she lives forever! She's the greatest!
When she starts telling old stories, she always says, "When I was young, I was
very popular with the boys."

* He's my grandpa, Goompa. He knows oodles of stuff.
Ever since I was a kid, he's been telling me fantastic stories of his youth.


* This Toad is always standing in front of the gate. Is it his job, maybe?
He looks as if he's asleep on his feet, but he actually knows quite a bit
about the town.

* This Toad is always very excited about whatever news he has. He's a little
Even so, it's a good idea to listen to him. He may be a little excitable, but
he always has news.

* She's the homemaker here. She's ordinarily very relaxed and easygoing.
Since her lazy husband is home, she's working harder than ever right now.
The housework piles up every day, but somehow she manages it all with no help.
Where does she get the energy?

* This family man ordinarily works at Peach's Castle.
He was on his day off when the castle disappeared. Talk about your basic lucky
coincidence! Wow!
He's a very reliable worker at the castle... but he never does chores around
the house.

* He's one of the Toad kids. He likes his father so much that he always tries
to sneak into the castle.
He's about the same age as I am. We sometimes play together when I come to
Toad Town.
I guess he's a pretty good friend of mine.

* He's a Toad kid who wants to be really powerful. He thinks that having power
solves everything.
His way of thinking is a little bit different from mine. He's a good enough
guy, though, when we play together.

* This Toad claims that he and his girl are in love.
But just the other day, he told me he liked a different girl! What a cad!

* Those Toads are in love. They're so in love, they don't even notice what's
going on.
Unless you like seeing public displays of affection, I wouldn't talk to them.
They're shameless.

* He's Luigi. I don't have to say anything about him, do I? He's your brother!

* He's Russ T. Everyone says he's the smartest Toad around. He's always happy
to share his vast knowledge with people.
He's filled me in on things plenty of times.
He knows a lot of things I can only guess at.

* This Toad always stands in front of the shop. He knows all about items.
He never moves, as far as I can tell. Maybe he's trying to get a tan.

* That Toad runs this shop. He buys, sells and checks items.
If you don't manage what you're carrying well, you may not be able to hold
everything. Check items when you can.

* This Toad has tried his skills at the Dojo.
That takes guts... Someday I'm gonna try it all by myself.

* He doesn't seem to have any particular reason to be at the Dojo. He's not
He just loiters around, checking out the fighters.
Maybe he just likes watching tough guys. I bet he'll root for us if we
challenge The Master.

* She is the oldest of these three Toad sisters. Apparently they call
themselves the "Three Beautiful Sisters."
I personally don't think they're that attractive, but I guess for Toads, they
Goombas and Toads think about beauty in different ways, I guess. What do you
think, Mario?

* She is the second oldest of these three Toad sisters. Apparently they call
themselves the "Three Beautiful Sisters."
She obviously works pretty hard with makeup to look gorgeous.
I guess... kind of cute... What do you think, Mario?

* She is the youngest of these three Toad sisters. Apparently they call
themselves the "Three Beautiful Sisters."
She says she's cute. I definitely think she's the cutest of the three.

* That's Chan. He's one of the trainees who seem to always be at the Dojo. He
worships The Master.
I mean, it's all well and good for Chan to admire The Master, but I prefer

* He's one of the trainees who's always at the Dojo. His name is Lee.
He's like an older brother to Chan.
Lee respects The Master above all else and hangs on every word he says.

* This guy often knows rumors. He's counting on you, Mario.
You won't let him down, will you?

* He's a Toad who often thinks about going south. Maybe his girlfriend's
Or maybe he just has a lot of friends from that area. He's pretty chatty.

* This friendly Toad loves to run his mouth. He's a bit of a gossip.

* This Toad... I'll tell you a secret. He's a huge fan of the Princess.
He told me once that he has a big collection of her photos. What a lovesick

* This guy knows tons of gossip. His favorite subject is the brother and
sister who live on Shooting Star Summit.
Sometimes it's tough dragging information out of him. But then again,
sometimes it's worth it if you're curious.

* It seems like this Toad is always in love with someone. Right now, he likes
Minh T.
I think he's in good spirits. As long as he can be near her, he'll be happy.

* She takes care of flowers. Her name is Minh T. Nobody can match her skill at
growing flowers.
She must have a green thumb. Flowers feel Minh T.'s love and show it in their

* This guy's pretty funky. His name is Rowf. He sells Badges.
He travels all over the world, buying and selling things. I'm a little

* This is Rhuff. He's Rowf's kid. He looks just like Rowf, right?
He's supposed to be helping, but it looks like he's a pain... Hmmm, well, it's
Rowf's problem.

* He's a funny color for a Toad. I've never seen him before.

* He's a funny color for a Toad. He reminds me of someone, though... But who?

* He's a funny color for a Toad. You know, I don't think I want to know this
guy. He looks like bad news.

* He's a funny color for a Toad. He looks...a little off. He's trying to be
cool, but he's failing big time.

* This is the manager of a Toad House. These havens are all over the world,
usually manned by a Toad.
When you're exhausted, you should stay at one and recover.

* His name is Parakarry. He's a Paratroopa who works for the post office.
He's well known for being the slowest mailman around. A slow mailman? That
can't be good.

* This Paratroopa looks extremely serious. And stubborn. And hardheaded.
If you have a letter coming, he'll give it to you. I wonder if he has one for

* This Toad is diligent and very hard working. He has a great work ethic.
I heard he has a bit of a crush on Merluvlee, who lives on Shooting Star

* He's a Toad. He never fails to go for a walk, even if it's nasty out.
He also loves cleaning for some reason. He cleans like crazy!

* He's a stubborn and mysterious old man. His name is Merlon.
He uses magical powers to look into the future.
I've listened to his stories before and they're really long. I try to pay
attention but... sometimes I fall asleep.
Still, his fortune-telling is supposedly right on. I don't know personally,
but Goompa told me.

* That's the Toad who hands out prizes at the radio Trading Event.
If you take the item mentioned on the radio, he'll hook you up with a rare
You really should participate in the Trading Event, Mario.

* He always talks about what he wants to be when he grows up.
He's constantly changing his goals. I guess that's natural.
It's good to have a dream to chase, don't you think?
I have a couple dreams. I'm living one of 'em right now!
Who'd have thought I'd actually have an adventure with Mario?!

* She worships Tayce T. because she really loves to cook. She's usually right
I guess she's kind of Tayce T.'s cooking apprentice right now.
My mother also admires Tayce T. She always says that she wants to learn how to
cook from her.

* This Toad is pretty smart. I wonder where he gets all of his information.
There's a rumor that this is the Toad who writes the Toad Town Times.
There's also a rumor that Luigi is the one who writes it. I wonder which rumor
is true?

* This Toad guards the path to Forever Forest.
He looks timid... Isn't that a bad trait in a guard?
Not only does he scare easily, I hear that he's especially afraid of ghosts.
Seeing as Forever Forest is supposedly haunted, he must be completely freaked

* This Toad can't keep his mouth shut. He's an incurable gossip.
I have to wonder what he says behind our backs... To be honest, I'd love to
find out.

* She's Tayce T., by far the greatest cook around.
Trust me, my mom is a really great cook,
but even she admits that she could learn a thing or two from Tayce T.
Tayce T. will cook for you if you take ingredients to her. C'mon, let's ask

* It's a flower. I guess that's pretty obvious... It doesn't seem to move like
an ordinary flower, though.

* Oh! A Bub-ulb. Talking flowers seem weird...
Didn't I hear that Bub-ulbs live in Flower Fields?

* This Toad is constantly running his mouth. When I'm with Gooma, he boasts
about his pet a lot.
He's a huge gossip. You can't believe everything he says.

* I think this Toad is a guide. He wants to be a Tour Conductor, whatever that
He's also interested in unique shops and items.

* He claims that he can upgrade your point levels...but there's something
suspicious about him.
I don't know... I just don't trust him for some reason.
Who knows, though? I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.

* Look at these cheerful kids! Everything is just fun and games to them.
Boy... I feel like a grown-up when I look at kids having such carefree fun!

* They're just some Toad children. having a good time outdoors. You have to be
careful when they're quiet.
You know kids. They're probably up to some mischief.

* He's a Toad kid who follows the other two. He's a little bit shy.
When they pick on him, though, he always fights back and he never, ever loses.
Despite that, I think those three are really good friends.

* He talks a lot, this guy. Say, since I travel with you, do you think I'll be
famous, too?
I wonder if there's any gossip about me yet.

* This guy is pretty wary. He doesn't believe most of the rumors that people
But he wants attention, so he listens well and keeps the rumors alive.

* He's part of the Great Gossip Trio. He can't get enough gossip.
They've dedicated their lives to listening to gossip, so they should know

* He's part of the Great Gossip Trio. I wonder when they're gonna get bored
with all those rumors.

* He's part of the Great Gossip Trio.
I wonder how they keep on top of it all? So much gossip!
I'd say your name comes up pretty often, Mario.

* She's always taking a walk around here. She's elegant, don't you think?
She's almost too nice to be really elegant, though. Maybe she needs to learn
to be more snobby.
Then she'd seem really elegant!

* He runs a shop. He buys, sells and checks items.
Checking is very convenient if you have a lot of items.

* These Toads just moved here. This is the first time they've lived in an
actual town.
I think they were worried that it'd be too noisy in town. This quiet area
seems to suit them well.

* These Toads just moved here. They like peace and quiet.
They said they're enjoying living here so far. They think it's quite
Well, you could just listen to them yourself, Mario...

* He's Chuck Quizmo. He tries to quiz anybody who speaks to him.
He pops up in various towns and villages, but that doesn't mean he's easy to
What do you think his deal is?
Personally, I'm a little more interested in his assistant. She's cute!

* He's a Toad. I think he's a guide at the port. He goes like this:
Pretty good, huh? Anyway, he knows this area very well. You can ask him all
about it.

* I really hate eating fish. But fishing does look fun... Fishing in the
harbor must be pretty relaxing.
My dad goes fishing, too. I wonder if he knows this guy...
But seriously, I hate fish.

* He's a Fuzzipede. What a weird little creature!
People use Fuzzipedes as fish bait, but they often manage to cut the line.
He's pretty robust for such a little guy.

* He's a Toad. He seems to be taking a walk and singing off key. Great tune,
It kind of makes me want to hang out and sing, too. I'm a terrible singer, but
this guy might make me sound good!

* This Toad's been all over the place. He'll tell you lots of old stories.
I heard that he knows lots of stories about Goompa and Koopa Koot. Were they
really that famous?

* Whenever I talk to this Toad, he tells me he wants to go "somewhere by the
Sure, it'd be great if there were an island to go relax on, but what if he got
out there and there was only ocean?

* She's a singer, the Pop Diva.!
That big earthquake scared her so badly that she forgot how to sing.
It's such a pity. Her voice is truly amazing.

