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There are two types of letters in Paper Mario, the ones delivered to Mario and his crew, and the ones Parakarry delivers. The first type is just for fun. Check by the post office periodically to see the letters your party members get. Mario also receives letters, but they can be found in his room at his house.

The second type are letters Parakarry delivers and yes, Parakarry must be Mario's partner in order to deliver a letter. He has dropped letters all over the place, and he must deliver them to their rightful owners. By delivering letters, you can earn Star Pieces. There is also a letter delivering sequence where people give you another letter after you deliver their letter. The reward for this sequence is a Lucky Day Badge. The locations of the letters for Star Pieces are listed below. Click here to see the chain letter sequence.

Letter Locations

Remember, the reward for delivering each of these letters is a Star Piece.

On Mt. Rugged, head right until you see a letter sitting on a pillar. Climb up next to the pillar and use Kooper to grab the letter.

Deliver this letter to Merlon in Toad Town.

Continue along Mt. Rugged and when you climb the steep hill, head left and keep going until you go down a slide. Then continue and you'll find a trampoline. Jump on it, then go right and down another slide to find this letter.

Deliver this letter to Kolorado (who's currently camped out at the entrance to Dry Dry Desert).

Hit the last tree in Dry Dry Desert, right before entering Dry Dry Outpost, with your hammer. A letter should fall out.

Deliver this letter to Mort T., who can be found inside the Toad House in Koopa Village.

After you climb up to the rooftops in Dry Dry Outpost, you'll find a letter in plain view.

Deliver this letter to Nomadimouse, who can be found along the path in Dry Dry Desert.

At the beginning of Dry Dry Desert (near Mt. Rugged), hit the tree in the first area with your hammer for a letter (you'll need to wait for Kolorado's camp to move to reach the tree).

Deliver this letter to Goompa in Goomba Village.

Just walk along Gusty Gulch and you'll come across this letter in plain view.

Deliver this letter to Fice T., the guard in Toad Town near the entrance to Forever Forest.

After arriving on Lavalava Island, head one screen to the right, and you should see this letter on top of this big rock.

Deliver it to Igor, who is the shopkeeper at Boo's Mansion.

In Jade Jungle, right after Sushie joins, swim to the northwest island (the one with the Star Piece). Hit the tree there with your hammer for a letter.

Deliver this letter to Russ T., who lives in the house in Toad Town near the pipe that leads to Mario's house.

In Flower Fields, after getting Lakilester and crossing the multi-colored pillar puzzle, head right to the next area. After crossing the first log, there will be a letter nestled in the orange flowers.

Deliver this letter to Minh T., who looks after the garden in Toad Town.

When you reach the area with the snowmen in Shiver Snowfield, keep hitting the pictured tree with your hammer until it's only a stump with a letter on top. Hit it one more time to get the letter.

Deliver this letter to Mayor Penguin in Shiver City.

Continue along Shiver Snowfield, and you'll come across this block of ice. Look at it carefully, and you'll see a letter behind it.

Deliver this letter to Merlow, who is upstairs in Merluvlee's house on Shooting Star Summit.

Chain Letter Sequence

To start the sequence, you must find the first letter on Mt. Rugged. It is found near the end, fall off the cliff you need Parakarry to cross, and the letter is at the bottom. Here's a picture:

Now follow this sequence to get the Lucky Day Badge:

Outside his house in Goomba Village.
Muss T.
Near Peach's Castle's foundation in Toad Town.
Near the village entrance in Koopa Village.
In front of Club 64 at Toad Town's port.
Near the village entrance in Koopa Village.
Mr. E.
In front of the Toad House in Dry Dry Outpost, dressed in blue.
Miss T.
Girl in orange in front of the dojo in Toad Town.
Little Mouser
Inside Dry Dry Outpost's shop.
Inside the first room of Boo's Mansion.
Dane T.
Toad child south of the Toad Town railroad.
Red Yoshi Kid
Near the shop in Yoshi Village.
Dane T.
Toad child south of the Toad Town railroad.
Frost T.
The Toad east of the entrance in Starborn Valley.
Outside his house in Goomba Village.

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