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Moon Mountain

This is the place to go to if you want to mine or forage. You'll also have to come here to chop wood and ask the Carpenters to build House Additions for you. I am listing each area of Moon Mountain by it's landmark. You can fish in any of the Rivers in the area except for the two Ponds.

The Carpenters' House Area

This is the area that has the Carpenters' House in it. There are two Stumps to chop up here.

The Carpenters' House:
The Carpenters live here. It is open from 8 AM to 6 PM evryday except for Tuesday. This is the place to go to get House Additions. The House Additions are found here.

You can climb this Tree to get to the Top of Moon Mountain before the Bridge is fixed.

Cave Area

You go to the Cave to talk with the Harvest Elves or to go Mining.

Harvest Elves' Home:
You crawl into this hole to talk with the Harvest Elves. You need to go here with the Marble to get a Power Berry.

The Mine:
The Mine is open from the 8th of Winter to the 30th. You go in here to Mine. You automatically leave at 5 PM or when you get tired. You need a Hoe to mine.

Fisherman's Tent Area

This is the first area you go to when you visit Moon Mountain. There's one Stump to chop up here. Pond:
Throw a Small, Medium, or a Large Fish in here to get the Blue Imp to show up. In the Winter, this Pond freezes over, so you can use a Golden Hammer to break the Boulder to get a Power Berry.

Harvest Goddess Area

You go here to visit the Harvest Goddess. Throw any home grown item in the Pond from 9 AM to 5 PM to get the Harvest Goddess to appear. You can wish for Strength, Love, Weather, or Revival of the Vineyard Tree if you've completed the necessary steps. The steps are on the Secrets page. The Blue Mist Flower is watered here.

Spa Area

This is the area that you go to if you walk up the dirt road on the Fisherman's Area. There won't be a Spa here until the Carpenters ask you to help build one. There's a Stump or two to chop up here before the Spa is built.

Top of the Mountain

There are three things up here. There's a Retaurant, the Top of Moon Mountain, and the Full Moon Berry. The Full Moon Berry is also on the Secrets page.

The Restaurant houses two people, the Restaurant Owner and his wife. All you can do is get Recipes from them and talk to them. They serve almost no purpose that I know of.

Top of Moon Mountain:
You come up here only to watch the Fireworks with Popuri or on some events. You're Wife will occassionaly bring you up here.



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