* She's a singer, the Pop Diva.!
Oh! That voice! That voice will haunt me! I feel like I could listen to it

* He writes songs. They call him Master Poet. He's a pretty cool guy. He's in
love with Pop Diva.
He's really worried about her. I know just how he feels... Mario, don't laugh!

* He's a waiter at this restaurant. He said he's working here because he longs
to be near Pop Diva.
He's really working hard! I bet he's working hard to try to impress her.

* He runs this restaurant. He just opened it. He also plays a mean guitar.
I'm sure he'll be popular here. I hope to come here one day with my whole
I don't like fish, though.

* He seems to come to the Playroom often. He's probably one of their best

* He seems to be a customer at the Playroom. I bet he comes here all the time.

* He's the receptionist Toad for the Playroom. He'll tell you what games there
are to play.

* This Toad both explains and judges the Playroom games. This game is Jump

* This Toad both explains and judges the Playroom games. This game is Smash

* This Toad loves Li'l-Oinks. I always see him near Li'l-Oink Farm.
He keeps an eye on the Li'l-Oinks from outside the fence. Obviously, he really
likes 'em.

* These Toad kids always seem to be together.
They share all their secrets with each other.
They're really good friends.

* This Toad kid acts like an adult. He's always talking about his travels.
His favorite trip so far has been on Dry Dry Railroad.

* She's a very caring Toad.
Just by the way she talks, I get the sense that she's generous and carefree.

* This Toad is one of the castle maids.
Seeing as the castle has up and disappeared, I guess they've decided to take a
Travelling does have a way of refreshing the body and mind.

* This Toad is one of the castle maids. They're all travelling together.
They're quite good friends. I've never seen 'em apart!

* This Toad is one of the castle maids. She's always been very curious.
I wonder what kind of trip they're taking.
It's definitely not going to be as difficult as our journey, but I'm kind of

* This Toad never seems to leave the station. He loves trains, so he makes
excuses to travel all over.
When he's not on one of his trips, he watches the trains at the station. Did I
mention he loves trains?

* He's just an average Toad. He apparently knows a lot about Dry Dry Desert.
He goes there a lot. For work...? Oh, I don't know.

* He's the station master of Dry Dry Railroad in Toad Town.
The motto of Dry Dry Railroad is, "We are generous, polite and safe." Yeah,
that's catchy!

* He's The Master of the Dojo. He's been training students at the Dojo for
My grandpa told me he's incredibly strong. He doesn't look like it, though.
I think he just got back from a long journey where he trained with fighters
stronger than he is. What dedication!

* This Shy Guy is just causing trouble in here. He's pretending to shop, but
he's not buying anything.
Hey, buy something or get out, pal! You hear me?

* Some folk are calling it a tuna, but it's obviously a whale. Pretty huge,
isn't it?
I wonder how many Goombas would fit inside one whale?
He may look scary, being so big, but his eyes seem kind.

* He's one of the Bub-ulbs. Bub-ulbs are a type of talking plant. Aren't they
I think they come from Flower Fields.


* He's an old Star Spirit. His name is Eldstar. He reminds me of my grandpa.
He's a revered person who lives in Star Haven, way up beyond the sky. Uh...a
revered star, I mean.
I wonder why he's here. He should be in Star Haven.
And why does he look so... dim? I can see right through him.

* She's a gorgeous lady named Merluvlee. I can't believe I'm in the same room
with her!
She foresees events and uses her magic powers to find what you're looking for.
She's very accurate.
I think I'm in love... She's incredible! Pinch me, will you, Mario?

* He's Merlow. He's about the same age as I am.
I wanna play with him when we finish our adventure.
I guess he trades Star Pieces for Badges.
Merluvlee, who's downstairs, is his sister. He's so lucky!


* This is Kent C. Koopa. He's... pretty large and greedy. He seem to be in our
We can't slip past him because he's too big, but he'll let us go by if we give
him some coins.
He's huge, but remember, he's just a Koopa Troopa.


* A Koopa Troopa from scenic Koopa Village. He's like the welcome wagon.
He seems to be a pretty jolly Koopa Troopa. Just look at his face!

* Is it only my imagination or did Koopa Troopas used to walk around on four
I guess that was a really long time ago, huh?

* Koopa Troopas sunbathe in their shells when it's sunny out.
Supposedly, a lot of Koopa Troopas set trends and are totally fashionable.
I guess they have different tastes from mine...

* He's a Toad House employee. He was sent here from Princess Peach's Castle.
He runs this Toad House. He looks kind of bored.

* He's a Koopa Troopa merchant who sells goods. He also checks and buys stuff.
You might want to buy some stuff from him if we're going somewhere dangerous.

* He's a Bob-omb. He used to work inside Koopa Bros. Fortress.
Now he lives here among the Koopa Troopas.
He sometimes blows up at very inappropriate times. Not that it's such a big
deal, but somebody might get mad.

* He's a Bob-omb. He's from inside the walls of Koopa Bros. Fortress.
Even if he explodes, you'll be fine as long as you stay a good distance away.
You never know when these Bob-ombs might go off!

* This Koopa Troopa obviously loves the radio. He's always listening to it.
He seems to prefer music to the news reports.
Who wouldn't? I like music, too. How about you, Mario?

* He's a Koopa Troopa from Koopa Village. He's easygoing, but he seems to have
a sense of justice, too.
Sometimes the fight for justice is dangerous, you know.
Goompa told me that we must always be strong inside, or else we could get
I'm trying to be strong, just like this Koopa. I respect him for that.

* He's a Koopa Troopa from Koopa Village.
You know, when Koopas are in a hurry, they slide on the undersides of their
You wouldn't see anyone doing that around here. These guys are never in a

* He's a Koopa Troopa from Koopa Village.
As you can see, most Koopa Troopas are easygoing but a little bit shy.
There are some exceptions,, but he seems to be typical. You gotta love the
easygoing types, huh, Mario?

* He's a Koopa Troopa from Koopa Village.
He's pretty mellow. He doesn't even care if he's surrounded by all kinds of
As long as nothing interferes with his personal space, he doesn't care what
goes on in town.
It must be nice to have a such stress-free personality.

* She's the wife of Kolorado, who's an archaeologist and explorer. She always
worries about him.
You know, I like adventures, too. I can totally see my future wife being like
that, always worried about brave Goombario.

* This is the oldest Koopa in Koopa Village. His name is Koopa Koot.
He's famous for being selfish, stingy and impatient.
He doesn't ask for things that are impossible, but you can bet the tasks will
be hard and time-consuming.

* It's a pity that he's missing his shell. How embarrassing!
His name is Kooper. I wonder if he'd be our friend for life if we got his
shell back for him.

* He's a Bob-omb who was in jail at Koopa Bros. Fortress. He made a home in
Koopa Village.
I always thought that all Bob-ombs did was continually blow each other up,
but... I guess I was wrong.

* This Bob-omb was in jail at Koopa Bros. Fortress. He decided to settle here.
With his friends as roommates, it's bound to be noisy.

* He's a Bob-omb. He was jailed at Koopa Bros. Fortress. He probably came here
after escaping.
The kind Koopa Troopas welcomed him with open arms. How neighborly! He must be

* He's a Bob-omb. He used to be stuck in the jail at Koopa Bros. Fortress. He
must have escaped.
Now he lives with his friends in Koopa Village.
Koopa Village is quite the popular place now. I wonder how they're dealing
with the population boom.


* That Bob-omb's been jailed. I wonder what he did to the Koopa Bros.?
I thought that Bob-ombs and Koopa Bros. worked together in harmony...

* That Bob-omb's been jailed. Do the Koopa Bros. have tempers, you think?
If we had a Bob-omb on our side during battle, it would really catch the Koopa
Bros. off guard.

* That Bob-omb's been jailed. It really seems to dislike the Koopa Bros.
Say, I wonder who'll live here if we manage to boot out the Koopa Bros.?

* That Bob-omb's been jailed. I wonder if they get hurt when they blow
themselves up?
I mean, they blow up all the time, so they must enjoy it.
Once they start exploding, they can't stop! It blows my mind!

* She's named Bombette. That pink is adorable!
She does seem to be pretty strong willed. Her future boyfriend might be in for
some trouble!


* That's Jr. Troopa. He used to boot us out of the forest near Goomba Village.
He thinks he's pretty tough.
As far as I can tell, he goes around picking fights with people who are
stronger than he is. Talk about dumb!
His hobbies are working out and ordering stuff by mail.


* He's a merchant by the name of Rip Cheato. Who knows why he set up here...
I guess it doesn't matter. People can sell stuff wherever they want. It's
their choice.
I actually kind of like it here. It's like a secret fort!


* He's the station master at the Mt. Rugged Station. He looks just like the
one in Toad Town. Why is that?
Is it because of his uniform... or the pattern on his head? Pretty cool
uniform, huh?

* This Toad works at the local travel agency. It's called Toad Town Tours.
They like to personally inspect sites for future tours.
I wonder what people could possibly want to see in the desert or on Mt.

* A Dryite. He hangs around this station all the time.
He must like travelling by train, I guess.

* This Toad loves to study the creatures of the world.
She's really into conservation. She doesn't want anything to become extinct.

* He's Parakarry, a Paratroopa who delivers letters. He's got some problems.
It must be nice to have wings. He can fly anywhere. All postmen should have
You know, some people say that if you help someone in trouble, good things
will happen to you. You know, karma.
What? You've never heard that?

* He's a Whacka. When you hit Whackas, they get Bumps that fall off. I heard
that they're yummy.
You know, I'm not normally into hitting Whackas, but once I heard of their
tasty Bumps... I got the urge to whack 'em!

* A flower, I think. But... Do most flowers move like that?

* Oh! A Bub-ulb. I don't know why, but they give out Seeds.
Boy, if there are lots of these guys in Flower Fields, it must be a hopping


* This is a Koopa Troopa from the excavation team. The team is assisting
People say that excavations are about as boring as you can imagine until
you find something. I bet that's true.

* This is a Koopa Troopa from the excavation team. The team is assisting
That looks like hard work. I wouldn't want to do it. Doing chores in this
heat? Ugh!

* He's the archaeologist, Kolorado. He's famous as both a scholar and an
Unfortunately, he's also renowned for his carelessness.
He's wild about treasures and ancient secrets, so he's always taking off
around the world on some adventure.

* He's a Nomadimouse. It looks like he's in mid-journey.
I bet he has some amazing stories to tell...
A wandering Nomadimouse... Roaming the responsibilities... So


* He's a Nomadimouse who lives in this town. He seems to pay special attention
to strangers, like us.
He belongs to some kind of shady organization. The organization rules Dry Dry
So mysterious and dangerous... I can feel my skin crawling! Mario, isn't this

* That's a Dryite.
The wind out here in the desert is full of stinging sand, so he protects
himself by wrapping his face in a cloth.
Since their faces are covered, it's tough to tell them apart. I'm pretty sure
they're all adults, though.

* These Dryites look like they have big heads because they're wrapped in
It's hard to tell them apart since we can see only their eyes.

* He's a Dryite. I've seen him in Toad Town.
He earned himself a Degree at the Toad Town Dojo.

