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Chapter 4

Shy Guy's Toybox is split into four "stations", each of which can be accessed by the train...that is, if the train wasn't missing...looks like you're stuck in Blue Station for now.
Walk along the path to the left of Blue Station, and you'll happen upon the Anti Guy. This is one of THE HARDEST ENEMIES IN THE GAME, so don't fight him unless you have a death wish. If you feel really brave, and have a lot of good items to heal with, save, then try to fight the Anti Guy. If you are lucky skilled enough to beat the Anti Guy, you'll get the Power Plus Badge. If you aren't ready for him yet (and you shouldn't be), just come back later. Or, if you're a wuss, come back later with a Lemon Candy. He loves them so much, he'll let you have the badge without a fight.
Continue to the left, until you find a room full of Shy Guys carrying various items. Note that this is the only place in the game to get a Cake Mix. You'll also see one of the Shy Guys with Rowf's Calculator. Defeat him, grab the calculator and head back to Blue Station.
Enter the path to the right of Blue Station, and you'll see Kammy put a Mushroom (if Peach told Bowser that's what Mario feared).
Continue to the right. The way to use these boxes is to do a Spin Jump on them, which will reveal a spring to propel Mario in the sky.
Keep going to the right. Hidden behind this yellow block is an often-missed Star Piece.
When you make it to this strange building, you can enter it and climb up the stairs to the top.
Use Parakarry to fly over to the building just to the left, and you'll find a Star Piece.
Now go all the way to the right, where the Mushroom is. You'll find the Storeroom Key in the chest. Now go back to Blue Station and exit the Toybox by jumping on the springboard.
Return Rowf's Calculator to him. He'll be so grateful, he'll reopen his shop and give you the I Spy Badge for free!
Now go to Harry's Shop, on the south side of town. Return him his Storeroom Key, and he'll allow you to raid the storeroom and get free items. The most important thing back here is the Toy Train.
Go back to the Toybox, but instead of jumping inside, use the Toy Train on the outside of it. The Train will grow in size, and land on the track.
To indicate you want to go right, hit this switch with your hammer. Now hop on the train and head to Pink Station.

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