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Jack- This is you. He wears a blue hat and owns the Farm. Not much you can say about him.

Ann- She is the Ranch Owner's daughter. She likes your animals, but not wild animals. She loves corn and wool.

Ann's Father- He owns the Green Ranch. He sells you animals and will give you a horse if you visit his ranch in the first Spring.

Basil- He leaves in the Spring and returns in the Fall. He travels the world looking for exotic plants. He's Popuri's father.

Bar Owner- He owns the bar and can be found only in the bar. Befriend him, and he will give you the Old Wine which is needed to revive the Vineyard tree.

Other Carpenters- They live with the chief carpenter and are usually in the forest cuttingwood. One of them sometimes hangs around the area where the mountain spa is/will be.

Chief Carpenter- He lives at the mountain's base and will extend your house. You should definitely befriend him.

Cliff- This is the guy with the blond streak in his hair and the bird. He comes around yourfarm one morning in the spring and likes to fish; he may even give you some fish. He likes Ann, and will leave if he doesn't marry Ann.

Craft Shop Owner- He runs the craft shop. He sells you the ocarina and the blue vase, but you must first give him a blue stone. I believe his name is Saibaro.

Dad- He comes to visit you on the First of the Third Summer. He rates your farm then leaves. He will occasionally write to you.

Elli- She works at the Bakery and enjoys when people snack on the food. She plays the flute and her father died a few years back.

Elli's Grandmother- She sits in her rocking chair either inside the bakery or right outside it. That's all she does. She just rocks back and forth all day long. However, if she's ever the only one outside with no one else out in Flower Bud Village, don't talk to her. She'll die and Elli will be upset.

Entymologist- This guy shows up only after you plant the Blue Mist Flower. He issearching for a rare butterfly.

Fat Gourmet Guy- This guy mainly shows up on Festivals that judge food and milk. I have seen him wandering around the town only once in Flower Bud Village.

Festival Girls- These three girls only show up at festivals.

The Fisherman- He fishes in the river and encourages you to fish. He gives you your fishing rod.

Gray- He is Ann's unfriendly brother. He is hard to befriend because he was in a horse accident years ago. He does like your dog though. He has a crush on Popuri.

Harris the Mailman- He wanders around the town delivering the mail. He is very easy to befriend and likes Maria. If he starts to date her, he will tell you about his relationship with her.

Harvest Goddess- She lives in the pond past the carpenter's house. If you throw a home grown goodie into her pond between 9:00 and 5:00, you can make a wish. She is crucial to reviving the Vineyard tree.

Harvest Sprites- They hang around in a cave near the carpenter's house and can speakpig-Latin. They like mushrooms and 'shiny, round things,' but hate animals. They feedyour animals during a typhoon if you befriend them and are critical to getting the Vineyard tree revived.

Jeff the Bakery Owner- He owns the bakery. He can be found in the bar or by the river when the bakery is closed. He likes to fish and also likes Elli.

Kai- He is the vineyard worker with the purple handkercheif on his head and is veryfriendly. He likes Karen and can be found at the Vineyard or in the bar.

Karen- She's the daughter of the Vineyard Owner is rude to strangers. She hates dogs, but likes berries. Strangely enough, she is probably the easiest to marry if you know the proper tricks.

Karen's Mother- She's not very talkative and is perpetually sad. She's found only in her house.

Karen's Father- He is the owner of the Vineyard and constantly fight with his daughter.

Kent (Red Hair)- He likes animals a lot. He occasionally tells you about festivals and gives recommendations on which cow to take to the Cow Festival. He also tells you when your chicken can lay eggs, when your cow can give milk, and when you can first ride your horse.

Kissing Couple- These two love birds show up at your farm in the morning if you have afield that is mostly flowers or mostly grass. They comment on it to each other then kiss.

Lillia- She own the Flower Shop. She's always there and has a calendar on her back wall that is very useful.

Maria- She is shy and is the librarian. She is the daughter of the Mayor and can play the organ. She likes bugs a lot, but is scared of your dog at first.

May- She is the daughter of the Shipper and the granddaughter of the Midwife.

Mayor- He is the Mayor of Flower Bud Village. He will ask you to come to many of the festivals. He is the person to you visit to cash in you tickets on race days.

Mayor's Wife- She usually stays at home and is generally by her husband's side at the festivals. You go to her to place bets at the races.

Midwife- She lives in the south part of the village and shows up at your house when it is time for your wife to give birth. She is the grandmother of May.

The Pastor- He is always in the Church. He educates the children and marries you and your loved one.

Photographer- He only shows up to take pictures for your photo album.

Popuri- She's Lillia's daughter. She likes flowers and your dog. She also likes to sing.

Potion Shop Owner- He makes potions with the help of special herbs. He's the first Harvest King and should be given a Potara Root when you first find one. He is Stu and Kent's grandfather.

Restaurant Owner- He owns the retaurant on top of Moon Mountain. He's been lonelysince the bridge broke, so try and visit him before and after the bridge is fixed.

Restaurant Owner's Wife- She lives on top of Moon Mountain with her husband. She isvery forgetful, but very kind to yoou once she memorizes your name.

Rich Couple- These people show up on Festival days mostly. They visit your farm once or twice to see various happenings on your farm.

Rick- He runs the tool shop and is Ann's cousin. His shop is closed frequently. He is an inventor and will fix rusty items that you find if you befriend him.

Shady Salesman- Dresses in black and tries to sell you stuff. Most of his sales are scams except for the "Power Nut" he sells you at the Flower Festival.

Shipper- He collects the items from your shipping bin and can be found in the bar most nights. He is May's father.

Stu (Black Hair)- He likes flowers a lot and gives you the marble.

Water Imp- He lives in the pond near the Fisherman's tent. If you throw in a large fish, he gives you a Power Berry. If you throw in a small fish, he gives you a Blue Power Nut which protects you from getting sick in the rain.

Woman and Child- These two are friends of the Ranch Owner. They come around in theWinter of the first year to have you take care of their three cows. If you do a good job,you get some money. Once your done, the woman and her child leave never to be heard from again. While she's in the village, she can be found in the bar.


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