* This Dryite has been seen in Toad Town.
Why does he look like he's worried about something? Whenever I worried, my
Goompa always told me...
"When you're feeling lost, ask Merlon to show the way." Merlon's fortune-
telling is surprisingly accurate.

* He runs the shop here in Dry Dry Outpost. I don't know... He acts kind of
Is he nervous...?
Well, he may be suspicious, but he still runs the shop. His stock seems to be
made up of pretty normal stuff.
I think it's normal...

* Dryites look like the heat doesn't even bother them.
I wonder why? I'm boiling! And they're all wrapped up in clothes! What gives?
Maybe it's because their clothes are wrapped loosely. I could use some threads
like that.

* This Dryite is really quiet. He's shy, I guess.
But... I don't see any reason for him to be so timid.

* He's a Toaaad in the Deserrt...Sorry. This guy's music moves me to song.
How about some karaoke! ...Just joking.
This composer seems pretty jolly, doesn't he? He makes me wanna dance!

* This Dryite has been to Shooting Star Summit. I bet he was pretty impressed.
And cold.

* This is a Koopa Troopa from the excavation team. The team is assisting
That looks like hard work. Doing chores in this heat? Ugh!

* He's a Nomadimouse who likes telling old tales. He knows much of the history
of this town.
The legend surrounding this town is very mysterious.
I wish my hometown had such a cool legend! Then I could act mysterious.

* He's a Toad. He was sent here from Princess Peach's Castle.
I tell you, there's nothing like a quick, refreshing nap! Plus, it's free!

* That's a Dryite.
It's hard to tell whether he's old or young because of the cloth that's
wrapped around his face.
What do you think? Young or old? I'm betting young...

* That's a Dryite.
This guy looks to be pretty easygoing. Who can be easygoing in this heat? I'm

* This is Sheek. You'd think the guy could shake the dust from his clothes!
If I didn't know he was an information trader, I'd say we should steer clear
of him.
Still, he's our best source for gossip... As adventurers, we have to deal with
all kinds!

* He's a Nomadimouse who never strays from the back street in Dry Dry Outpost.
He loves to stay near the lovely wizard.
Ah, a rival for her affections!
Just joking. He's obviously fond of Merlee.
Maybe he just doesn't have anywhere better to go. He's always just sitting
There's no reason to move... His beloved is here.

* She's a wizard, Merlee. She casts spells.
If you let her cast a spell on you, it may affect you in battle.
She's one of a pair of twins. The other one is Merluvlee, from Shooting Star
When I look at a woman as beautiful as this, it makes me feel all strange!

* Da Da Da Duuum!
Sheek revealed his true self! ...I guess that means he's the boss everyone
talks about.
Oh... I was expecting Moustafa to look a lot cooler.


* This is Oaklie. He lives in Forever Forest.
He guards the entry to Forever Forest to prevent wanderers from getting lost.
He helps any townsfolk who get lost inside. That beard... For some reason, I
feel like yanking it.

* It's a flower. I think... It doesn't seem to move like an ordinary flower,

* Oh! It's a Bub-ulb. The flower we saw must be the top of his head.
He hands out Seeds. I'm willing to bet that these Seeds are really important.
Let's plant 'em, Mario.


* This Boo is guarding a treasure chest. Bow told him to, I guess.
She must be pretty scary to command such obedience!
Say, don't you think that Boos have the funniest expressions?

* This Boo appeared as soon as you took those Boots. He looks to me like he
might have some useful information.
It can't hurt to have a listen, Mario. Why don't you lend him an ear?

* This Boo runs the shop.
Nice selection, huh? I'm sure he's cornered the Boo market around here.
Maybe he was a merchant before he became a Boo.
I bet Bow orders most of this.

* He's a Boo called Bootler. He's the manager of the mansion and the personal
assistant of Lady Bow.
Ordinarily his title would be "butler." Being a butler is hard work.
Hmm... Maybe I'm just imagining this, but doesn't it look like he's enjoying
Maybe he likes hard work??

* That's a Boo who works at Boo's Mansion. He seems to really like this gloomy

* The Boos in this mansion are all big fans of Bow.
This Boo is no exception, but he's also interested in the outside world.


* He's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch.
He's in love with Bow.
If he can occasionally see Bow, his life is complete.

* That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch.
Have you ever looked closely at Boos? I think they have really charming faces.
Just like other creatures, there are some that are cute and some that just
aren't. Which is which, though...?

* That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch.
You know, Boos can't be attacked if they're invisible. Isn't that convenient?
Whenever trouble appears, they can just disappear until the coast is clear
I guess they're only in danger if they're taken by surprise.

* That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch.
This land is totally barren. I wonder what Boos find to eat around these
Oh yeah, they're ghosts. I guess maybe they don't need to eat anything.

* That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch.
Consider this: Is this place lonely because Boos make their home here, 
or do Boos live here because this place is lonely?
.... That riddle's gonna keep me up all night.

* That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch. Boos live in this wasted land
and scare people.
They also take scare-trips to Forever Forest for fun. It must be fun having
nothing to do except scare people.

* That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch.
Don't you think Boos have expressive faces?
They must do special face exercises to be able to stretch them so much.
Pulling a face muscle would hurt.

* That's a brave Boo. Even though he knows he may be eaten, he's willing to
try to help us. How noble!
You know, it takes a lot of guts to walk straight into the mouth of danger to
help others.
I guess he came partly to help us but mostly to help Bow. Every Boo loves Bow,
after all.

* That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch.
It's hard to tell if they're male or female, isn't it? They should all wear
bows like Bow does. That'd make it easier.

* That's a Boo who lives here in Gusty Gulch.
You know, I think it's possible for a ghost to be cute and scary at the same
It all depends on the person they're scaring. What's cute to one may be
horrifying to another.
This Boo doesn't look that scary. He looks too nice.


* This Boo's hiding in Tubba Blubba's Castle. The castle is terrifying for
Boos, so this guy has guts.
He must have come to try to find the secret of Tubba Blubba. That monster must
have some weakness hidden here!
This Boo is willing to risk his own life! So brave...
You know, no other Boos will dare come here because Tubba Blubba eats any Boos
he finds.

* Everyone left while this Clubba was sleeping. He must be really tired.


* This is Yakkey, a magical key. It was lucky for us that it spilled the beans
about Tubba Blubba's secret.
But I wonder what it's going to do...


* He's an employee of the Toy Box station.
The employees drive the trains from one station to another and announce the
Don't you think he looks like the station masters at Toad Town and Mt. Rugged
[No, I am not writing it four more times.]

* He's a guard named Anti Guy. He's all by himself! And he looks totally weak! never know. Appearances can be deceptive. Just look at me!
Hmm... Weak? Or really strong?

* That's Gourmet Guy. Woow! He's huuuuge!
Does this guy ever stop eating? He looks like he'd eat until his stomach blew

* Say... This is the lantern that belongs to the Big Lantern Ghost. There's
something inside.
Do you think it'd come out if we broke it?


* A Yoshi. This Yoshi always hangs out around the village entrance.

* He's a Yoshi who is an old friend of the Village Leader.
They've known each other since they were kids. I hear they've pulled many a
prank together!
They must be really close pals if they've been friends for so long.

* He's the Village Leader. He's very dignified.
Doesn't he look thoughtful and perceptive?

* He's a blue Yoshi. He's just hanging out here.
Maybe he's a Marine Yoshi! You know, because he's blue? ...OK, maybe not.

* This Yoshi is really easy to talk to. I bet everybody likes him. He's so
My Goompa once read me a book that had a Yoshi in it, but I never really
thought that they existed.
It's so exciting to see 'em!

* This Yoshi loves food like nobody's business!
I wonder what he'd do if we gave him some food made by Tayce T.? He'd freak

* A Yoshi. I've seen pictures in books of these guys.
I want to ride on one's back! It's always been a childhood dream of mine...

* She's a Cheep Cheep. Her name is Sushie. She's sort of meddlesome.
At least that's what the Yoshi kids say. According to them, she tries to
control their lives.
I think she's just trying to take care of them, but she doesn't seem to be

* He's a yellow Yoshi kid. Whoa! He's cheery, huh? This kid is full of pep.
I was the same back in the days when I was small.
What? I'm still small? Well, yeah, compared to you, I guess I'm still wet
behind the ears.

* He's a green Yoshi kid. He's an excitable rascal, huh? Yoshi kids get pretty
All he wants to do is explore beyond his village. I know how he feels.

* He's a purple Yoshi kid. Not a care in the world!
Very cute. He seems to like you, Mario.

* He's a blue Yoshi kid. He thinks he's different from other Yoshi kids.
What a cute little guy! I can see how he might get on your nerves, though.

* Yoshi kids are so cheerful. This red Yoshi kid, though, looks pretty
He looks like a little scamp. I bet he gets into all sorts of trouble and
doesn't regret it a bit.
What? That's like me? Marioooo! C'mon! Take it back!

* He's the Toad of the Toad House. He was sent here from Princess Peach's
This Toad House is kind of a Resort Hotel. The Toad here seems to like his
job. It's one long vacation!

* He's a Yoshi who's set up a little shop on the island. He sells, checks and
buys items.
Remember, shops are different in different parts of the world.
I see items in this shop that you can't get anywhere but here.

* He's a Raven.
Ravens are short and chubby. They're pretty fluffy, too. And somewhat cuddly.
And soft.

* He's a Raven.
He looks good in black. Can we take him with us, Mario?
He doesn't want to go? What a bummer...

* He's a Raven.
Ravens only say "caw" unless they think they have something really important
to tell you.
They only tell important stuff to people they trust. I wish they'd tell us

* He's a Raven.
Ravens are really cute. I told Kooper that, and he said I had weird taste.
What's so weird about that? Aren't they cute, Mario?

* It's a flower. I guess that's pretty obvious... It doesn't seem to move like
an ordinary flower, though. [Yes, the exact same text as the one in Toad

* Oh! A Bub-ulb.
I don't know why it's growing here. It's a very strange flower, don't you
This Seed... I bet it's something very important. Important to Bub-ulbs,

* He's Raphael the Raven, the guardian of this jungle. Look at the size of
this guy! He's enormous!
I bet there's nothing he can't do. Doesn't he seem trustworthy?


* She's the Star Spirit, Misstar. She was imprisoned by Bowser in Mt.
Her life must've been really tough recently.
But she still looks pretty.
Boy, she makes me see stars!


* It's a Bub-ulb. It's one of many talking flowers in Flower Fields.
Boy, it seems like as soon as creatures learn to communicate, they learn to

* You know, a lot of the flowers in Flower Fields will answer you if you talk
to 'em.
They're probably our best source of news around here.

* A lot of flowers live here, huh? They're very...
uh...beautiful, I guess.

* It's a Bub-ulb. The flowers around here hate cloudy weather. They need the
sun's rays!
I don't like the rain, either, because I can't play outside.

