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I have tried to avoid spoilers as best as I could, but I HIGHLY recommend not reading the parts of the walkthrough you have not played yet, unless you are completely stuck. You will be rightfully warned before the biggest spoilers, though. Please, pay attention to the ordered lists below. It took me so much time to write. :P

If you have no idea what the game is about, it might be useful to read the following (very) basic rules and tips.

  1. Save Points allow you to recover without the use of a tent or any other similar item. There is always at least one Save Point in every cave, forest, mountain, tower, etc (except in the Black Forest).
  2. There is a compass on the upper right corner of the screen. In towns, it shows you where the Inn, General Store and various other important buildings are located. Simply push the appropriate button on your control pad (depending if you are playing the Dreamcast, Playstation 2 or PC version) to change the direction of the arrow. The name of the building will appear for a few seconds beside the compass. In dungeons, it points toward the destination you must reach, generally the exit or the boss. :P If you want to come back to the entrance, the compass can help you again. As already mentioned, use your control pad to change the direction of the arrow. The word "forward" (for exit) or "back" (for entrance) will be displayed next to it. Of course, it never indicates precisely which path to choose at crossroads, but it is still extremely useful.
  3. Grandia II has a very interesting turn-based/real-time battle system. If you are confused about it, read the manual or look for the guy with a hat in General Stores. He gives neat tutorials that will provide much enlightenment.
  4. How you encounter enemies is important. You can generally have the initiative in battle if you start the fight while foes are not looking your way. On the other hand, they can surprise you too. Combat begins as soon as one of your party members is touched by a monster.
  5. Enemies drop Magic Coins (MC) and Special Coins (SC) after battle. Those precious coins are needed to upgrade the level of your spells (MC), moves (SC) and skills (MC and SC). Their level has nothing to do with the number of times you employ them.
  6. Do not wait until you get a large amount of MC or SC before using them; it is pointless.
  7. When Millenia acquires the ability to learn the move Spellbinding Eye, upgrade it to the highest level your coins allow you. It will be quite useful against bosses.
  8. Special Points usually run out a lot faster than Magic Points. Make sure to buy a lot of the following items whenever you can: Blueberries, Butter Rolls or Baobab Fruits.
  9. Do not underestimate the power of skills. They really make a difference. I repeat it at least twice in the walkthrough. :P
  10. It is not required that you talk to everybody in the villages. You can go straight to the point and finish the game pretty fast. :P However, if you talk to townspeople, you might hear some amusing facts and varied stories. Talk to each person more than once too. Sometimes, it is worth it. :P For more information about this, look at the Miscellaneous page.
  11. On some occasions, when visiting an inn, you can choose the option "Spend the night" (sitting at the table and eating with your companions). If one of those scenes is needed to make a certain event happen in the game, somebody in your party will undoubtedly pronounce a sentence similar to: "I think we should rest at the inn." When new characters join, try coming back in some towns. You will learn more about their personality if you stay at the inn to eat.
  12. You will never get lost in this game because you can not walk on the map. By that, I mean you can only visit a few selected areas as the game progresses.
  13. Some items are particularly ridiculous because their only use is to, for example, recover 9 HP or 133 HP (I just made that up, no items really do that). Sell them.
  14. Finally, I would not recommend buying ALL the best equipment in each village because you will always find better in the nearest dungeon.

Wooo! Another ordered list! This time, you must read it or you will not, like, understand my crazy walkthrough. :P

  1. You should already know how to use the compass in towns and dungeons (where dungeons = caves, towers, mountains, etc). You can ALWAYS find your way by using this instrument, which is why I only give the directions to reach the desired point occasionally. Moreover, the dungeons are generally far from looking like mazes. Since I enjoy writing a lot of stuff with bad jokes, I OFTEN state the obvious, though. :P
  2. When I give directions, I assume you are facing the back of the characters, not their side or front.
  3. Since it is supposed to be spoiler-free, the animations and discussions between members are not detailed unless necessary.
  4. Hatman is the guy with the hat in General Stores that teaches you the basics of the battle system.
  5. I write "you" when describing actions Ryudo must accomplish. After all, he is supposed to be you. :P
  6. The characters levels are not an absolute prerequisite. They are simply an indication to help you beat the game without trouble.
  7. Most of the dungeons (see definition on #1) are divided in different parts. When the path to follow is linear and straightforward (which is frequently the case), the walkthrough is not divided in all those parts.
  8. The treasures written at the beginning of each section (if treasures are) include those dropped by the boss (whenever there is a boss).
  9. Those treasures also include the ones you can find the second time you play through the game, as explained here on the Miscellaneous page.
  10. When the HP of a monster is higher than 9999, "????" is displayed on the screen in battles. Therefore, the HP written are approximated.
  11. If you expect great combat strategies to beat the bosses, you will be disappointed. I am very bad at developing neat ways to defeat monsters with items and/or magic. I usually recommend using moves and a few spells. It is a technique as worthwhile as any other since the bosses are easy to kill. :P

Walkthrough with Wonderful Screenshots

I have cleverly divided this walkthrough in five parts, each of these subdivided in short sections to which I have given significant titles. Most of the screenshots are useless, but it looks more professional or something with them. :P If you have a slow connection (I have one), you can still take a look at this walkthrough because I made sure to not overwhelm it with screenshots.

Part I: From Carbo to the Skyway (crossing of the Granacliffs included)
Part II: From Lumir Forest to Cyrum Kingdom (trip on the 50/50 included)
Part III: From Ceceile Reef to the Granasaber (before reaching St. Heim for the second time)
Part IV: Back in St. Heim and Cyrum to Fight Evil
Raul Hills - Special Stage - Whee! A Secret Stage!

Full Walkthrough without those Wonderful Screenshots

The full walkthrough is patiently waiting for you to read it

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