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Hey, Pizanos! Here's where you'll find information on things that wouldn't fit into other sections. Oh, and don't bother looking for a code that lets you play as me. I already checked...*mumble* *grumble*

8-bit Mario
There is a vase one of the rooms on the first floor of Boo's Mansion. Jump in it, and you will revert back to Mario from Super Mario Bros., music and all (although you can't leave the room this way). Jump back in the vase to return to normal.

Luigi's Diary
Once you get the Super Boots, go back to Mario and Luigi's room in their house. Spin Jump around until you find a loose panel. Spin Jumping on this causes you to fall into a secret room, where you will be able to read Luigi's Diary.

Original Mario Tune
When a new chapter begins, wait a little while on the Chapter's "title screen", and a version of the original music will play.

Hidden Chests
Around these bell-shaped plants on Lavalava Island, there are usually hidden chests that can be revealed using Watt's ability.

Rip Cheato
Deep in Toad Town Tunnels lives a fellow named Rip Cheato. For 64 coins each, he will sell you items in this order. Most of the items aren't worth the price, but he does have some real gems.
Item #
1 Star Piece
2 Life Shroom
3 Bump Attack Badge
4 Repel Gel
5 Star Piece
6 Super Shroom
7 Mushroom
8 Dried Shroom
9 Dried Shroom
10 Star Piece
11+ Dried Shroom

Radio Contest
Inside the third house in Koopa Village, you can listen to a radio. Go to the news station, and they'll be having a "trading game". Deliver the following items to a pink Toad in these locations, to receive these prizes:
Item Needed
Location of the Pink Toad
Item Received
Koopa Leaf
In front of Toad Town's main gate, on the west side of town
Maple Syrup
Nutty Cake
In front of Dry Dry Ruins
Maple Super
In Club 64, in Toad Town Harbor
Yummy Meal

The Loosest Shy Guy Slots in Town!
To the right of Green Station in Shy Guy's Toybox, is a slot machine. You can play it for free if you'd like. Here are the prizes you can win. Keep in mind that the order the panels appear aren't important. For the results that list only two panels, the third panel is irrelevant and can be anything.
1 Coin
10 Coins
1 Mushroom
10 Mushrooms
2 Shy Guys
5 Shy Guys

Li'l-Oink Farm
Near the Train Station in Toad Town is the Li'l-Oink Farm. For 10 coins, you can put a randomly colored Li'l-Oink in the pen. You can keep putting more Li'l-Oinks into the pen, and when the 11th arrives, the first will run off and leave an item, depending on its color. However, whenever you enter the pen (to get an item), all the Lil Oinks in it will run away. If you're REALLY quick, you can get two items. After the Li'l-Oink leaves the pen, quickly pay for another Li'l-Oink, and if you were fast enough, you'll have just enough time to grab both items.
Here is a table of which items each type of Li'l-Oink leaves:
Thunder Rage
Fire Flower
Dried Shroom
Maple Syrup
Super Shroom
Life Shroom
Shooting Star
Question Mark
Repel Gel
Jammin' Jelly
Ultra Shroom

The Playroom
In the upper-right section of Toad Town with the Train Station, hit the tree with your hammer to reveal the Playroom, that has two games, Jump Attack and Smash Attack. You won't be able to play here until you win the Silver or Gold Credit from Koopa Koot.

Jump Attack (The Playroom)
You'll be able to play this game for 10 Coins once you have the Silver Credit. 11 Blocks will appear in the air, and you'll have to hit a certain amount of them (5, 7, or 9, depending on which mode you choose). In each block is a panel:
: Gives you 1 Coin
: Gives you 5 Coins
: Multiplies your current coin count by 5
: Game ends, and you lose all your coins
Obviously, the object is to get as many coins as possible without getting a Bowser Panel. Also, if you complete the 9 block challenge successfully, the number of coins you won doubles.

Smash Attack (The Playroom)
You'll be able to play this game for 10 Coins once you have the Gold Credit. There are 35 blocks, and hidden among them are the following:
: You want these. Find 10, and you win!
: These will slow you down.
: These will slow you down, and you'll need to press A rapidly to remove them.
You have 30 seconds to find 10 Peach Panels, by smashing the blocks that hide the Peach Panels with your hammer. If you get 10 Peach Panels and win, the number of coins you win will be 10 times the number of seconds you had remaining.

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