* It's a Tolielip.
He definitely knows a lot about Flower Fields.
Unfortunately, he's a liar. You can figure out his riddles, can't you, Mario?

* This flower is named Petunia. She's obsessed with Seeds. She's pretty
She says she doesn't do anything with the Seeds. She just collects them.
Collecting Seeds? Talk about a boring hobby! Don't you think so, Mario?

* It's a red flower that guards a gate. Red is a passionate color.
Goombaria knows a lot about the subtle languages of flowers and colors.
She talks and talks and talks until I can't take it anymore! As a result, I've
learned a lot of what she knows.

* She's Posie. A lily. She looks generous and kind, doesn't she?
Of course, sometimes the kindest looking characters turn into the scariest
when you make 'em mad.

* It's a yellow flower that guards a gate. Yellow is a friendly color.
Yellow also means "Caution!" in many cultures, though., Maybe we should be

* That's Lily. She says she's guarding the spring. I get the sense that she's
easily distracted.
She's off in her own little world a lot of the time. It's kind of a problem if
you want to get any information from her.
She seems to drift off even while you're talking to her.

* It's a blue flower that guards a gate. Blue... It's the color of the sea and
It's supposed to calm you. I also heard that it can ruin your appetite for
some reason. Do you think that's true?

* What do you know? A rose called Rosie! She loves it here in the garden.
She's pretty full of herself.
I guess she thinks she's the prettiest of all flowers.
She is quite beautiful... She has a strange way of expressing herself,

* It's a Bubble Plant.
It looks like blowing bubbles makes him really happy.

* It's the sun. Some people call it the "Blessed Sun."
It's the source of life for flowers and trees. If it doesn't come out,
eventually all plants wither away.
Sunshine makes me happy, too.

* This is Lakilester's girlfriend, Lakilulu.
When they have arguments, she never backs down. What a cute couple!

* These followers of Bowser run the Puff Puff Machine.
They're continuing their evil plan to fill this fair land with clouds.
Boy, Bowser and his goons think up the strangest ways to mess with our world,
huh? They're really quite creative.


* He's a pretty easygoing penguin who always gossips.
I mean, I like gossip, but...don't these guys get bored recycling all the same

* This penguin's been to the Dojo in Toad Town.
He likes to show off his certificate and compare it to ones other people get
at the Dojo.

* This penguin gossips, but at least he takes the time to confirm rumors that
he hears.
He can still be wrong, though.
It doesn't matter if he confirms his sources if the entire basis of the rumor
is false.

* He likes rumors. He doesn't look like the adventurous type at all.
If he wants some excitement instead of just gossip, he should eat a Volt
Shroom. That'd give him a jolt!

* This penguin likes to gossip. He never goes outside the city, though. He
just wanders around here, where it's safe.

* These penguins love rumors. They gather together just to gossip. Especially
about other people.
The tiniest little rumor will spread like wildfire around here if they hear
Their gossip stays in town, so that's something, at least.

* He's the penguin who sells things in this shop. He also keeps and buys
By the way, is it only my imagination or are you the only person who ever
shops here? I've never seen anyone else here.

* This Toad of the northern lands runs the Toad House. He was sent here from
Princess Peach's Castle.
It must be tough working in such a cold place. I wonder what he does to keep
his spirits up.

* He's the penguin patrol! Guardian of the city!
He does an adequate job as an investigator, but I wouldn't count on his skills
too much.
When trouble arises, I think that Mario is the best man for the job!

* This penguin is camped out by Herringway's house.
What's he staring at? Is he even awake? He really enjoys looking up at the
night sky.

* This penguin has mastered many ways to play with snow and ice. He looks like
he could have fun anywhere cold.

* This penguin likes skating, but he likes rumors even more. Boy, penguins
sure do love their rumors, huh?

* This penguin is guarding the warehouse. But he lost the Warehouse Key.
...Not the best job of guarding. I guess he figures that he'll just stand
there staring and pretend he's doing a good job.

* He's a timid penguin. He's terrified of the unknown and is constantly
I wonder who's a bigger coward, this guy or the Toad at Forever Forest? My
money's on the Toad.

* This penguin is the gatekeeper. He guards the city gate night and day.
He keeps track of anyone coming or going through Shiver City.

* He's a cheerful penguin. He looks fun but a bit reckless.

* He's a friendly penguin. He seems to be very fair.

* This penguin who likes gossip. He wanders around the city.

* There aren't many non-penguins, so we stand out in this city.
I wonder what this penguin thinks about us.
[There are three penguins with this text.]

* She's the wife of Mayor Penguin, who's the mayor of Shiver City. She has a
bit of a problem with exaggeration.
She loves mystery novels and longs to be a great detective.
The way I see it, she's a bit too flighty to be a detective.
You, however... I think you'd make a great sleuth, Mario!

* This is the mayor of Shiver City, Mayor Penguin.
He's a good friend of Herringway, another penguin. Everyone in the village
relies on him.
He's a little absentminded, but he does his job well.
I know I've seen him in Toad Town before. I wonder if he's been to the castle?
Ever seen him before, Mario?

* This penguin made a secret room in his house to hide in. What a cool idea!
He's a friend of Mayor Penguin.
His name is Herringway, and he writes mystery novels.
His secret study, where he writes his novels, is on the second floor.
I imagine that he has lots of fans in the city, so I can see why he'd need a
secret room.
I wouldn't mind reading one of his novels someday.


* He's a Star Kid who isn't allowed to go up to the sky. It doesn't seem to
have affected his spirits, though.
It's no use worrying about these little guys now, Mario. We'll help 'em soon!

* He's one of the Ninjis.
Because the Ninjis are so small, it must be hard for 'em to keep the Star Kids
in line.

* This Toad is taking care of the Star Kids.
Some people say that taking care of kids is like fighting a war every day.
I think these Star Kids are OK, though. I'm sure they're grateful for their
baby-sitter's hard work.

* He's one of the Ninjis.
The Ninjis are excellent baby-sitters for the Star Kids. Of course, they have
to run around constantly, but hey.
They're working really hard.

* It's one of the Star Kids.
Hey, maybe if we make friends with the Star Kids now, they'll grant us tons of
wishes later!

* This Toad is taking care of the Star Kids. He's dressed for the weather.
I don't know why he needs to dress in such warm clothes. His head looks like
it'd keep him warm all by itself.

* He's a Toad. He was sent here from Princess Peach's Castle. He runs the
local Toad House.
He doesn't have to take care of any Star Kids. He has his own job.

* This Toad is taking care of the Star Kids.
It must be tough running after such rascals in deep snow.
I mean, Star Kids can fly! It's gotta be tough for a Toad to keep track of 'em
while walking on the ground.

* He's one of the Ninjis. The Ninjis take care of the Star Kids. I hear that
they're great cooks.

* It's a Star Kid--just a baby. Star Kids are so full of life, aren't they?
I always wanted a younger brother, you know. It would be fun to get into
hijinks with a little bro.

* It's a Star Kid. She's so cute! She reminds me of Goombaria.

* It's a Star Kid. He wants a younger brother. Hey, so do I!
I hope he becomes a great star one day.

* He's one of the Ninjis.
The Ninjis are taking care of the Star Kids. Merle is in charge. He seems
really busy, though.

* This Star Kid thinks he's made himself invisible. He wants to go up to the
OK, but, it's hard to imagine this little prankster granting anyone's

* He's Merle, the person who controls this valley. He's the one who called
you. He's the son of Merlon.
That means...
Merle must be the father of the fortune-tellers Merluvlee and Merlow.


* This is an Albino Dino. He looks exactly like that stone statue over there.
He's a guard for this palace.
I never thought you could talk to these creatures! Wouldn't it be something if
we made friends with these guys?
You know, it seems that they like facing us when we talk to 'em.
[All three say the same thing.]


* He's a Star Haven resident.
He doesn't look well. Doesn't he know that we rescued all the Star Spirits?

* He's a Star Haven resident.
He looks like he doesn't have a care, even though Bowser still has the Star
He probably thinks he can't help.
Well, to tell the truth, he probably can't, but shouldn't he at least show a
little bit of concern?

* It's a Star Haven resident.
It's sad that these wish-granters aren't more energetic. Only the Star Spirits
are lively.

* It's a Star Haven resident.
These guys believe that everything will be fine since the Star Spirits have
There's still work to be done!
I mean, I'm sure it seems great to have the Star Spirits back, but the fight's
not over!

* He's running an inn. It's just like a Toad House.
I never thought we'd find one in Star Haven.
This is the first time I've seen a Toad House with no Toad.

* It's a Star Haven resident.
He's filled with hope, now that the Star Spirits are back.
It must be tough to wish on a Star when you happen to be a Star yourself.

* This Star sells things in this shop. He also checks and buys items.
There must be some extremely rare items here. Did you find anything good,


* This Toad worked in the castle. Even though he's in a fix, he's still
worrying about Princess Peach.
What a brave soul! Doesn't he know that people are worried about him back

* This Toad's been captured. He looks like he's all right.
I wonder where he worked in Peach's Castle?

* He was a soldier at Princess Peach's Castle. He was captured in the
That must have been a pretty bad scene.
He looks like he's recovering.

* This is the Toad Minister. Uh... Pleasure to meet you! My name is Goombario,
sir. I'm Mario's right hand, sir.
Just joking. But seriously, one day I'd love to be invited to a castle party.
How about it?

* It's a Dryite.
He came to the party and was dragged into this mess. He seems to be really
cold. He must miss the desert.
We have to defeat Bowser as fast as we can and get all these brave folks back

* This Toad's been captured. It must've been scary to be captured, but he
looks like he's all in one piece.

* He's one of the captured Toad Soldiers. These guys are counting on you!
Let's not let 'em down!

* This Toad's been captured. Somehow he's been able to set up a Toad House
here. How lucky for us!

* He's one of Bowser's followers. He got bored guarding the storage room and
decided to start selling stuff.
Wow, his job must have been really, really boring. I can imagine.
You've gotta wonder, though... I bet if someone found out that he sold stuff
to Mario, he'd get punished big time.
Maybe he doesn't know who you are, though...

* It's a penguin from Shiver City.
I wonder how he scored an invitation to the party? He must know somebody at
the castle or something.
Or maybe he was just wandering and got lost... I never get lost.

* This Toad's been captured. He spends his days worrying about other people.
I guess he doesn't realize how many people are worried about him.
We have to get him home to the people who miss him. We must!

* He's a soldier from Peach's Castle. He says he's ashamed that he failed.
He and the others tried their best, but they were overcome by Bowser's troops.
The fiends who follow Bowser must be tough customers...

* This Toad's been captured. He's set up a Toad House. We should be thankful
for his sacrifice.

* It looks like Princess Peach, but something just doesn't seem right...
I mean, I've never met the Princess, but I thought she was more...sweet.
Hey Mario, is she really Princess Peach?


* This Toad is hiding out in that chest. He's gonna open a Toad House here.
Hey Mario, isn't that a stroke of luck? We'll be able to take a rest.



