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Chapter 1

After returning to the room where the trap was, you can head out the south door to save. Do so, and climb back up to the top of the room, but head left. Keep going left until you unlock the door. In this room, you'll need to use Kooper to hit the switch, and walls and bridges will appear. Cross the bridges until you reach a wall, then hit the switch to remove the walls. Repeat this until you're out of the room.
In the next room, hit the switch here and it'll lower the staircase.
Go down the stairs and use Bombette to smash the wall, so you can collect the next key.
Go back up the stairs and unlock the door. In the next room, there's a switch that'll make the staircase below the water rise.
On top of the stairs is a ramp. You'll see a door, but don't enter it yet. Continue to the top of the ramp to collect a Smash Charge Badge.
Now backtrack and go through the door. The Koopa Bros. will start shooting Bullet Bills at you! It is somewhat difficult to avoid all the Bullet Bills, so expect to fight a few.
Near the beginning of the bridge, there's a small path with a boulder. Use Bombette to destroy the boulder and collect the Maple Syrup.
Also, toward the end of the bridge, is a Heart Block and a Save Point. Be sure to use both before taking on the Bill Blasters.
Head to the right after defeating the Bill Blasters. NOW YOU'LL HAVE TO FIGHT BOWSER!!! WOW!!!! He's not hard, although Jump Attacks won't phase him.
Awwwwwww...turns out it wasn't Bowser after all...Now you'll fight the Koopa Bros. Use Bombette's Bomb attack to break up their tower, then you can treat them like normal Koopa Troopas. POW Blocks are really nice to have here.
After defeating the Koopa Bros., you'll rescue Eldstar, the first Star Spirit, and Chapter 1 will be over.

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