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Chapter 6

When you first enter Flower Fields, Wise Wisterwood will tell you all the things that have gone wrong lately. To get up to the sky to rescue the Star Spirit, you'll need a Magical Bean, Fertile Soil and Miracle Water. He suggests talking to Petunia, who is in the path directly to the east first.
Follow the eastern path, and eventually you'll reach Petunia. She's a bit perturbed right now, because there are Monty Moles eating at her roots. This Monty Moles are tougher than the ones you found in Mt. Rugged, but they shouldn't present too much of a problem.
After defeating all the Monty Moles, Petunia will give you the Magical Bean. Rar.
On your way back to the "hub", be sure to hit this tree and grab a Red Berry.
Take the southwest path now, and give this flower a Red Berry, it'll allow you to pass through the gate.
Along the way, you'll find this tree that bears yellow berries. Hit it, grab one, and continue to the left.
Talk to Posie here at the end of the path, and she'll give you the Fertile Soil.
Go back to the hub, and take the southeast path. To get past the gate, give the flower a Yellow Berry.
You'll have to use Parakarry to cross the last two gaps across this field of thorns.
After crossing the thorns, don't forget to backtrack along the upper path to reach another Super Block.
To the right of the thorns, you may encounter an Amayzee Dayzee, which looks like a Crayzee Dayzee, but is brighter, sparklier, and runs from you. Defeating it yields a TON of Star Points, but it has an insanely high attack power, and usually runs away. You can also win Jammin' Jellies from it if you're lucky.
This is the Blue Berry Tree. You're going to need two Blue Berries, so grab two of them. Also, there is a Star Piece in the flowers just to the right of the tree.
Head all the way to the right, and around the dried up pool with Lily in it. In this tree is a Jammin' Jelly.
Now go talk to Lily. Apparently, she'll wilt away if somebody doesn't return the Water Stone to her. You'll have to find the Water Stone to get the Miracle Water anyway, so get to looking for it.

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