* This is a Goomba.
Goombas are what you'd call "small fries." Actually, they're pretty much the
smallest fries. ...Hey, wait! I'm one of 'em!
Max HP: 2, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
You can jump on them or whack 'em with the Hammer.
These guys are old school. They've been around since you were in Super Mario

* This is a Spiked Goomba. Spiked Goombas are Goombas with spikes on their
Max HP: 2, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
Whatever you do, don't jump on their spikes or you'll get hurt or even

* This is a Paragoomba. Obviously, Paragoombas are Goombas with wings.
Max HP: 2, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
You can't hit 'em with the Hammer while they're airborne.
If you damage 'em, they'll fall to the ground and become ordinary Goombas.

* This is Blue Goomba. He's the younger of the two notorious Goomba Bros.
Max HP: 6, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
As you heard in his little speech, he's one of the Goomba King's men.
He doesn't look that healthy. He's weaker than his brother.

* This is Red Goomba. He's the older of the two notorious Goomba Bros.
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
The Goomba King ordered him to try to stop you.
You can take this guy, no prob. He has just a little more HP than an ordinary

* This is the Goomba King. He's really big. I mean, look at him! He looks
really powerful.
Max HP: 10, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
He's the boss of Red Goomba and Blue Goomba. Who cares if he's strong? You're
much stronger.
Gee, I wonder what he ate to become so big? I'd like to be a bit bigger, too.

* This is a Goomnut Tree. Spiky Goomnuts will fall down if you hit this tree.
They'll definitely hurt if they hit us, but it may be worth it to use them
against the enemy.


* This is a Magikoopa. Magikoopas use magical rods.
Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
Magic attacks are no joke, Mario. You'd better take these guys seriously.


* This is Chan, of the Dojo. He is training under The Master and is happy to
fight us.
Max HP: 15, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 2
Hammer attacks don't work well, but you can turn him over with Jump attacks.
Once he's flipped over, he's easy.
No mercy, Mario!

* This is Lee, of the Dojo. He's training under The Master and is happy to
fight us.
Max HP: 20, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0
He has mastered the art of disguise, so don't let it faze you when he suddenly
mirrors us.
Remember, he can't stay disguised forever.
Don't let his strange tactics throw you off guard, no matter how many times he

* It's Lee disguised as me. His Max HP is 20.
Do I really look like that? No way...
He'll use Headbonk and Tattle. He has the same skills as me.
Of course, I'm much better looking and more debonair. And I hope that I'm

* This is Lee disguised as Kooper. His Max HP is 20.
Lee has disguised himself as Kooper perfectly, so his attack power is the same
as Kooper's usual power.
Just like Kooper, he attacks with his shell. If you flip him over, you'll beat
him with ease.
Incidentally, Lee's red scarf and wristband look cooler than Kooper's.
...Don't tell Kooper I said that, though.

* This is Lee disguised as Bombette. His Max HP is 20.
Lee has disguised himself as Bombette perfectly, so his attack power is the
same as Bombette's usual power.
Sure, he looks cute as Bombette, but he packs a punch!

* This is Lee disguised as Parakarry. His Max HP is 20.
Lee has disguised himself as Parakarry perfectly, so his attack power is the
same as Parakarry's usual power.
He's usually slow, but once he's in battle, he's a whirlwind of feet and
He's a sight to behold in the heat of battle.
To tell the truth, I think he's the most intimidating one on our team!

* This is Lee disguised as Bow. His Max HP is 20.
Lee has disguised himself as Bow perfectly, so his attack power is the same as
Bow's usual power.
That Smack attack is brutal! So cruel!

* This is Lee disguised as Watt. His Max HP is 20, so you should be serious
even though he looks as adorable as Watt.
Lee has disguised himself as Watt perfectly, so his attack power is the same
as Watt's usual power.
Remember, don't stomp on him! You'll get a massive electric charge if you do.

* This is Lee disguised as Sushie. His Max HP is 20. Sushie looks tough! Think
she'd be mad if she heard that?
Lee has disguised himself as Sushie perfectly, so his attack power is the same
as Sushie's usual power.
I'm not too thrilled to have to fight Sushie. She's strong!

* This is Lee disguised as Lakilester. His Max HP is 20.
If I remember our battle with the real Lakilester correctly, this one seems to
be weaker.
Lee has disguised himself as Lakilester perfectly, so his attack power is the
same as Lakilester's usual power.
Dodging that Spiny Flip is tough, so pay attention.

* This is The Master. He owns the Dojo--and he's the strongest member.
Max HP: 50, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 0
If he's the best in the Dojo, he must be pretty tough!

* This is The Master. He owns the Dojo--and he's the strongest member.
Max HP: 75, Attack Power: 8, Defense Power: 0
He knows both normal and advanced methods of attack.
You'd better concentrate, Mario! This guy doesn't mess around at all!

* This is The Master. He owns the Dojo--and he's the strongest member.
Max HP: 99, Attack Power: 10, Defense Power: 1
He may well know a few moves I've never heard of...
We can't expect mercy from this guy, so let's take the fight to him.

* It's Jr. Troopa! He swam all the way after us! This kid...he's got guts!
Max HP: 40, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 1
He still flies but now he has a spike on his head. It'll hurt if you jump on
him. He seems tougher this time...
Luckily for us, he also looks pretty tuckered out.
Well, he should be tired. The little guy swam to Lavalava Island and back!
It seems better to attack from a distance with an item or something rather
than attacking him directly.


* This is a Koopa Troopa. Everybody knows Koopa Troopas. They're Bowser's
Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 1
Their shells are hard.
If you can flip 'em over, their defense power will fall to 0 and it will
become much easier for you to defeat 'em.
You can flip 'em with a POW block or a Jump attack.

* What was his name? Jr. Troopa? I don't remember exactly... ...Just joking,
Max HP: 15, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 1
He looks so adorable hiding in his egg, doesn't he? So cute!
It should be a snap to beat him now. ...I think.

* This is a Paratroopa. No surprise here--Paratroopas are Koopa Troopas with
Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 1
When you jump on 'em or use a POW Block, their wings fall off and they become
normal Koopa Troopas.
It's easy to beat 'em once they're normal Koopa Troopas. Give 'em another Jump
They think they're pretty cool because they wear sunglasses, but they're not
that tough.

* This is Kent C. Koopa. He seems pretty greedy for such a large Koopa.
Max HP: 70, Attack Power: 10, Defense Power: 6
He sometimes does a stamp attack with his shell. That attack has a power of 3.
His shell attack also damages party members (like me!), so be sure to defend!
As with all Koopas, your chances will greatly improve if you can flip him
over. His defense power will drop.
Watch it, though! He'll attack as soon as he's back on his feet.
And by the way, is he not THE HUGEST KOOPA EVER!?! Somebody told me that he
used to live in Koopa Village...


* This is a Fuzzy. Why do Fuzzies always jump up and down? They need to chill
Max HP: 3, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
The problem with Fuzzies is their quickness. It's really tough to time their
If they latch on to you, watch out! They'll absorb your HP.


* This is a Bob-omb.
Bob-ombs are pretty temperamental, and they get steaming mad when you attack
Max HP: 3, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
You'd better not jump on 'em when they're angry or they'll blow up in your
face. In fact, stay away entirely.
Attack 'em from a distance with items like Hammers. Or you could send in other
things, like shells.
If they attack when angry, they'll charge in and explode. So you'd better take
care of them before they blow!

* This is a Bullet Bill, a kamikaze attacker.
If you don't beat Bullet Bills quickly, they'll slam into you and explode.
Max HP: 2, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
I'm serious, Mario. These guys will really make us pay if they manage to hit
We have to beat 'em before they get the chance to strike us.

* This is a Bill Blaster. Bill Blasters are the cannons that shoot out Bullet
Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 0, Defense Power: 1
They won't attack us directly, but they'll keep shooting out Bullet Bills as
long as they can.
It's efficient to attack 'em all at once, but you can also beat 'em one at a

* Bowser...? But he looks kind of...lame. I mean, he's lame anyway, but...
Max HP: 10, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 1
Does Bowser really look like this? I always imagined him looking, well, a lot

* The Koopa Bros. have formed a tall Koopa tower!
Max HP: ?, Attack Power: ?, Defense Power: ?
I'm not sure about this...
They do a spinning attack with the whole gang piled high atop one another.
Hit 'em with a Hammer or something to make 'em unstable. After that, any
attack should knock 'em down.
If you use an explosion, you can make 'em fall down at once.
If you flip 'em over, the battle will nearly be ours! Beat 'em one by one!

* This is Green Ninjakoopa. He looks exactly the same as a normal Koopa
Max HP: 5, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 1
He has a little bit of defense power, but you can turn him over by jumping on
him, just like a normal Koopa Troopa.
Let's flip him over quick! Otherwise, the Bros. may form a tower and do their
famous spinning attack!

* This is Yellow Ninjakoopa.
Yellow reminds me of curry. Isn't that a weird thing to think of in the middle
of a battle?
Max HP: 5, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 1
He has a little bit of defense power, but you can turn him over by jumping on
him, just like a normal Koopa Troopa.
Let's flip him over quick! Otherwise, the Bros. may form a tower and do their
famous spinning attack!

* This is Black Ninjakoopa. Black is pretty fashionable...
Max HP: 5, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 1
He has a little bit of defense power, but you can turn him over by jumping on
him, just like a normal Koopa Troopa.
Let's flip him over quick! Otherwise, the Bros. may form a tower and do their
famous spinning attack!

* This is Red Ninjakoopa. He's the Koopa Bros. leader.
He's pretty much just a normal Koopa Troopa, though.
Max HP: 5, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 1
He has a little bit of defense power, but you can turn him over by jumping on
him, just like a normal Koopa Troopa.
Let's flip him over quick! Otherwise, the Bros. may form a tower and do their
famous spinning attack!


* This is a Gloomba. Gloombas are nasty Goombas who live in the Toad Town
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
They're stronger than ordinary Goombas, but you can take 'em.

* This is a Spiked Gloomba. They're Spiked Goombas who live in the Toad Town
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
Be careful of the spiked hats they wear. It'll definitely hurt if you jump on

* This is a Paragloomba. Paragloombas are nasty winged Gloombas who make their
home in the Toad Town Tunnels.
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
Just like Paragoombas, Paragloombas lose their wings when attacked, then they
fall and become Gloombas.

* This is a Blooper. Bloopers lurk in the dank pools of Toad Town Tunnels.
Max HP: 30, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
They seem pretty unremarkable.
Although... You have to wonder how they float in the air like that...

* This is an Electro Blooper. Electro Bloopers are electro-charged.
Max HP: 50, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0
A bit of advice: When they're emitting electricity, it'd be a smart move to
avoid contact with 'em.
If you can manage to damage 'em while they're emitting electricity, they'll go
back to normal.
Their attack power when they're emitting electricity is 6. Let's try to be
careful, what do you say?

