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Chapter 5

Go back to Yoshi's Village and talk to the village elder. He'll be so happy, he'll give you mysterious Jade Raven...
Remember that strange Raven Statue in the jungle? Return to it, and place the Jade Statue on it. It will move out of the way, revealing a secret section of the jungle.
In the first section of this jungle, there is a hidden chest containing a Stone Cap. Collect it if you want, and check these bushes to reveal the exit.
In the next section, there is a hidden chest containing a Volt Shroom. To find the exit, push blocks over every one of the geysers that appear. As you cover one geyser, another will appear. There are just enough blocks to cover them all. Don't forget to cover the last one after you remove the rock as well.
In this part, you can find the exit by pulling on this vine. The other vines contain items or Jungle Fuzzies. Check them too, if you wish.
In the next section, you'll have to fight three Putrid Piranhas and a W Magikoopa. I suggest using your most powerful multi-hit attacks (such as Star Storm), and getting this battle over quickly.
You'll reach a huge tree. Enter it throug this hole, and start climbing up.
When you have to climb up the vine on the outside, go all the way up (ignore the door back in) and you'll find a Happy Heart Badge. Then backtrack, and continue on your way up.
You'll find Raphael Raven at the top, and he'll instruct his ravens to construct a pulley system that will allow you to reach Mt. Lavalava.
He'll also give you the Ultra Stone. Now, when you find a Super Block, you can use it to Ultra Rank a party member that's already at Super Rank.
Kolorado will immediately jump at the opportunity to enter the volcano. Jump on the basket and ride down the pulley to follow him in...

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