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Chapter 8

When you first reach Bowser's Castle, you won't be able to enter through the front door, so go to the right and around to this side door instead.
Inside, you'll find a Koopatrol. Engage battle and defeat the Koopatrol to receive a Castle Key.
Go back outside and to the front door, and unlock it with the key you found.
Continue forward in the castle until you reach this Bowser Gate. He tricks you into falling down a trapdoor, but he also (quite graciously) promises you that you can pass if you reach him again.
Heal up in the jail cell and use Bombette to blast out.
Lakilester can navigate safely on the lava, so switch to him, hop on, and head to the left.
You'll find a Life Shroom here. Grab it, get back on Lakilester and continue to the left.
Eventually, you'll end up in Bowser's moat. Get up to dry land and climb on these platforms to find a Deep Focus Badge.
Go back to the area just outside the jail cell. You can't use Lakilester to go farther to the right, so you'll have to do some platform hopping to continue to the right. Whenever you see a blue switch, use Lakilester to go to it, and hit it to activate a moving platform.
You'll see a doorway leading north, but don't enter it yet. When you reach the wider gaps, simply use Parakarry to get across them.
When you reach this platform, you can grab the Mystery? by using Parakarry or Kooper. You can see a Thunder Rage on the platform to the right, but you can't reach it yet.
To avoid getting burned by this lavafall, use Bow's ability to make Mario transparent.
At the far right, you'll find a locked door to the right, and a door leading north. Use Lakilester to go in the northern door, and climb the stairs and defeat the Magikoopa and Koopatrols guarding this switch. Then hit the switch to harden the lava. Mario can now walk on it without getting burned!
Remember that Thunder Rage you couldn't reach before? It's now easy to get.
Go back left until you reach the first doorway leading north. Go in it and you'll find a key.
Go back to the right and use the key to unlock the door to the next area of the castle.

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