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Chapter 3

Climb up the stairs and across the bridge, and you'll be in another hallway. In this hallway, there is a crack hidden behind a sleeping Clubba. So get rid of the Clubba and use Bombette to open a hole.
There are three panels you can Spin Jump through here. The upper-right one is the one you'll want to use. You'll land on a table. Use Parakarry to fly over the table on the left, and grab the D-Down Jump Badge. Now retrace your steps back to the hall on the second floor.
Enter the second door in the hallway. In here, spikes will rise and fall. Use Bow's ability to protect yourself from the spikes. On the other side of the spikes is another Castle Key.
Just to the left of the hallway is the "clock room". If you want, you can drop off the ledge here and grab the Star Piece you saw earlier.
The clock here can also be pushed out of the way, revealing a secret room!
Check the drawers, and climb up to the second drawer, and fly over to the bed using Parakarry.
Now jump onto the foot of the bed, and then onto the shelves to find another hidden room. In here is the Mega Rush Badge.
Now, go back to the clock room, and go through the door on the left. Grab the Maple Syrup, and climb up the stairs.
You'll find Tubba Blubba! You're in no condition to fight him now, so use Bow's ability to hide Mario and wait for him to pass.
Go through the upper door here, and you'll be in a room full of Clubbas. It's not fun to wake them up, so sneak carefully past them, and be sure not to run. The Slow Go Badge is actually useful here, so consider using that. You will find another Castle Key at the other side.
Now go back to the room where you saw Tubba Blubba, and go to the right. Eventually you'll find a chest with this strange key in it. It unlocks the Windmill you saw in Gusty Gulch.
The key will wake up Tubba Blubba, so you'll have to beat a hasty retreat. Exit the castle as fast as possible. If Tubba Blubba catches you, don't try to fight, just run away!
After you make it out, the Boos will appear and hold the door closed, allowing you to get a head-start to the Windmill.
When you reach the Windmill, unlock it using the Mysterious Key. Now, Spin Jump down the well, and follow the path.
You'll find Tubba Blubba's Heart at the end of the path. This battle's not too hard if you have Bow as your partner. Just use your strongest attacks, and when the heart starts glowing, have Bow use "Outta Sight". You'll win in no time.
Exit the Windmill and you'll have to fight Tubba Blubba after he re-unites with his heart. This battle is incredibly easy. Tubba Blubba may even lose in the first round!
After beating him, Tubba Blubba will return all the Boos he ate...I'm not going to begin to describe how little sense this makes, so let's just leave it at that.
The Boos will release Skolar, the third Star Spirit, just as they said they would. Congratulations on finishing Chapter 3!

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