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Intermission (7-8)

Again, the game will cut to Peach. However, this time you won't be able to control her, so just sit back and enjoy the scene.
When the game goes back to Mario, Kalmar will increase his Star Energy to 7, and give him Up & Away.
Return to Toad Town, and make any purchases, or take care of any unfinished business you have before heading to Shooting Star Summit.
After returning to Shooting Star Summit, a gateway will be opened. Step into it.
You will be transported to Star Road. There are Embers here, but nothing else. Just keep climbing.
At the end, you'll reach Star Haven, which is a town populated with Star Kids and the Star Spirits. Head out the east side of town to find the Star Spirits.
They will give Mario the Star Beam ability, which supposedly is able to neutralize the Star Rod Bowser has stolen.
They will then summon the Star Ship, so that Mario will be able to fly up to Bowser's Castle. Once you jump in it, Mario will be transported to Bowser's Castle, and Chapter 8 will begin.

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