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Beach, Green Ranch and Vineyard

Because there is very little to report about these areas, I've put them all on one page.


There's not much to say about the Beach. A few Festivals are held here and you will occassionally find Karen here. To get to the Beach, just walk into the Green Ranch Area, but don't go through the gate. Instead, walk down the screen to reach the Beach.

The Dock is the only thing on the Beach. You can fish at the Beach, but only off of the Dock. If you fish in the Winter, you may find a Power Berry.

Green Ranch

You go to the Green Ranch to buy Animals, Fodder, etc. Make sure to come to the Green Ranch during the First Spring to receive a free Horse.

The Barn is where the Green Ranch Owner keeps his Animals. You can't milk the Cows, or shear the Sheep. Gray will occasionally be in here, and Ann will be in here when it rains.

Empty House:
The Empty House seems to have no purpose. It appears that no one lives in it because when you check the Bed, it says that it looks like no one has slept in the Bed for a long time.

The Field is where the Animals are if it is a good day outside. You'll sometimes find Gray and Ann out here too. To get your Horse, you have to walk onto the Field and talk to Ann. The Cow Festival is held here.

The Shop is where you go to buy Animals, Fodder, etc.

The Vineyard

The Vineyard is where Karen lives. You won't see Karen until the first time you try to go to the Vineyard. She will yell at her dad then run down the road to the Vineyard.

Grape Field:
There's not much to do in the Grape Field. All it is is a bunch of Grapes that the Vineyard Owner grows. Near the back of the Grape Field is a Tree that can be revived. Go to the Secrets page to learn how to revive it.

Karen's House:
You'll occassionally find Karen's Dad in here, but I believe this is the only place you'll find Karen's Mom. Again, not much to do here.

Wine Cellar:
The Wine Cellar is the most useful thing in the Vineyard. You'll sometimes find Kai on either of the floors. The second floor is the useful part. In it, you'll find barrels of Wine that you can steal if you have a Bottle. This is a great way to build up your Alcohol Tolerance without spending money on Wine.


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