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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 opens up on Pleasant Path. As the name implies, this is a pretty easy-going place, full of Koopa Troopas and Goombas. Head right and collect the treasure (You should find a Dizzy Attack Badge, a Fright Jar and POW Block, as well as some coins) until you reach a dead-end. Hit this tree with your hammer to make a switch appear that'll reveal a bridge.
Now head right until you reach this intersection (on the way, there is a Sleepy Sheep hidden behind a section of fence). The left-most candy-cane looking creature yields hearts when you run in circles around it, and the right-most one has a Honey Syrup hidden behind it.
Head toward Koopa Village. On the way, you'll see these three blocks. Hit them with your hammer in this order: lower-left, lower-right, top. A red block with the Attack FX B Badge should appear. Then go right to reach Koopa Village.
It seems as though Koopa Village is under attack by Fuzzies. Feel free to help out all the Koopas in getting their shells back and defeating the Fuzzies by hitting them with your hammer, but it's not really necessary.
If you go to the east side of town, you'll see quite a ruckus going on in this should check it out.
Here you'll meet Kooper. It seems like he lost his shell. Retrieve it for him, and he may be able to help you...
Go into the house, and out the back door and chase after the shell. If you slow down, you'll have to fight some Fuzzies. You'll also see a Heart Plus Badge, but you won't be able to get it yet, so ignore it for now.
When you reach the dead-end, the Fuzzies will play a "hide and seek" game with you. Watch carefully to see which tree the shell ends up in, and hit that tree with your hammer. If you hit the wrong tree, you'll have to fight some Fuzzies.
After hitting the correct tree three times, you'll get Kooper's Shell back.
When you try to leave, Kooper will appear. Return his shell and he'll join you.
The Fuzzies will change their mind, and attack. This battle is really easy, as Kooper's Power Shell attack can hit all four of them at the same time.
On your way back to Koopa Village, be sure to pick up the HP Plus Badge, by climbing onto the adjacent stump and hitting c-down to use Kooper's Shell ability. When you arrive back at Koopa Village, head down, push the block under this brick and jump to retrieve this Star Piece.
Before continuing toward Koopa Bros. Fortress, head one screen left of the 3-way intersection, and hug the lower-part to find this Star Piece, and use Kooper to reach it.
Now, head left of the intersection toward Koopa Bros. Fortress. Be sure to get this Thunder Bolt by using Kooper to break the brick.
Kooper will be able to hit the switch to activate the bridge to Koopa Bros. Fortress.
The Koopa Bros. will be well aware of your presence when you reach their fortress.

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