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Chapter 2

When you reach Mt. Rugged, there's not much you can do yet but follow the arrows (although you can search the bushes near the train for some coins and eggs). Follow the path until you encounter Parakarry. He will explain that he needs help finding a letter. What he doesn't tell you yet is that he actually lost three letters. You'll have to find them and return them to him.
Head to the screen on the right and go down the stairs. You'll find a Sleepy Sheep. Head to the left and you'll meet Whacka, a cheerful mole-creature. If you hit him with your hammer, you'll get a Whacka's Bump, which restores 25 HP and 25 FP. However, he can only take 8 hits to the head before he permanently croaks, so don't get greedy.
Go right a screen, and you should see the first letter. You can easily retrieve it by using Kooper.
Head right another screen, and you'll encounter this intersection. Instead of following the arrow, go to the left.
You can drop off the ledge here to grab a Star Piece. Do so, go back to the intersection, go left again, and slide down the slide when you reach it.
Now, continue to the left until you see this cave (collect the Mushroom along the way). There's an invisible path leading to the left here that leads to the Damage Dodge Badge.
Now jump on the springboard to reach the upper cliffs. Don't go down the slide yet. You can go left to find a Honey Syrup.
Now, go down the slide, which will lead you to the second letter.
Drop off the cliff and head back to the right, and when you reach the intersection again, this time follow the arrow and head right. Drop off this cliff you reach. At the bottom will be the third letter.
Now that you have all three letters, return them to Parakarry. He'll join you now.
Now that you have Parakarry, you can fly for a short distance. Use his ability to fly to the ledge where you found the first letter. Now fly left to the next ledge to find the Quake Hammer Badge.
On the screen with the intersection, instead of climbing up the ramp, just go to the right and fly over the gap to find the second Bub-ulb and receive the second Magical Seed.
Now return to the far-left area where you found the second letter. Instead of jumping on the springboard though, use Parakarry to retrieve this Star Piece.
Return to the gap you fell in to find the third letter, but fly over it with Parakarry. Buzzar will ask your name, as you have a bounty on your head. If you answer "Mario" or "Princess Peach", you'll have to fight. If you answer "Luigi", you can escape. I suggest you fight if your HP and FP are full, if not, you can come back later, or just keep avoiding him.

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