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Intermission (6-7)

Time to control Peach again. Twink will explain how to use the Sneaky Parasol you won earlier. When you're ready, escape your room through the fireplace.
You'll find these two guards talking. Sneak up behind one of them and press "B" to transform into a guard yourself. As a guard, you won't have to fear being caught. To turn back to Peach, press B again.
The first thing you should do is drop off the Jammin' Jelly you won in the mysterious chest.
Now head up to the third floor, which you can access now. Talk to the guard here, and he'll tell you he's waiting for a Clubba to take over his post. He'll also give you a key that leads outside the castle, and tell you to look for him.
Go down to the first floor, and unlock the door leading outside the castle. You'll find the Clubba here. Press B to revert back to Peach, and then B again to take the Clubba's form.
Head back to the third floor and talk to the guard again. He'll leave, allowing you to open the door and continue up the castle.
Keep going until you reach a dead end. Kammy will appear, and she'll recognize you through your disguise. Then the game will go back to Mario.

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