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Chapter 4

Trials in the Toy Box

In Red Station, head off to the left. Make your way over the walls by way of the rising blocks and ferris wheels. When you reach this area, you can go right to find a Super Block, but since all your characters are powered up, just continue to the left.
You'll enter a dark room, and have to fight the Big Lantern Ghost. Make sure Bow's your partner for this fight. Let her attack first (Z Button), and have her use her slap attack on the lantern. Now that it's light, Mario can attack the ghost. Continue this until you win.
Smash the lantern with your hammer to reveal Watt, the young spark. She'll join you in your quest.
As soon as you exit the dark room, you can use Watt to reveal a hidden chest. You should do this whenever you suspect a hidden chest is nearby. On your way back to Red Station, be sure to visit the Super Block you past earlier.
Go to the path to the right of Red Station. When you reach this wall, have Bombette blast it open.
To get this Shooting Star, have Watt reveal the hidden block, then jump under it. Then hop on top of it and use Kooper to break the bricks holding the Shooting Star.
Continue to the right, into a dark room full of Shy Guys. Use Watt's light, and chase the Shy Guys to the right side of the room. They'll be so terrified, they'll smash a hole into the wall to run away. =P
You'll meet General Guy, and he'll unleash the Shy Squad on you. The important thing here is to reduce the squad's size as quickly as possible. For every HP damage, one Shy Guy will die, and the squad will be able to attack one less time per round.
After you defeat the Shy Squad, you'll fight two Shy Guys on stilts. They are easy, so don't worry about it.
Now come two Shy Stacks. Again, they're nothing difficult.
Now you'll fight General Guy himself. He has a high defense, so most of your attacks will be ineffective. Luckily, Watt can use "Electro Dash", which ignores enemy defense, making her the obvious choice for this fight. Use Mario's strongest hammer attacks, and Watt's Electro Dash, and you'll win in no time.
After the fall of General Guy, you'll rescue Muskular, the fourth Star Spirit, and Chapter 4 will be over.

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