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Chapter 7

When you first reach Shiver City, head west until you reach this house. Enter it.
Climb up the shelves in the house, and make your way to the window on the far left. Open it to go outside on the balcony.
Jump to the house just to the left, and go through its window. Inside you'll find the Attack FX E Badge.
Go into the house on the far left now, and go into the back room to talk to the mayor. Unfortunately, he seems to be...uh...dead...You're the top suspect, and aren't allowed to leave the town until you solve the PENGUIN MURDER MYSTERY...
Go east until you reach the frozen pond. Tornado Jump on it until the ice breaks. Now use Sushie to dive down and grab the key.
The key unlocks a house right near the pond. Climb up to the upper level of the house and crawl out the window. You'll slide down to the next house over. Now jump into this chimney.
Inside, you'll find Herringway, the other top suspect. Talk to him, and he'll agree to go with you to the mayor's house and sort the whole messy deal out.
Go back to the mayor's house, and after some talking, you'll realize that the mayor isn't dead at all. That's a relief...Anyway, the mayor will unlock the gate east of the city, and allow you to pass.
Go east of the city and you'll have to fight Jr. Troopa again. He has ditched his spike and wings, but has learned to use magic. The magic packs a punch, but Jr. Troopa is still easy. If you happen to get low on HP, just use Smooch.
Continue along the path and you'll encounter these strange snowmen. There's nothing you can do with them now, so continue on your way.
Finally, along the path, you'll have to fight Monstar. It looks scary, but this is actually one of the easiest bosses in the game.
After defeating Monstar, you'll find out that he was made up of Star Kids...hmmmm....Anyway, you've reached Starborn Valley, so enter it.
Follow Merle up to his house, and he'll give you the Scarf that has been passed down from generation to generation in Starborn Valley.
Return to Shiver City and talk to the mayor. He'll give you the Bucket that has been passed down from generation to generation in Shiver City. Now...what could you use a scarf and bucket for?
Return to the mysterious snowmen, and you'll see that one is missing a scarf, and one is missing a bucket hat. Give each of them their missing clothing, and a doorway to Shiver Mountain will open up.

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