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Intermission (1-2)

One of the neater aspects of Paper Mario is the fact that at the beginning of each intermission, you control Peach in her adventures in captivity for a while.
When you gain control of the princess, check the picture to the right of the fireplace to reveal a switch. Hit the switch to reveal a hidden passage.
At the end of the hidden passage, you'll find another switch. Hit it to end up in another room.
On a table to the right is a diary. After a bit of reading, you discover it to be Bowser's diary, and important info is inside it. After you read it, a scene will follow, and the game will cut back to Mario.
Eldstar will teach Mario to use Star Power, and give him the Focus and Refresh abilities. He also offers a helpful tutorial to those new to Paper Mario.
Head left toward Toad Town, and just before you reach it, you'll see a familiar face...
The second fight with Jr. Troopa is similar to the first, but his defense is higher, so jump attacks won't be effective. Have Bombette as your partner, and have Mario use his hammer and you should be fine.
Twink will meet you in Toad Town. He will inform you that the second Star Spirit is in Dry Dry Desert, which can be accessed by way of Mt. Rugged. But before you go there, there are some things in town you can do. The Badge Shop is now open, and Tayce T.'s house is accessible, in case you want to cook something.
When you're done exploring, head down this pipe south of Tayce T.'s to reach Toad Town Sewers.
Head to the right in the sewers. You'll encounter some Gloombas, who are tougher than your average Goomba, but not too hard. Continue to the next room and you'll hear a battle cry that will send shivers down the bravest souls' spines...ph33r it.
The Blooper is not too hard, as long as you have a couple Mushrooms handy. Use your most powerful jump attacks and Goombario to attack, and keep your HP above 5 at all times and you shouldn't have too much of a problem.
Your reward for defeating the Blooper is the Shrink Stomp Badge. There's nothing else you can do in the sewers yet, so head back to Toad Town.
Just across the street from the sewer pipe is a Bub-ulb. Talk to it to get a Magical Seed. These are very important in your quest, so always be on the look-out for Bub-ulbs.
Head north a screen and give your seed to Minh T. She'll plant it in her garden. There are four Magical Seeds to be found, and you must give them all to Minh T.
Now, head all the way south to the Toad Town Station. There seems to be a boulder blocking the railway, but it's nothing Bombette can't handle.
With the boulder out of the way, just talk to the conductor and board the train to Mt. Rugged. Chapter 2 starts there.

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