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Your Farm

Your Farm is where you sleep, eat, and work. On your Farm, there is your House, your Barn, your Ckicken Coop, your Field, and your Greenhouse. Each section below describes one of the parts of your Farm. Each House Addition you can get is described on the House Additions page.

Your House

Your House is where you sleep and eat.

Your Bed is located in the upper left corner. This is where you sleep.

Your Book is on your Nightstand in the upper left corner. There are four sections in your Book.
Write in Diary- This choice lets you save and go to Bed. You should generally save every night.
Tool Notebook- If you're new to Harvest Moon 64, it would be a good idea to check this out so you know what to do with your Tools.
Estimate- This tells you your Dog's name, your Horse's name, how many Chickens, Cows, and Sheep you have, how much Lumber you have, how much Fodder you have, and the amount of Gold you have.
Photo Album- You look here to see what Photographs you have. Check the Photographs Section to see how to get each Photo.

Your Calendar shows you the layout of the Month. There are Stickers that you can put on the dates that you want to. I suggest putting them on Festival dates and your Girl/Wife's Birthday. You can win extra Stickers from the Bakery Raffle.

Tool Box:
The Tool Box is in the lower right corner. You store extra Tools in the Tool Box. If you're Tool Inventory is full, and you buy a new Tool, that Tool will be switched to your Tool Box.

The TV is located right next to your Bed and Nightstand. There are four Channels. All Channels show a Test Pattern after Midnight.
Channel One (C-Up)- Channel One is the Weather Channel. Check this Channel everyday to see what the weather for tomorrow will be.
Channel Two (C-Right)- Channel Two is the News Channel. It tells you when upcoming Festivals are held. Check this only if you lost your Harvest Moon 64 Instruction Booklet.
Channel Three (C-Down)- Channel Three is the Educational Channel. It gives you Farming Tips. Make this Channel your TV Bible if you're new to this game. I have heard rumors that watching this Channel can make your game freeze.
Channel Four (C-Left)- Channel Four is the Entertainment Channel. This Channel is nothing but static. Despite what rumors say, there is no way to get this Channel to work.


The Barn is where your Cows and Sheep stay. You can have a total of eight Animals.

Birthing Station:
The Birthing Station is where a Pregnant Cow stays. The Birthing Station is located in the back right corner. You have to bring Fodder here to feed a Pregnant Cow.

Shipping Bin:
The Shipping Bin is located in the lower right corner. This Shipping Bin is connected with all of the other Shipping Bins, so whatever you toss in here is shipped along with what you toss into the other Shipping Bins. If you can put some Crops in your Backpack, I suggest just walking into the Barn, Chicken Coop, or Greenhouse and toss those Crops into that Shipping Bin so you don't waste valuable time shipping Crops.

The Spout is located in the back of the Barn. You get your Fodder to feed your Animals from here. Just press A to get the Fodder.

The Stalls are where your Animals are located when you first walk into your Barn. You toss Fodder into the Feeding Bins located at each Stall. If you check the back of the Stall with A, it shows that Animal's name, type, and in the case of Cows, who the mother is, and what Milk Type is being produced.

Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop is where your Chickens stay. You can have only six Chickens.

Feeding Bins:
The Feeding Bins are located across the left wall. To feed Chickens, you must buy Chicken Feed from the Green Ranch Owner. You can also press A while facing a Feeding Bin to see which Chicken you're feeding.

The Incubator is in the upper right corner. If you put an Egg in the Incubator, you will get a new Chick in a few days. After you get six Chickens, the Incubator closes up, so you can't hatch anymore Eggs.

Shipping Bin:
The Shipping Bin is located at the lower right corner. It is like all of the other Shipping Bins on your Farm.


Outside is the outside. When you walk out of a Building on your Farm, you go outside.

Dog House:
The Dog House is right outside your House. That's where your Dog sleeps if you don't take him inside your House. His Dog Dish is right next to it. Put any edible item in the Dog Dish to feed your Dog. You don't have to feed your Dog, but feeding him will make him race better at the Dog Race.

The Field is the big patch of land taking up about 1/3 of your Farm. It can't be missed. Before you start planting Crops at the beginning of the game, you need to clear it of Boulders, Rocks, Stumps, and Weeds. After you clear the Field of Boulders, Rocks, and Stumps, they won't grow back like the Stumps around Moon Mountain. Weeds do grow back though.
After you clear your Field, you can plant Crops. To make the land ready to accept Seeds, till a three-by-three square with you Hoe. Make sure to water the Crops/Seeds everyday.

Lumber Box:
The Lumber Box is on the right side of the Chicken Coop. You can pull out Lumber that you have chopped from here to build a Fence on your Field. There is little reason to do this though. Just leave the Lumber so you'll have enough when you want the Carpenters to build something.

Mail Box:
The Mail Box is located by the Farm Entrance/Exit. You'll get Letters and your Photos here. I suggest checking the Mail Box everyday to see if there is anything new.

The Pond is located near the Chicken Coop. You have to dip your Watering Can into it to get Water so you can water your Crops. You can also throw Lumber, Rocks, and Weeds into the Pond.

Shipping Bin:
The Shipping Bin is located near the Dog House. This Shipping Bin is like all of the other Shipping Bins, but this is the one you see the Shipper pick up all of the stuff you're shipping.

The Silo is in between the Barn and the Chicken Coop. You can check how much Fodder there is by checking the sign by pressing A. You can also get Fodder from the Silo, but it is easier to get the Fodder in the Barn.

The Tree is located in the upper right corner of your Farm. Check it to receive the Treasure Map so you can dig up the Music Box.


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