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Chapter 5

Welcome to Lavalava Island. It would be in your best interest to get used to some of the local flora. The spinning flowers can propel you into the sky if you jump on them and hold down the Z button. The plants that look like tentacles give you hearts. The plants that look like trumpets give you coins. And the plants that look like bells tend to have hidden chests around them (the two on the beach have a Repel Gel and Mystery?).
Head right to the beach. It seems like Kolorado isn't quite the adventurer he's cracked up to be, as he's being harassed by a Jungle Fuzzy. Defeat the Fuzzy to rescue Kolorado, grab the letter on the rock, and continue to the right.
As this Yoshi kindly indicates, you'll arrive in Yoshi's Village.
Go to the east side of the village, and talk to the youngsters, who call themselves the "Fearless Five". Apparently, they're planning a big prank soon...hmmm....
Continue to the right, into the jungle path, and once again, Kolorado needs your help. Defeat the Spear Guy bugging him, and continue to the right.
You'll find the entrance to Mt. Lavalava, but unfortunately, it's unaccessible right now. Kolorado suggests returning to the village to search for clues.
On the way back, check behind this tree to find a rare Jammin' Jelly.
Apparently, the Fearless Five have gone missing. Could this be what they were planning? They mentioned going into the jungle, so that's where you should look for them. So exit north of Yoshi's Village and into the jungle.

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