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Throughout the game, there will be Festivals. Festivals are a good break from the everyday mundane chores such as foraging in the mountain. I suggest doing all of your chores before going to the festival seeing as how the day ends when they end except for the Horse and Dog Races.

New Year's Festival:
Date- 1st of Spring
Location- Town Square
You get to try and outdrink your fellow townspeople.

Planting Festival:
Date- 8th of Spring
Location- Town Square
This festival involves the Harvest King and seeds. When the festival begins, the Harvest King will ride up into the sky in a hot air balloon. He can choose one person to go along with him. After they've taken off, every one gets a balloon. They put seeds in the balloons, then let them go.

Horse Race:
Date- 17th of Spring
Items to Buy- Betting Medals
Location- Town Square/Racetrack
You get to race your horse and bet on the other two races. The day before, the Green Ranch Owner comes by to see if you want to race. You can race in every horse race except for the first one.

Flower Festival:
Date- 23rd of Spring
Items to Buy- Power Berry, Bottle, Pink Cat Mint Seeds
Location- Town Square
During the first part of this festival, the townspeople can mingle and purchase any items of interest. The Flower Princess is then escorted by the other girls. The Princess is covered with flowers and dances with the King. While the princess dances, other town members can join in with one of the eligible girls.

Date- 1st of Summer
Location- Depends
At night, you can go and find one of the eligible girls to watch the fireworks with. It is best to go to the location where the girl you're trying to woo is watching the fireworks. Their locations are on the Girls page. Most of the townspeople gather at the Town Square.

Vegetable Festival:
Date- 9th of Summer
Location- Town Square
The Fat Gourmet Judge shows up here to judge the best crops. YOu can bring one along to try and win, or you can go empty handed. If your crop wins, you get nothing except respect from the townspeople and probably a better rating when your farm is rated.

Firefly Festival:
Date- 17th of Summer
Location- Beach
The townspeople gather at the beach to light Firefly Lanterns and respect their elders. Once it is over, you can walk the girl you're courting home.

Sea Festival:
Date- 24th of Summer
Location- Beach
The purpose of this festival is to try and beat the other men in a swimming race. The first year you win, you get an Invincible Katori. Every win after that is a year's supply of lumber. This festival opens the swimming season even though you only swim at this festival.

Cow Festival:
Date- 4th of Fall
Location- Green Ranch
The day before the festival, the Green Ranch Owner comes by your place to see if you want to enter a cow. If you have a cow that is producing Large Milk, enter it. If you win the Cow Festival, your cow will be happy and will start to produce Gold Milk.

Harvest Festival:
Date- 12th of Fall
Location- Town Square
This festival chooses next year's Harvest King. If you get a coin in your cake, you're the Harvest King. The choice is totally random.

Egg Festival:
Date- 20th of Fall
Location: Northside of the Town
The Mayor holds up a colored egg, and you go around trying to find it in one of the many bins placed around the town. You always win unless you don't even try to find eggs. When you win for the first time, you get a Power Berry. The second win gives you a Turtle Figurine.

Horse Race:
Date- 28th of Fall
Location- Town Square/Racetrack
This race is exactly like the Spring one.

Date- 10th of Winter
Location- Town/ Your Farm
On Thanksgiving, many people will bring you cakes to eat if you hang out at the farm. If you choose not to stay on your farm, you can go into town and visit the people themselves. Most of them will give you cakes.

Dog Race:
Date- 19th of Winter
Location- Town Square/Racetrack
This is pretty much like the Horse Race, except your dog races, and you can't control the pace at which he runs.

Starry Night:
Date- 24th of Winter
Location- Depends
You can celebrate Starry Night at different places. There's a performance at the Church by Ann, Maria, and Elli. Karen is at the Beach, and Popuri is in the Mountain Forest. Go to the place where the girl you're dating is.

Spirit Festival:
Date- 27th of Winter
Location- Town Square
Not much happens at this festival. A group of instrument players play music to scare off spirits. You can be asked to join in on the playing by the Harvest King. If you're the King, you can go around asking people if they would like to play with you.

New Year's Eve:
Date- 30th of Winter
Location- Depends
The main celebration is held at the Church. You can also go to the Bar to celebrate with Ann and Karen. Go to whichever place your sweetie hangs out at to get a better heart rating.


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