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The Girls

The Heart Rating

Before I start talking about the Girls in the game, I should explain the Heart Rating. Every time you give a gift to a Girl, their Heart Rating goes up a little. If it goes up enough, the Girl's Heart at the bottom right of their Text Box changes color. There are five colors. The colors and their meanings are as followed:
White: Indifferent
Blue: Friendly
Green: Slight Crush
Yellow: Big Crush
Pink: Ready for Marriage

The Girls

Each of the Girls like different stuff. This section will tell you what each Girl likes and other important information about them. When any of the Girls hurt their ankle, always choose to carry them home. They may fuss, but it actually helps your Heart Rating with them. A * by anything in the Likes section means that Girl really likes that item.

Birthday- Summer 14th
Can be found at- Green Ranch Barn, Green Ranch Fields, Harvest Goddess's Pond, Tool Shop
Chores- Crates Eggs, Feeds Chickens
Dream- Go to Tree behind the Carpenters' House
Fireworks- Green Ranch
Likes- Corn, Eggs, Milk, Wool*, Your Dog
Rival- Cliff
Starry Night- Church
New Years Eve- Bar

Birthday- Fall 1st
Can be found at- Bakery, Flower Shop, Near Carpenters' House, Near Fisherman's Tent
Chores- Crates Eggs, Feeds Chickens
Dream- Go to the Bakery
Fireworks- Bakery Garden
Likes- Cake*, Cookies*, Eggs, Fish, Milk, Pie*
Rival- Jeff the Bakery Owner
Starry Night- Church
New Years Eve- Church

Birthday- Winter 29th
Can be found at- Bar (at Night), Beach, Near Carpenters' House, Vineyard
Chores- Crates Eggs (She may drop one)
Dream- Go to the Wine Cellar
Fireworks- Beach
Likes- Tomatoes, Strawberries, Verryberries*, Wild Grapes*
Rival- Kai
Starry Night- Beach
New Years Eve- Bar

Birthday- Winter 11th
Can be found at- Library, Mayor's House, Near Fisherman's Tent
Chores- Crates Eggs, Pulls Weeds from your Farm's Field
Dream- Go to the Library
Fireworks- Town Square
Likes- Bugs*, Cabbages, When you read Books at Library*
Rival- Harris
Starry Night- Church
New Years Eve- Church

Birthday- Spring 22nd
Can be found at- Bakery, Inside Flower Shop, Moon Mountain Summit, Outside Flower Shop
Chores- Crates Eggs, Waters Random Plants
Dream- Go to the Carpenters' House Area. Save her by climbing the Tree and pressing A. Answer yes to her question.
Fireworks- Moon Mountain Summit
Likes- Cake, Flowers*, Pie
Rival- Gray
Starry Night- Moon Mountain Summit
New Years Eve- Church


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