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Flower Bud Village

Flower Bud Village is where the Townspeople live. You have to buy Seeds, some Tools, and Baked Goods here. You'll also find some of the Girls here often.

The North Side

The North Side of Flower Bud Village is where the Shops are located.

The Bakery is run by Jeff. It is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days except for Monday when it is closed. You can buy Baked Goods here to give as Gifts to the Girls. There is also a Dine-In Area on the right side of the Bakery. Everytime you buy a Baked Good, you get a Cake Point on your Cake Card. Near the end of the Year, you get one Raffle Ticket for every ten Baked Goods you buy. The prices of the Baked Goods are:
Cake- 300 G
Cookie- 300 G
Pie- 350 G
Tea- 150 G
Water- 0 G

The Bar is open everyday except for Sunday from 6:00 PM to Midnight. You can find sometimes find Cliff, the Green Ranch Owner, Gray, Harris, Jeff, Kai, Karen, and the Shipper here. The Bar is a good place to buy Alcohol to build up your Alcoholic Tolerance. A good Alcoholic Tolerance is needed to outdrink everyone on New Year's Day. The prices are:
Beer- 350 G
Liquor- 300 G
Milk- 150 G
Water- 0 G
Wine- 300 G

The Church doubles as a Church on Sunday and as a School on the Weekdays. Very few people go to Church on Sunday, and the Pastor teaches Kent, May, and Stu on the Weekdays. Your Wedding is held here, and a few Festivals are held here too.

Craft Shop:
The Craft Shop is adjacent to the Tool Shop and is run by Saibaro. It is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM everyday except for the Weekend and Monday. It sells you stuff you don't need, but might want for fun. To get the Dyed Pot, you must give Saibaro a Blue Stone. The Crafts made are:
Dyed Pot- 2000 G
Ocarina- 1200 G
Pot- Not for Sale

Flower Shop:
The Flower Shop is across the street from the Bakery and is run by Florist Lillia. It is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on every day except Sunday. You'll sometimes find Basil and Lillia in here. You buy Seeds here. There is also a Book in the middle that tells the price of the Crops. There is a Calendar at the back of the shop that marks different important dates during the Season you're in at the time. The Crops will be explained in more detail on the Crops page. Having a Greenhouse makes all of the Crops except for Strawberries available all year. The price of the Seeds and when they're availabe are:
Spring Crops:
Blue Mist Flower (Available from Second Spring on)- 500 G
Cabbages- 200 G
Flowers- 200 G
Grass- 500 G
Potatoes- 200 G
Turnips- 200 G

Summer Crops:
Blue Mist Flower (Available from Second Spring on)- 500 G
Corn- 300 G
Flowers- 200 G
Grass- 500 G
Tomatoes- 300 G

Fall Crops:
Eggplants- 300 G

Winter Crops:
Strawberries- 500 G

Tool Shop:
The Tool Shop is run by Rick. It is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on everyday except for Wednesdays, the Weekend, and when it rains. Rick sells tools you need and other stuff you don't need. The stuff he sells are:
Blue Feather:
Available- When have a Girl with a Red Heart and you have a Kitchen
Price- 980 G

Available- 3rd of Spring
Price- 1000 G

Available- 1st of Fall
Price- 3000 G

Available- When you buy a Cow

Room Organizer:
Available- Summer
Price- 2000 G

Available- When you buy a Sheep
Price- 1000 G

Townsquare and Racetrack:
The Townsquare is open all day everyday. The Racetrack is open only on the Horse and Dog Races. The Townsquare is located at the back of Flower Bud Village. You go to the Townsquare for some Festivals and to vote for the Flower Princess. The Racetrack is at the back of the Townsquare.

The South Side

The South Side of Flower Bud Village is where the Library is. The Mayor, Midwife, and Potion Shop live on this side of the Village also.

At the Graveyard, you'll find six Graves. One of them is your Grandfather's. If you lose an animal, you'll appear here with the Green Ranch Owner and have a funeral. Not much point to it.

The Library is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM everyday except Monday. It's run by Maria. Every Season after the first Spring, the Library is closed for the first ten days. In the Library, you can semi-read books. All you do is find out what each book is about. From what I've heard, Maria likes it when you read books. So, give a hoot. Read a book.

Mayor's House:
The Mayor's House is open all day. There's not much to do here. You'll find the Mayor's Wife here. You'll sometimes find Maria or the Mayor here.

Midwife's House:
This is where the Midwife lives. The only thing to do here is talk to the Midwife. You can also find May here on rainy days. The Midwife's House is open all day.

Potion Shop:
This is where the Potion Shop Owner, Stu, and Kent live. You can also buy Medicine here when you need it. You need a Bottle to buy Medicine. To get the third Medicine, give the Potion Shop Owner a Potara Root.


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