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Chapter 5

Welcome to Jade Jungle. There are enemies here that look like bushes and Heart Plants, so be careful. Move the bushes out of the way, and head into the screen on the right when you're ready.
Stuck up in a tree is Sushie the Cheep-Cheep. Hit the tree with your hammer until she falls out. She's the Fearless Five's babysitter, and will join you in your quest to find them.
With Sushie as your partner, you'll be able to swim in the water from the docks. However, you can only get back to land on a dock. Jump in the water and head to the island in the upper-right corner for a Star Piece. Then hit the tree with your hammer for a Letter.
There is a Bub-ulb on the island to the left, but unfortunately, his seed isn't quite ready yet, so you'll have to come back later.
Go back to the area to the right, where you first entered the jungle. On an island in the middle of this area is the Power Quake Badge.
Now, swim left to the next area (use C-down to dive under the bridge). Here, you can find another Super Block. Sushie is your only party member not powered up, so use it on her.
Also in this area is the first of the Fearless Five. Dock on the left-most island and make your way through the bushes to find him.
Dock back onto the middle island and head north to the next area. Now get back in the water and go to the area on the left. There is a Star Piece in the water here, so dive down and get it.
Dock onto the island, and hit the stump with your hammer. A bridge will appear. Cross the bridge and you'll find the second Yoshi Kid.
Head back to the area to the right. Go to the upper island, and get up on the ledge by way of the spinning flower (use the Z button).
You'll find a pipe here, so go down it.
Use Watt to light up this cave. In it, you'll find the third Yoshi Kid.
Exit the cave, and go to the area on the right. Here is a statue of a Raven, but you can't do anything with it yet, so don't visit it. Instead, get in the water, and head to the area to the south. You'll find another Yoshi Kid sleeping in a tree, so use your hammer to get him down. You can also open up a bridge that leads back to the village, but stay in the jungle for now, as there's one more Yoshi Kid to find.
Go back to the area with the Raven Statue, and go to the screen on the right. The last Yoshi Kid is being harrassed by two Putrid Piranhas. Defeat them, and you'll have rescued all members of the Fearless Five. Now you should back to the village.

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