* This is a Dark Koopa.
Dark Koopas are Koopa Troopas who live in the Toad Town Tunnels. They're known
for causing dizziness.
Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 2
Be extra careful when you see 'em grin, because that means they're getting
ready to do their dizzy attack.
Their defense power is 0 when they're turned over, so you should use Jump

* This is a Super Blooper. Whoa! It's huge! Easily the biggest Blooper ever!
Max HP: 70, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0
Trust me, its size doesn't lie. It's pretty powerful. When it gets mad, it
turns red and its power goes way up.
And sometimes it spawns Blooper Babies. Buckle down, Mario! We're in for a

* This is a Blooper Baby. Super Blooper spits 'em out and they come to drain
Max HP: 6, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
We need to beat 'em quickly so they can't drain us dry. They're so cute,


* This is a Monty Mole. Monty Moles are rock-throwing moles, big time
Max HP: 3, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
Ugh. They have kind of scary looking faces. They're pretty weak, though.
Maybe they wear sunglasses because they have really sensitive eyes. Or maybe
they're just hip.

* This is a Cleft. Clefts are pretty strong, so you'd better be careful.
Max HP: 2, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 2
Their specialty is pretending to be rocks, so watch your step on the mountain.
You'll get hurt if you jump on the spikes on their heads.
You know, there's courage in running away sometimes...

* This is Buzzar. He guards Mt. Rugged. Wow! That's one big bird!
Max HP: 40, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
If you get caught in the clutches of his sharp claws, you'll lose 4 HP! Try to
wriggle out of his grip.
His special attack is flapping his wings to create wind. This attack damages
your party members, too.
But he was hatching eggs, wasn't he? Is it possible that he's really a she? I


* This is a Bandit. Bandits bump into you hard and shake up your pockets. They
can steal up to 10 coins.
Max HP: 5, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
They'll slyly approach and then slam into you all of a sudden.
If you can damage them in an attack, you can get your stolen coins back.
Let's beat 'em before they can make off with our loot!

* This is Pokey, an evil cactus. Pokeys attack by throwing parts of their
bodies or by coming close and falling on you.
Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
Be careful fighting them! It'll hurt if you jump on their spiky heads!
They also have an annoying habit of calling in reinforcements. Let's beat 'em


* This is a Pokey Mummy.
Pokey Mummies are Pokeys that dried out and became mummies then went to live
in the ruins.
Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
Careful! They have spikes on their heads! Trust me--it'll hurt if you jump on
The mummification also made 'em poisonous. If you get poisoned when they
attack you, you'll take damage for a while.
What do you say we beat 'em before they can poison us?

* This is a Buzzy Beetle. Buzzy Beetles are cute--but mean.
Max HP: 3, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 2
Fire attacks don't work very well against these hardheads.
If you can flip 'em, though, their defense power falls to 0. Keep flipping
'em, Mario!
I heard that they used to flourish all over the place, but now they're only
found in dark, shadowy places.

* This is a Swooper, a ghost bat. Swoopers got their name because they swoop
down out of the shadows.
Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
Even Jump attacks can't reach 'em when they're hanging on the ceiling, but
earth tremors will knock 'em loose.
Parakarry can also knock 'em loose with one of his moves.
You can attack 'em however you choose once they're hovering in the air.

* This is a Stone Chomp, who guards the treasure in this room. He's made of
stone. Duh!
Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 1
His jaws can supposedly crush a Coconut. I don't know about you, but I don't
want to become a snack.

* This is Tutankoopa. He's one of Bowser's followers and he's been assigned to
guard one of the Star Spirits.
I've heard that he has sort of a pharaoh complex.
Max HP: 30, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
He attacks by throwing shells from that high perch.
Try to avoid when he uses magic: its attack power is 2 and it'll sting for
And he also summons Chomps, his loyal subjects. Those Chomps have some serious
attack power.
Think hard about who to attack first, Tutankoopa or Chomp.

* It's a Chomp. You've heard about Chomps before, I'm sure.
Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 3
They're made of such hard stuff that most of your attacks won't even faze
I heard a rumor that the Chomps are a little peeved at Tutankoopa because he
works them so hard.


* This is a Piranha Plant. Piranha Plants pop out of the ground at unexpected
moments, so be on your guard.
Max HP: 5, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
You've seen 'em in every one of your adventures, so I imagine you know 'em
pretty well.
Their sharp jaws point upward, so you'll get bitten if you try to jump on 'em.
They smile after biting people. That smug makes me hopping mad!

* This is a Forest Fuzzy. Forest Fuzzies are always green.
Max HP: 6, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
If they grab hold of you, they'll absorb your HP and add it to their own. The
fiends! Those no good...
Oh! And they sometimes divide. If they divide they become even stronger, so
try to beat 'em before they can split.

* It's Jr. Troopa. I can't get enough of this guy!
Wah ha ha ha! Did the little guy get lost in the big bad forest?
Max HP: 40, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 1
Apparently he's grown wings, so he can fly now. You'll have to jump to reach
He's a bit stronger, so it may be worth it to use any items you have to attack


* This is a Hyper Goomba. Hyper Goombas are crazy, uncivilized Goombas living
in Gusty Gulch.
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
They sometimes charge their power before attacking.
That charged attack will take away 8 HP, so watch out when they start to glow.
It's a good idea to use Bow or an item to become transparent. The attack will
miss for sure.

* This is a Hyper Paragoomba. Hyper Paragoombas are Hyper Goombas with wings.
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
They sometimes charge their power before attacking.
That charged attack will take away 8 HP, so watch out when they start to glow.
It'll miss you if you can become transparent.
Except for that, they're no different from normal Paragoombas, so use a Jump
attack to defeat 'em.

* This is a Hyper Cleft. Hyper Clefts have more defense power than normal
Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 3
They sometimes charge their power before attacking.
That charged attack will take away 8 HP, so watch out when they start to glow.
It'll miss you if you can become transparent.
Their defense power will fall to 1 if you use an explosion to flip 'em over.
And in case you hadn't noticed, they have spikes up top! It'll hurt if you
jump on 'em.


* This is a Clubba. Clubbas are the main guards of Tubba Blubba's Castle.
Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
They often sleep on the job. If you walk very slowly, they won't wake up.
They may look big, but if you use the action command perfectly, they're not so

* This is Tubba Blubba. He is one of Bowser's toughest followers and he's the
master of this cursed castle.
Max HP: 10, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: ? Hip Attack Power : 6
I don't know his defense power. Everyone says he's invincible because he has
never been hurt.
I'd say it's a good idea to run from immortal enemies! If you get in deep
trouble, Bow can hide you from him.


* This is Tubba's Heart. You might say it's the "heart" of Tubba's secret. Ha!
OK, that wasn't funny.
Max HP: 50, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 0
He has a terrible attack, so hide when he tells you he's about to unleash it.
This attack will take away 12 HP! Whoa!
Try to beat him before he can do his huge attack again. Trust me, it's
dangerous. This is Bow's turn to shine!

* This is Tubba Blubba, now reunited with his heart. This is finally his true
Max HP: 10, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0 ...probably.
His Hip Attack causes 6 points worth of damage.
Be careful, because I'm not exactly sure what his other attacks can do.
...But... I think he's definitely weaker than before...


* This is a Shy Guy. They're ne'er-do-wells. Big time rascals. No good...
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
They occasionally do acrobatic attacks that have an attack power of 3.
Who knows what lies in the hearts of these troublemakers? I guess they're
dangerous, but they're pretty small time.

* This is a Groove Guy. Groove Guys wear weird clothes. They're probably stage
clothes. Pssh... You know performers...
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
They shake their booties to call in reinforcements. They also spin around in
front of you and make you feel dizzy.
These rock 'n' rollers are a drag, so let's ditch 'em as fast as we can.

* This is an Anti Guy. His attacks are so intense that he's also called Deadly
Max HP: 50, Attack Power: 10, Defense Power: 0
His attack power is 12 when he does an acrobatic attack, so dodge it!
This guy is for real, so we'd better take him seriously.

* This is a Sky Guy. Sky Guys are master balloonists.
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
We can attack the balloon, too. Once they fall, they're just like normal Shy
I wish I had a balloon so I could float... That looks awesome!

* This is a Medi Guy. Medi Guys are the emergency workers of the Shy Guy clan.
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
They have the power to heal their wounded companions. Of course, they also
We'd better hurry up and take them out of the mix. It's a pain if they keep
fixing all the damage we do.

* These are the Hammer Bros. You've seen these punks before, haven't you?
Max HP: 12, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 1
Be careful of that hammer! If it hits you, you'll get shrunk in a wink.
When the Hammer Bros. get desperate, they'll hurl a ton of hammers, so watch
These guys have been a pain for ages, so let's give 'em an old-fashioned
As always, they're not to be underestimated.

* This is a Spy Guy. Spy Guys look like they're ready for war in their spiffy
camouflage gear!
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
They change their weapons each time they're attacked.
You'd best try to avoid their hammer attack! Every time you're hit by it,
you'll lose one of your commands!

* This is a Pyro Guy. Pyro Guys are on fire, so any contact with them will
cause damage.
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0
They're tough opponents, mainly because their attack power is so high.
Any attacks that involve water or snow are our best bet because,

* This is a Koopatrol. They're elite Koopa soldiers. These are the highest-
ranked guards of Bowser's Castle.
Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 3
In case you hadn't noticed, they're fitted with spikes. Don't jump on 'em.
When their HP drops low, they'll charge up power for one last-ditch attack.
The power of this desperate attack is 10.
They've also been known to call in reinforcements when they're in trouble.
Don't underestimate these nasty Koopas, Mario.

* This is a Big Lantern Ghost. He avoids attacks by hiding in the dark.
Max HP: 40, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0
Your friends, like (ahem) me, will also be damaged when he does the flash
attack. The flash attack's power is 2.
Hit the Lantern many times to make it brighter, then you'll be able to attack
As soon as you can see, hit him right in the head!

* This is the Shy Squad. It'll attack us with all its members at once.
Max HP: 15, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
The number of times we're attacked will equal the number of Shy Guys in the
Its attack power is huge when there are many guys, but it drops fast for each
one that falls.
Let's use an attack that does tons of damage so we can decrease their numbers
and increase our chances!

* This is Stilt Guy. Yes, as the name suggests, Stilt Guys are Shy Guys on
I mean, it seems pretty obvious to me...
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0
If you attack 'em by shaking the ground, they'll fall off their stilts and
become normal Shy Guys.

* This is a Shy Stack. Whoa, this pile has an incredible sense of balance!
Look at that stack!
Max HP: 10, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0
Its attack power equals the number of Guys in the stack. It will be 4 if there
are four Shy Guys stacked up.
If you have the Spin Hammer ability, you can knock 'em off one by one.
Obviously, their attack power decreases when there are fewer of 'em in the

* This is General Guy in his tank. The tank seems to be dangerous even though
it's a toy.
Max HP: 30, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 2
Not only does the General give commands from the tank, but he also throws
bombs and uses electric attacks.
The power of his electric attack is 5, and your party member takes 2 damage
points, so defend yourself carefully.
He'll lose the electric attack if we break the light bulb.
Normal fighting styles seem ineffective because the tank is well fortified.


