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To get Photographs in Harvest Moon 64, you must meet certain requirements. To see your Photos, go to the Book on your Nightstand and choose to look at your Photo Album. You'll see your Photos in their. The day after a Picture is taken by the Photographer, check your Mailbox to receive your Photo.

Picture with Grandpa:
This is a picture of you, your Grandfather, and Jiro. It's there from the beginning. Pretty easy to get, isn't it?

Planting Festival Picture:
When you're the Harvest King, this picture will be taken of you and the Mayor before you fly off in the Balloon.

Horse Race Picture:
Win the horse race, and the Green Ranch Owner will take a picture with you.

Sea Festival Picture:
If you win the Sea Race, you'll get this picture.

Hot Springs Picture:
If you help the Carpenters build the Hot Springs, you'll get this picture.

Wedding Picture:
You get this picture when you get married.

Popuri Picture:
Plant the Blue Mist Flower when you can starting with the Second Year. Take care of it by watering it every day. If you do, you'll get a picture of you, Popuri, and the Emerald Butterfly.

Baby Picture:
When your Baby is born, you'll get this picture.

Dog Race Picture:
Win the Dog Race, and you'll get this picture.

All Building Extensions Picture:
You have to get all of the House Extensions. This includes the Baby Bed.

Cow Festival Picture:
If you win the Cow Festival, the Festival Girls will ask to take a picture of the winning Cow. You must keep your cow outside for this to happen.

Maria Picture:
If you're friends with Maria, you'll get this picture right before the Firefly Festival.

Elli Picture:
If you're friend with Elli, she'll invite you in the Fall to help make some Moondrop Potion.

Ann Picture:
If Ann has a Yellow Heart, she'll come by your ranch and ask you to come to the Moon Mountain to see the Pika Bunny.

Karen Picture:
See the Secrets section.

Party Picture:
If you're friends with everyone, have a kid, and have all of the House Extensions, you'll have a party.



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