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Star Pieces

Hi, Merlow from Shooting Star Summit here. Let me tell you about Star Pieces. There are 160 pieces scattered throughout the world of Paper Mario. I'll happily trade some excellent badges for them.
So where are all these star pieces? 64 can be found from answering Chuck Quizmo's questions. 15 more can be received by doing favors for Koopa Koot. 11 Star Pieces are found by delivering letters. The 1st, 5th, and 10th purchases from Rip Cheato in Toad Town Tunnels will also be Star Pieces. The remaining 67 are found in this section.
Some of the Star Pieces are in plain sight. Others are hidden under panels; you can't destroy these panels unless until you get the Super Boots. Spin Jump (or Tornado Jump if you have the Ultra Boots) near the panel, and you'll find the Star Piece. You can also get them by hitting the panel with the Ultra Hammer. The "I Spy" badge will help you locate Star Pieces hidden under panels.

Click on the area to see where all its Star Pieces are hidden.

Jr. Troopa's Playground
Goomba Village
Goomba Fortress
Toad Town
Shooting Star Summit
Toad Town Tunnels
Pleasant Path
Koopa Village
Mt. Rugged
Dry Dry Desert
Dry Dry Outpost
Dry Dry Ruins
Boo Mansion
Gusty Gulch
Tubba Blubba's Castle
Shy Guys' Toybox
Lavalava Beach
Yoshi Village
Jade Jungle
Mt. Lavalava
Flower Fields
Shiver City
Shiver Snowfield
Shiver Mountain
Crystal Palace

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