* This is a Spear Guy. Spear Guys are relatives of Shy Guys. They live in the
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
You'll get hurt if you attack with the Hammer while they're pointing the spear
at you.
You'll also get hurt if you try to jump on 'em when the spear's pointing
Pay attention to the position of their spears when we attack.
Oh yeah, they also sometimes call in reinforcements. After they throw their
spears, they become ordinary Shy Guys.

* This is a Hurt Plant. Hurt Plants pretend to be Heart Plants, which give you
a Heart when you touch them.
Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
If a Hurt Plant bites you, you'll be poisoned. Then your HP will slowly fall
with each turn.
We'd better beat 'em as quickly as possible.
Unless you can frequently restore your HP, you'll find yourself in trouble
pretty fast.

* This is an M. Bush. M. Bushes pretend to be bushes and wait for unwary prey.
Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
Their bites are sometimes poisonous, so be careful.
If you get poisoned, your HP will gradually fall.
Your situation could become critical unless you restore your HP as soon as
Let's clear 'em out quickly, OK? Use your most powerful attack, why don't you?

* This is a Jungle Fuzzy.
Jungle Fuzzies are very similar to other Fuzzies, but they live in the jungle,
so... ...that's their name.
Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
They cling to you, suck out your HP and add it to their own. What a sleazy
They won't stop clinging to you unless you tear 'em off with the action
They also occasionally divide, so let's beat 'em before they get the chance.

* This is a Putrid Piranha.
Max HP: 12, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
Putrid Piranhas sometimes bite, but the truly scary thing is their nasty,
poisonous breath.
The power of their bad breath is 2, but your HP will begin to fall if you get
You should try to recover as quickly as possible if you get poisoned.

* This is a White Magikoopa. He's one of the magicians in the Koopa clan.
White robes, huh? How does he keep 'em clean?
Max HP: 11, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
He's a healer. When he magically heals one companion it recovers 5 HP,
and when he heals all of this companions at once, they all recover 3 HP.
You'd better take care of this guy but fast.


* This is a Lava Bubble, a fire ball monster. Lava Bubbles live near lava.
Max HP: 9, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0
They are obviously pretty hot, so you'll get hurt if you try to jump on 'em.
They sometimes attack your friends (like me!), too. The power of that attack
is 2.
Because of their fiery nature, they fear snow and water.

* This is Spike Top. Spike Tops have spikes on top. Duh!
Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 4
They're tough, just like Buzzy Beetles, and fire attacks don't affect 'em at
But their defense power drops if you can flip 'em over.

* This is a Red Magikoopa. He's one of the magicians in the Koopa clan.
Snappy red robes, huh?
Max HP: 11, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
He can magically increase the attack power of others. Take care of him before
he can pump up his companions!

* This is a Lava Piranha. Lava Piranhas are plants that can somehow survive in
Max HP: 40, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0
They blow out huge balls of fire to attack.
That is one big flower! Wow!

* This is a Lava Bud.
Lava Buds are little flowers branching out from the main stem of the Lava
Piranha. They love it in the lava.
Hey, if you were a fiery plant, you'd love it in there, too.
Max HP: 8, Defense Power: 0
They blow small seeds or other projectiles to attack. The small Lava Bud's
attack power is 4.

* This is a Lava Piranha. Lava Piranhas are plants that can somehow survive in
Max HP: 40, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0
Since their bodies are on fire, you'll take damage if you step on 'em.  Don't
worry if you're fireproof.
They'll try to burn you with their fire breath.
They're creatures born of fire, so water attacks will work extremely well
against them.

* This is a Lava Bud.
Lava Buds are little flowers branching out from the main stem of the Lava
Piranha.  They love it in the lava.
Hey, if you were a fiery plant, you'd love it there, too.
Max HP: 8, Defense Power: 0
They blow out Petit Piranhas. The Lava Buds' stems themselves won't attack

* This is a Petit Piranha. Petit Piranhas spew from Lava Buds.
Max HP: 1, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 0
These things can do some serious damage, so watch it!


* This is a Bzzap! Bzzaps! are monstrous bees.
Max HP: 3, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 0
If they sting you, sometimes you'll be poisoned.
They also occasionally call a swarm of small bees to attack you in a cloud.
Be careful of those little attackers, because you'll sometimes shrink when
They don't have a lot of HP, so take care of 'em as quick as you can.

* This is a Crazee Dayzee. Crazee Dayzees look cute, but you won't think
they're so cute after they attack you!
Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0
They attack by singing a song. If you fall under the song's spell, you'll fall
If you get their HP low enough, they'll try to run away. Beat 'em quickly so
they can't flee.

* This is a Monty Mole. You remember Monty Moles from Mt. Rugged, don't you?
Max HP: 12, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0 They're vicious rock-throwers.
They may look intimidating but they're not very strong.

* This is a Ruff Puff. Ruff Puffs are nasty little cloud henchmen of Huff N.
Max HP: 10, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0
Ruff Puffs float in the air, so a Jump attack or something similar may be
Of course, I'd be more than happy to give 'em a Headbonk!
It's your call, Mario.

* This is a Spiny. Spinies have spikes on their shells that are pretty sharp.
Max HP: 5, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 3
They'll roll into Spiny Eggs and slam into you.
It'll be much easier to fight them if you can flip them over. Their defense
power falls to 0.

* This is a Lakitu. Lakitus are strange Koopas that can ride clouds.
Max HP: 12, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
They toss down Spiny Eggs, and these sometimes turn into crawling Spinies.
We'd better deal with them quickly or else we'll be surrounded by Spinies.
It seems like these Lakitus have been hassling you for your entire career,

* This is an Amazy Dayzee. Amazy Dayzees are so rare that they're also called
the Legendary Crazee Dayzees.
Max HP: 20, Attack Power: 20, Defense Power: 1
These guys almost always flee at their first chance.
It would be nice to beat one, but be careful! Their attacks pack a powerful

* This is a Green Magikoopa. He's one of the magicians in the Koopa clan.
I have to admit, I like those green robes. Very cool!
Max HP: 11, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
He can magically increase the defense power of others. He looks pretty surly.

* He said his name is Spike. He seems to be a Lakitu, but he's the weirdest
one I've seen.
Max HP: 50, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0
Is it just me, or did he call himself Spike, Michael and Lakilester? What an
odd guy...
...I have to wonder just what his real name is...

* This is a Yellow Magikoopa. He's one of the magicians in the Koopa clan.
Yellow is the new black, didn't you know?
Max HP: 11, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
He can use magic to give his companions an electric charge.
While his cohorts are electrified, don't attack them directly or you'll be in
for a shocking surprise.


* This is Huff N. Puff. He's a giant cloud monster.
Max HP: 60, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0
His thunder attack is very dangerous. If you don't defend, you'll take massive
When you attack Huff N. Puff, little clouds called Tuff Puffs come out. Their
number is based on the amount of damage you do.
If you leave the Tuff Puffs, Huff N. Puff will swallow them up and restore his
You need to use smart tactics to beat this guy, Mario.

* These are the Tuff Puffs that break off when you damage Huff N. Puff.
Max HP: 1, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
Tuff Puffs will fly over and attack you directly.
You have to shake them off using the action command or they'll keep on
damaging you.
Huff N. Puff will swallow the Tuff Puffs to restore his HP, so think carefully
when attacking.
You can beat the Tuff Puffs easily by attacking all enemies.


* It's Jr. Troopa! I'm stunned! Really! This guy just will not quit!
Max HP: 50, Attack Power: 8, Defense Power: 1
He's obviously been training. It seems he can use magic now.
Sigh... Let's get this over with.

* This is a Gulpit. Whoa! Gulpits look pretty burly, don't they?
Max HP: 12, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
Gulpits attack by picking rocks up in their mouths and then spitting 'em back
The bigger the rock they spit, the more damage you'll take.
Big rocks take 7 HP in damage, and small ones take 5 HP.
They can't do much damage without ammo, so you should concentrate on the rocks

* These are Gulpits' Rocks. Gulpits gulp them and then spit 'em at people.
There are two sizes of rocks.
The big rocks do more damage than the small rocks do. ...Big surprise, huh?

* This is a Frost Piranha. Frost Piranhas are frozen Piranha Plants.
Max HP: 10, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0
They'll try to freeze you with their icy breath.
You'll be at their mercy if they freeze you, so you'd better try to immobilize
them right away.
Ice attacks won't work--they love ice! Fire attacks, though...

* This monster... Even I don't know what it is!
I don't know why, but it looks really terrifying. ...I get the funny feeling I
had a nightmare about it...
Max HP: 20, Defense Power: 0
I don't know its attack power, but it must be very powerful, judging by its


* This is a Duplighost. Duplighosts disguise themselves as members of our
Max HP: 15, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0
They love to attack in disguise.
It seems like they're generally stronger fighters when they're not disguised,

* It's a Duplighost disguised as me. Max HP: 15 It'll do Headbonk and Tattle.
That looks nothing like me. Does it? No! Seriously though, does it? Mario?
Look, I've been working out like crazy trying to get in shape for adventuring.
There's just no way I'm that pudgy!

* It's a Duplighost disguised as Kooper. Max HP: 15
This imposter almost looks better than the original! Ha!
Its disguise is pretty much perfect. Its attack power is exactly the same as
the character it's imitating.
It's probably not very difficult for this Duplighost to disguise itself as
Kooper. After all, out pal is pretty unusual looking.
It'll attack us with its shell, just like the regular Kooper.
You'll have the best luck beating it if you flip it.

* It's a Duplighost disguised as Bombette. Max HP: 15
Its disguise is pretty much perfect. Its attack power is exactly the same as
You should be careful even though she looks cute.

* It's a Duplighost disguised as Parakarry. Max HP: 15
He looks even more intelligent as an enemy.
Its disguise is pretty much perfect. Its attack power is exactly the same as
Don't underestimate him, Mario. He looks pretty serious.

* It's a Duplighost disguised as Bow. Max HP: 15
Its disguise is pretty much perfect. Its attack power is exactly the same as
Look, you've seen her in action. Do you really want to know what a Smack
Attack feels like?

* It's a Duplighost disguised as Watt. Max HP: 15
Its disguise is pretty much perfect. Its attack power is exactly the same as
the character it's imitating.
You know how Watt is shocking? Same goes for this Duplighost.

* It's a Duplighost disguised as Sushie. Max HP: 15
Its face looks even grouchier than the real thing!
Its disguise is pretty much perfect. Its attack power is exactly the same as
I'm glad we have Sushie on our side. She's intimidating! I wonder if this
imposter is meddlesome as well...

* It's a Duplighost disguised as Lakilester. Max HP: 15 It's hard to take him
Its disguise is pretty much perfect. Its attack power is exactly the same as
It's tough to dodge his Spiny Flip, so pay attention.

