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Intermission (5-6)

Time for anoter Peach mini-adventure. Escape out of her room in the usual manner.
Go back down to the first floor, and enter this door on the left side.
Oh no! You Koopa fiends! What are you planning to do with poor Princess Peach?!!??!
Apparently, they weren't joking when they said they were playing a game. =P Anyway, it's in your best interest to win, so here are all the answers to the questions, in order: Lava Piranha, Flower Fields, Chomp, Pass Flower Gate, Princess Peach, Flower, Bowser, Boo, The Flower Garden, On Bowser's Castle.
If you get first place, you'll receive a Jammin' Jelly as your reward.
You'll also receive a Sneaky Parasol as a consolation prize. But then Bowser will enter and discover Peach, and the game will go back to Mario.
Misstar will raise Mario's Star Energy, and give him Smooch, the most helpful Star Power.
Kolorado will still be moping about how he lost the treasure. If you re-enter the jungle and go back to the spot you recruited Sushie, you'll find the treasure. Don't bother checking on the seems it already gave away its Magical Seed...
Give the Volcano Vase to Kolorado, and he'll be so happy, he'll give you the Bub-ulb's Magical Seed.
Go back to the whale on the beach, and tell it you want to return to Toad Town. Just as you leave, Jr. Troopa will arrive. He apparently swam all the way to Lavalava Island just to see Mario leave. =P

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