* This is a White Clubba. They live in cold climates. Who knows why they moved
Max HP: 12, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0
They sometimes attack consecutively.
They're pretty powerful. It's tough to swing such big clubs!
Ice attacks won't work on them, so break out fire if you have it.


* This is a Swoopula. Swoopulas attack from the air and cling to you to suck
your HP.
Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 2, Defense Power: 0
Hit A repeatedly to fight it off or else it'll keep sucking your HP.
You can't jump high enough to attack them while they're hanging from the
An earthquake attack ought to work, though.
Flying party members, like Bow or Parakarry, can also attack them with ease.
If they fall and begin to flap around, you can attack them by jumping as well.

* This is a Gray Magikoopa. He's one of the magicians in the Koopa clan.
Those gray robes aren't very flashy, but they're kind of cool.
Max HP: 11, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0
He can use magic to make his companions transparent.
We can't attack enemies that are transparent.
Let's try to beat 'em before that becomes an issue, what do you say?

* This is the Crystal King. He's one of Bowser's main guys. I don't know how
he managed to take over this palace, but...
Max HP: 70, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 2
He'll attack you by summoning and launching Crystal Bits.
The power of each attack is 4. The number of times he attacks equals the
number of Crystal Bits he's deployed.
He'll also try to freeze you whenever he can.
When his HP is low, he may try to divide and conquer. The power of this attack
is 8.
You can hurt him only by attacking his real body.
If you don't know which one's the main body, you should attack all of them.
Pretty brilliant, eh?

* This is a Crystal Bit. Basically, Crystal Bits are just pieces of the
Crystal King. You can drop 'em with ease.
Their Max HP is 1 and they're only dangerous when the Crystal King spews 'em
Their defense power is 0. These guys are pretty weak.
They'll keep coming, though, until you've finally beaten the Crystal King.

* I think this is a deceptive duplicate of the Crystal King.
Since it's just an illusion, all of your attacks will just go through it.
Max HP: 70, Attack Power: 5, Defense Power: 0  Just a reminder, Mario...
You must damage the real one.


* This is an Ember. Embers are fiery monsters forged from uncanny blue fire.
Max HP: 10, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 0
They may look frosty, but they're actually on fire, so fire attacks won't
They divide themselves when they're attacked. Keep attacking 'em, though.
You'll get 'em eventually.
They'll probably fight back. Their attacks usually deal out 3 damage points.
Water attacks will work well. Let's beat 'em before they get a chance to burn


* This is a Magikoopa. Magikoopas are the elite magicians of the Koopa clan.
Max HP: 11, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 0
Tread carefully, Mario! Their magical attacks pack a serious punch!
They know many nasty spells.
We'd better beat them before they can do anything crazy.

* It's a Bony Beetle. They're bony Buzzy Beetles. ...Hence the name.
Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 4 It's tough to damage 'em.
When their spikes are out, their attack power is 5.
When they retract their spikes, take the opportunity to flip 'em over. After
that, beating 'em will be a breeze.

* This is a Bombshell Bill.
Bombshell Bills have such beautiful gold casings! Of course, if you sit and
admire 'em, you'll get hit.
Max HP: 3, Attack Power: 6, Defense Power: 0
Pay attention to their HP, because their explosions get bigger as their HP
Let's take 'em out before they get near us!

* This is a B. Bill Blaster. B. Bill Blasters shoot a constant stream of
Bombshell Bills.
Max HP: 10, Defense Power: 4 They won't attack you directly.
They're pretty resilient.
You have to keep attacking 'em, though, otherwise the air will be filled with
Bombshell Bills. And nobody wants that.

* This is a Dry Bones. Dry Bones are skeletal remains from Koopa Troopas.
Max HP: 8, Attack Power: 4, Defense Power: 2
Just when you think they're beat, these guys rise back up and attack again!
You're going to have to beat them all at once.
Or you could use fire attacks. If they become ashes, there's no way they'll

* It's Jr. Troopa again! My man! The little guy still has some egg shell left
on his body! Aww!
Max HP: 60, Attack Power: 8, Defense Power: 2
Whoa! He's been working out! He looks as though he may be able to change his
shape, too.
You've got to love this guy's effort, Mario. To follow us all the way here?
What dedication!
Come to think of it, how do you think he got here, anyway?


* It's the Evil King Bowser! Finally, after all this time!
Max HP: 50, Defense Power: 1
He has a huge arsenal of attacks, from blowing clouds of fire to jumping on
Fire Attack: 8, Stamp Attack/Nail Attack: 6
I'm sure he has other attacks that I don't know. Boy, does he look nasty!
He's strong enough as it is, but I'm sure he can use that Star Rod to increase
his power until he's nearly invincible.
Princess Peach needs us! Let's take him, Mario!

* It's the Evil King Bowser! Uh... I think he got bigger. That's not a good
Max HP: 99, Defense Power: 2
He has a huge arsenal of attacks, from blowing clouds of fire to jumping on
Fire Attack: 10, Stamp Attack/Nail Attack: 8
I'm sure he has other attacks that I don't know.
Kammy Koopa's mysterious device has somehow beefed up his power even more.
That's hardly fair!
You should use that Star Beam whenever he uses the Star Rod to increase his
power. Oh, you already knew that?

* It's the Evil King Bowser!  No more messing around!
Max HP: 99, Defense Power: 2
He has a huge arsenal of attacks, from blowing clouds of fire to jumping on us.
Fire Attack: 10, Stamp Attack/Nail Attack: 8
I'm sure he has other attacks that I don't know.
When he increases his power with the Star Rod, our attacks will be totally
When that happens, you must use our ultimate weapon, the Peach Beam!  It has
the power of everyone's wishes!
This is our time, Mario!  Let's take this chump!  We're coming, Princess!

-------AREA ITEMS-------------

* This is a brick block. You can break it by jumping or by Hammering it.
You might find something inside when you break it.

* It's a ? Block. If you smash it, you'll get something from inside it.
A prize in every block! How exciting!

* You already smashed this! Nothing more will come out.

* It's a jump pad. You can catch crazy air if you jump on it.
If you use it right, you can reach new heights.

* Your Hammer can shatter this block.
Break it down, Mario!

* Your Hammer isn't strong enough to break this block.
You might be able to break it with a more powerful Hammer.

* It's a switch. Something's bound to happen if you jump on it or smash it.

* It's a big switch. You may have to Spin Jump on this one to activate it.

* It's a floor switch. Something's bound to happen if you Tornado Jump on it.

* It's a treasure chest. Let's open it! I've gotta know what's inside there!

* It's a treasure chest. It looks like it's empty.

* It's a movable block. You can push it around and even stand on it if you
want to.
My Goompa used to tell me stories about these blocks.

* It's a padlock. It looks like we need to find a key to unlock it.
I wonder what's on the other side of the door... Let's find the key and find

* This floor looks breakable, but you can't smash it with the power level you
have now.

* You can break this floor if you Spin Jump on top of it.

* You can break this floor if you Tornado Jump on top of it.

* It's a sign that points the way to Dry Dry Desert.

* It's a pipe. It'll take us somewhere.
I've heard that they even lead to faraway towns sometimes.

* This box looks sort of fragile, but you can't break it with the power level
you have now.

* It's a wooden box. You can break it if you Spin Jump on top of it.
There might be something inside. Let's break it open to find out!

* It's a wooden box. You can break it if you Tornado Jump on top of it.
There might be something inside. Let's break it open to find out!

* It's a jack-in-the-box. If you Spin Jump on it, you'll get launched into the
You can also set it off by smashing it with your Hammer.

* A Heart Plant.
These grow only on Lavalava Island. When you touch one, it gently stretches
out its stem to welcome you.
If you're lucky, it'll also give you a heart when it uncoils. Nice, huh?
There's a species of mean plant that imitates it, though. Is this one good or

* It's a Bellbell Plant. It grows only on Lavalava Island and swings like
chimes when you touch it.
It makes a cool jingling sound. Well... that's all it does...

* It's a Spinning Flower. It grows only on Lavalava Island and spins
If you press the Z button while on the flower, you'll spin up into the air for
a while.

* It's a Bulb Bush. It grows only on Lavalava Island. If you touch it, it'll
give out light for a little bit.
It also wiggles a little and will sometimes surprise you. I doubt it would
surprise me.

* It's a Cymbal Bush. It grows only on Lavalava Island and has two stiff
petals growing side by side.
If you disturb it, the petals slam! Wanna try? I dare you!

* M. Bush. This bizarre creature is only found in the jungles of Lavalava
It pretends to be a bush, but it's actually a hunter waiting to surprise prey.
I don't wanna be prey. Do you?

* It's a Trumpet Plant. It grows only on Lavalava Island and blows star dust
from inside its flower.
Sometimes it'll blow out other things, too, so be ready.

* It's a Munchlesia.
It grows only on Lavalava Island. If you jump on it, it'll wrap you up tight
and take some of your health.

* It's a snowman.
There're so many of snowmen! They don't melt because it's cold here.
The way they're standing...they remind me of gatekeepers.


* It's Mario, silly! He's here to save Princess Peach, who was captured by
Bowser. Remember?
He fights until the bitter end, no matter what enemies attack.

 - Lee or Duplighost, impersonating Goombario's Tattle command


v. 0.2: Rented the game. Wrote everything that Goombario had to say through
the end of Dry Dry Ruins.

v. 0.3: After purchasing the game, I went back through to check for things
like blocks and springs (which Goombario comments on, but weren't listed in
the last version). No further progress made.
This is the first version to be released.

v. 0.4: Finished transcribing Chapter 3. Corrected a few misspellings. Added a
few more sections.

v. 0.6: Finished Chapter 5.

v. 0.7: Finished Chapter 6, Toad Town Tunnels (up to the door to Chapter 7),
and the Dojo. Here's hoping the shapeshifting ghosts in the Crystal Palace
are more fun to tattle than Lee was.

v. 0.8: Finished Chapter 7. Just Star Haven, Bowser's Castle, and Peach's
Castle remain.
Incidentally, Duplighosts are annoying to Tattle. Since you only run into them
eight times in Chapter 7 (hammer Bombette and Kooper on purpose!) and they
refuse to revert from the form they mimic, there's lots of partner switching
to be done in order to tattle all of their forms without resuming from a Save
Point. At least you can wait out Lee.

v. 0.9: Finished the game. Added a spoiler warning near the top of this guide.
All that's left is to find missing tattles and typos.

v. 1.0: Unless I get more submissions, this will be my final update.
Added a missing tattle.  Uh oh... If you had a conversation with me on the
GameFAQs message board regarding the Goomnut tree, please email me.  That
thread is GONE, and I need more details.
Fixed a number of typos.
It doesn't look like the fifth raven or the Fuzzipede inside the whale can be
tattled, so I'm eliminating the Missing section.

This document can't really be copyrighted, since it's almost exclusively text
taken verbatim from Paper Mario. Oh well. I typed it and put it all in one
place, in any case, in 2001. Feel free to copy quotes and the like. Just don't
act like you wrote this and everything will be fine.

         - John Lange

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